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Why Do Ron Paul and Alex Jones Hide Vatican And Jesuit Order Evils In NWO?

According to researchers not afraid of satanic retribution, they are
fakes and paid propagandists leading people down the wrong rabbit holes.

By Greg Szymanski
May 11, 2007

Rep. Ron Paul (RDL-Tex) like House leader Nancy Pelosi are nothing more than traitors and shills for the Vatican and Jesuit Order, according to researchers and historians not afraid to ruffle feathers inside the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Although alternative broadcasters like Alex Jones and others like to tell people that Rep. Paul and several other liberals in the House and Senate can save America from the evils of the New World Order, these fake news broadcasters fail to tell listeners the "other side of story."

And according to these researchers, the "other side of the story" is, of course, the Vatican and Jesuit Order involvement in the takeover of America.

Further, by hiding these Vatican facts from the public, all of the above, including Rep. Paul and the fake broadcasters like Jones are, in fact, working for Vatican interests as well, according to researchers finally pinning the Vatican for its role in the NWO.

To prove this point, many listeners and readers have come to the Arctic Beacon, expressing their concern about censorship on the Alex Jones staged show, saying anytime the dreaded "V" word is mentioned Jones either turns rude and obnoxious to the callers or drops them off the line like a hot potato.

"If you don't believe it," said one Arctic Beacon reader, "try getting on
blabber mouth Jones' show if you want to discuss intelligently the
Vatican connection to the New World Order. It just doesn't happen and I
bet he is paid to keep this message off the air.

And regarding Rep. Paul, he has never addressed the Vatican and Jesuit Order issue and appears to avoid it like the plague.

To prove this point, he only appears on "safe radio shows" in the
alternative media and even his office staff refuses to address the
Vatican issue, recently laughing in the face of a patriot who called his
office trying to get answers.

"I just called Congressman Ron Paul's office today at approximately
4:00pm eastern time on Friday," said Michigan patriot Walt Williams. "An aide answered the phone and I asked him many questions. The aide claimed that Paul was not in his office.

"I then asked his aide about Paul's knowledge about the Vatican's control over our country and if he was going to do anything about it if he was elected President. He said NO. The aide started laughing about it and finally told me not to call back that they would call me if Paul wanted
to talk to me. If any of you think he is a good honest candidate THINK

"He is nothing more than a sidetracking Coadjutor POLITICIAN.
If you think I am making this up YOU call him and ask him about his
knowledge of ROME. He says he is a Protestant, ask him questions YOURSELF about what he believes from God's Word about the anti-christ in the Vatican. His phone number is: 1-202-225-2831."

In defense of Rep. Paul, one supportor named John had this to say:

"Ron Paul is ahead in every poll in the country. He is a Libertarian that
has had to run as a Republican. His voting record is excellent, to say
the least. He is a pro GUN, anti-illegal alien, close the borders, shut
down the IRS, BATF, get the HELL out of Iraq, America First, Patriot!
What more could you want. Stop the North American Union dead in it's

In response, patriot Nelson Turner said:

"John, I urge you to dig deeper and take a closer look at Paul-He is a
trojan horse, just like Jones who promotes him. He talks big on Jones's
show and then goes up to D.C. and kisses Jesuit hindquarters. Ron Paul is knowingly working inside a corrupt government-if he were an America First patriot he would not be working with co-adjutor Jones, and showing respect and deference for his hopelessly corrupt colleagues in the house. His job is to soak up any real opposition and give them false hopes of change, and he is good at it.

"Have you ever seen Jones promote anyone who will really get to the heart of the American problem, which is Rome on the Potomac- by naming the Vatican as the source of our troubles? Has Paul ever taken aim at Rome one time? Being in D.C. for as long as he has been, he knows who runs the show, but has told no one. That is why they are letting him participate in the little dog and pony show election, the outcome of which has been determined already. What more could you want?

"When Paul calls for treason trials of Bush, Cheney, Rice, and calls for
expulsion of the Vatican ambassador, then I'll believe him. When Paul
advocates the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank on the floor of the
House, names the Jesuits and Catholics as the cause of the illegal
immigration tsunami, calls the Iraq war a Papal Crusade, then I will
believe he is an America first guy.

"His work is to garner contributors/supporters and help build the lists
this around, and let's see what info other people have on him. Blessings
to you brother-N C T."

And inevitably when criticism goes out to the so-called "Holy Grail" of
the liberal Congress and corrupt alternative media, hoodwinked
truth seekers and readers come to their defense with statements like this
coming from one reader:

"Hey Greg, I respect you and your work, but please think when slamming people in the truth movement, you don't want to come off sounding like Daryl BS Smith. Everyone knows the Vatican and the Zionist work hand in hand. But see this is a time in our day when we need to remain if not friends but civil with all our brothers and sisters, and this advice goes for them also. It takes a big man to remain focused on their objective then being sidetracked and focusing all your energy on attacking others in the movement like Daryl Smith. I wish you good luck and hope to hear more from you and Leo Zagami, even though he has been quiet as of late."

Claims like these need to be addressed since information to the Arctic
Beacon has recently surfaced, telling just how the fake critics like
Bradford Smith, Wing TV and others like them really work.

According to inside sources close to where the covert money flows to the fakes in the alternative media, people like Smith and Wing TV are ordered to criticize "their own" inside men like Jones and Stadtmiller in order to protect their alterative leading front men from real and true
criticism from credible patriots.

According to those on the inside of this "control over the alternative."
this method of confusion then protects the likes of Jones and Stadtmiller
by conveniently placing any criticism to the alternative front men "in
the crazy category presented by the likes of Smith and Wing TV.

Editor's Note: Sound confusing? That's exactly what the "fakers" want.
However, don't let them hoodwink you. Ask the tough questions concerning the Vatican and Jesuit Order and demand intelligent answers.