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Remembering Sherman Skolnick and His Fight to Warn Americans About Vatican Corruption

'The Cuban strongman, Fidel Castro, was and is a Jesuit,' said Skolnick,
'hiding behind a left-wing label. Castro never disbanded the Catholic
Church in Cuba. Under Vatican Canon Law, a Catholic leader of a nation,
like JFK, that attacks another Catholic leader and nation, is subject to
a Death Warrant.'

By Greg Szymanski
Nov 15. 2007

Before Sherman Skolnick's untimely passing in 2006, he was right on the
money about the Vatican and their Jesuit enforcers, warning Americans
about a Papal Inquisition coming to the U.S.

Skolnick passed away May, 22, 2006 and before he did, we had many late
night conversations about Vatican infiltration in U.S. foreign and
domestic policy.

About two weeks before his passing, I remember him saying in one of our
late night conversations:

"The papacy and the criminals in the U.S. government are working hand in
glove, especially in the judiciary and the Federal Reserve banking system. Did you know the Jesuits run Bank of America with their partners in the Japanese mafia?" he said in his matter-of-fact style. "But, remember, if you want to get it right, if you want to figure out their game, always look left when the facts in the corrupt press tell you to look right.

"That's why I work at night: so I can read the morning propaganda before
it hits the newsstands."

As many of you already know, Skolnick began investigating judicial
corruption in my hometown of Chicago in the 60's. In the old days, he
was hated by Mayor Daley and the Cook County judges, as he put an
Illinois Supreme Court Justice behind bars as well as former Gov. Otto

Every day from his South Side bungalow, he investigated tirelessly and
with never-ending enthusiasm, despite being crippled from childhood
polio, trying to wake-up Americans to the satanic partnership between
the Vatican, Mafia and world leaders.

Here is a two-part series he was still working on at the time of his
death about Jesuit and Vatican corruption:

(possible series, Part One)

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Having financial hang-ups, the spy-riddled, oil-soaked, heavily
tax-cheating Monopoly Press cannot bring you a balanced view of any
subject. If you are well informed, you certainly know that.

So, some will like what they read here. Others will not.

Before he became Pope, he was Papal Nuncio in Berlin. Some contend he
was supportive of the rise of Adolf Hitler. For some years before,
during, and after World War Two, he was Pope Pius 12th.

Some authors accused him of being pro-Nazi.

["The Deputy" by Rolf Hochhuth. "Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of
Pius XII", by John Cornwell,1999.]

It is beyond dispute that after World War Two, Pius assisted wanted
war-criminal Nazis to escape down the "Rat-lines" to the U.S. South
America, and Croatia.

["Aftermath" by Ladislas Farago.]

As a young man, he was a theater expert and actor. During his later
career, was he just acting as well? During World War Two, he held a
position in a facility of I.G. Farben, the Nazi poison gas factory, part
of a chemical cartel.

[For background, "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph

Karol Wojtyla was a sort of chief assistant to the Bishop of Krakow, who
being pro-Nazi, controlled fellow Poles with an iron fist and kept them
submissive and docile for the benefit of the German occupation forces.
Later, far too many Poles claimed they knew nothing of the round-up of
the Jews from the ghettoes and transporting them to concentration camp
for slave labor for I.G. Farben.

Millions of Jews, labor leaders, and other "enemies of the State" were
worked to death while being starved. Elderly and disabled Jews were
quickly disposed of; they were of no use in the Nazi war factories.

Most Poles later either denied knowing of this when it was happening or
claimed they did not participate in the crimes against humanity.
Presumably, Wojtyla took the same position as his fellow Poles. In his
later career, did anyone in the Monopoly Press ever dare ask him?

Then there is the story of another one. In 1978, in their secret
Conclave, the Cardinals selected another Italian to be Pope, John Paul
1st. But, soon it became evident from a geopolitical and religious
standpoint, they most likely made a wrong selection.

He soon enough let it be known that he was for modifying the Vatican
position of absolute prohibition for Catholics to use birth control. In
simple terms, he was against birthing more children than a couple could
financially take care of. It was a reasonable, humane position to

Furthermore, he was determined to put an end to the traditional Sicilian
and Italian Mafia, jointly with certain corrupt Archbishops, and the
American CIA, in using the Vatican Bank as a money laundry for stolen
gold treasuries, dope money, illicit weapons deals, assassination funds,
and superior counterfeit currency dealings, among other dirty, bloody

Some Italian editors dared demand that Pope John Paul 1st, do something
about the Continental Bank of Chicago, the majority owners jointly being
the Vatican and the Queen of England. The bank, some Italian editors
stated, was a laundry for the Mafia.

[As we dared point out publicly, the Chief Judge of the Chicago Federal
Appeals Court, Walter Cummings, Jr., was a "man of trust" for the
Vatican, and held a large block of shares, as nominee and front man for
the Pope. Judge Cummings, a banker-judge, did NOT disqualify himself
when his Continental Bank and their major clients were litigants in his
tribunal. Guess who won in his crooked Court?]

[As predicted accurately by this writer, Continental Bank collapsed in
1984 and was taken over later by Bank of America owned jointly by the
Jesuits and the Japanese underworld, the Yakuza.]

Thirty-three days after taking office, Pope John Paul 1st was poisoned
with a cup of tea. It was a symbolic warning and death warrant by the
Free Masons, the Jesuits, and Opus Dei, the super-fascist, super-secret
group (by 2005, Opus Dei occupying their own large building in New York

[More details of the plot against Pope John Paul 1st in the book "In
God's Name" by David Yallop.]

Thereafter, the Vatican secret Conclave of Cardinals put together a
scheme, with the urging of the American CIA, to topple the Soviet

To understand the rationale, you have to have a good understanding of
history. The Anglo-American Aristocracy financed the rise of the Nazis
and Adolf Hitler, as a bulwark against the Soviets.

In the beginning, the Prussian/German Aristocracy was reluctant to
finance Hitler. [See, "Who Financed Hitler" by Susan Poole.]

With his background with the pro-Nazi Polish Bishop of Krakow, Wojtyla
was a suitable and forceful Anti-Communist.

But he lacked humanity for Italians. In 1979, there was a terrible
earthquake in the historically impoverished southern part of Italy. The
destitute Italians demanded that John Paul 2nd, the new Pontiff, relieve
some of their suffering, by sending them financial aid from his
Mafia/American CIA controlled Vatican Bank. The Pope refused.

John Paul 2nd kept censored, as best he could, through his helpers,
Vatican Intelligence, of the growing scandal of international swindler
Michele Sindona operating through the Vatican Bank and the Vatican-owned
Continental Bank of Chicago.

[See "St. Peter's Banker" by Luigi DiFonzo.]

Starting about 1980, the American CIA jointly with a deal with the
bosses of Time Magazine, arranged tremendous secret financing for their
paid-for Polish provocateur, Lech Walesa. As a leader of the Polish
Solidarity Movement, Walesa stirred up the workers at the Lenin
Shipyards at Gdansk.

As the Soviets understood it, Pope John Paul 2nd, by his statements and
speeches, jointly with Western paid-for provocateur Lech Walesa, was
stirring up fellow Poles in rebellion against the Moscow government. To
the Soviets, Wojtyla was a rotten intermeddler, considering how many
Soviet lives were lost in freeing Poland from the Germans.

In May 1981, a deranged supposed left-wing Turk, was grabbed after
reportedly being the "lone assassin" attempting to kill Pope John Paul
2nd by shooting him in the abdomen right in Vatican Square.

Thereafter, two opposing spy shops released supposed details that the
other side instigated the would-be assassin. The American CIA planted a
flood of apparently phony details that the Bulgarian Secret Police were
accomplices of the Turk in Italy and maybe even right in Vatican Square.

Various international inquiries tended to show the CIA stories had no

On the other hand, the Soviets planted stories that seemed to have
"legs". The Soviets made a compelling case that the supposed deranged
Turk was part of a RIGHT-wing Military group in Turkey financed by the
American CIA.

These two versions tended to cancel each other out. Left unanswered were
questions that the Polish Solidarity Movement was reportedly not
receiving the funding promised them by the West.

So wounding Wojtyla right on the grounds of the Vatican, was perceived
by savvy folks as a way of reminding the West to send more money to the
Solidarity Movement. Or, maybe it was just a leftover warning for the
Pope to be sure to keep covered up the Sindona scandal. After all, some
claimed Sindona's main efforts in accounting were to whisk huge Italian
business funds out of Italy to escape the tax collectors.

Or, wounding the Pope was a way for the southern Italians and the
Sicilians to remind the Pontiff not to be so stingy refusing earthquake
relief funds in 1979.

Compare the following with the position of the murdered Pope John Paul
1st regarding possibly modifying the Church's position on birth control.
When Pope John Paul 2nd visited Mexico, implicit in his statements was
that he was urging Mexicans to go full speed ahead in fathering
Yet, Mexico City, for example, is over-populated with more than 32
million inhabitants. The authorities have no funds left for sanitation.
So the streets in many poor sections become the toilet and dumping
grounds. It makes for a terribly unhealthy situation. The Pope offered
no remedy, only being interested in more members for his Church.

Over a number of years, Pope John Paul 2nd made apologies for various
historical crimes of his Church.

For example, in 1492, Columbus landed in the new world. Thereafter, the
Catholic Church committed terrible crimes against the natives of Mexico
and Central America and black and other slaves. Five hundred years
later, in 1992, Pope John Paul 2nd visited Central America and made
apologies for the crimes of five hundred years previous. To some it was
an idle gesture.

And the Pope visited a memorial to the Holocaust in Israel and made
apologies there. To some, it was an idle, worthless ceremony.

Seldom mentioned in Pope John Paul 2nd's efforts to topple the Soviet
Union, was the more important purpose of the Vatican. That is, to smash,
if possible, the Eastern Orthodox Church, a competitor if not enemy of
the Vatican for more than a thousand years.

Some people conveniently forget a few things. Such as, Popes up to the
beginning of the 19th Century, threatened to throw members out of the
Church, excommunicate them, for daring to say the Earth is not flat.
That is, the Vatican was the headquarters of the Flat Earth Committee.

Also, did any Pope ever urge scientific progress in medicines,
healthcare, transportation, and communications? Or urge progress in
laborsaving machinery so human beings would not be just above a pack
animal? Why does it seem the Popes have their Church in full reverse
gear instead of forward and progressive?

[For more background read about the Vatican, as absentee owner of the
electricity business in Chicago and Illinois. "The Electric Scandal".
And what happened to "The Pope's Three Banks in the U.S." Scroll way
down www.skolnicksreport.com ]

Balanced View of Popes, Part 2

by Sherman H. Skolnick


If you have frayed nerves or a weak stomach, you should press DELETE now
and take your nerve pills. You may or may not well digest what you read

A well-informed author on the topic of the Vatican, is reportedly coming
out with a well put together book, showing that the late Pope John Paul
2nd worked for the Nazi Gestapo in Poland during World War Two. He
rounded up Polish Resistance Fighters and turned them over to the Nazis
who had them shot, so the book contends. Some. however, survived.

Questions remain, of course. WHY did the author wait so long to come out
with this book? Some belatedly contend that secretive German funds
possibly post-war surviving Nazis?) arranged for and financed the
clandestine Conclave that installed Wojtyla as Pope John Paul 2nd.
Remember: the Anglo -American Aristocracy financed the rise of Adolf
Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets.

Enforcers for the Vatican are called Jesuits. The head of the Jesuits,
although he is NOT a person of color, is nevertheless called the BLACK
POPE. Over the centuries, Jesuits, hiding behind royal court types with
Jewish names, called hofjuden, sought to control if not topple various
European monarchs, most of them Catholics.

So by Royal Order, Jesuits were banished from Spain, France, and a few
other places. Hiding behind others, the Jesuits actually went
underground, continuing to plot to control Monarchs. In America, the
Jesuits have Hollywood hofjuden as a front. Hollywood angers Christians
by not showing films about non-Jewish holocausts.

Jesuits also hide behind aristocracy fronts, such as the Council on
Foreign Relations, CFR.

In his Inauguration speech in 1841, President William Henry Harrison
directly angered the Jesuits. He dared confront the Jesuits and then
Pope, by proclaiming:

"We admit of no government BY DIVINE RIGHT, believing that so far as
power is concerned, the beneficent Creator has made no distinction among
men; that all are on an equality, and that the only legitimate right to
govern, is upon the expressed grant of power from the governed."

(Emphasis added.)

Thirty-five days later, for the benefit if not actually arranged by the
Jesuits and the British Monarchy, President Harrison was poisoned to

All told, SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS were assassinated from 1841 to 1963, as
orchestrated if not actually arranged by the Jesuits and the British
Monarchy. four by gunfire, three by poisoning.

[Visit www.skolnicksreport.com and links on Home Page there, to
extensive series, "Overthrow of the American Republic".]

Seldom more publicly mentioned, is that over the last two centuries and
more, various Jesuits and Popes have labeled the Declaration of
Independence as "wickedness", and that Popular Government, provided by
the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights is a "satanic instrument".

Are we Americans heading for Nazi doctrines if not actually here
It is documented beyond dispute, that Prescott S. Bush, Sr., father of
George Herbert Walker Bush, and grandfather of George W. Bush, had
instrumentally financed the rise of Adolf Hitler. The term Homeland
Security is an anglicized version of the abbreviated German term

Adolf Hitler, 1933,, and George W. Bush, 2000, and repeated in 2004,
were installed in the highest office of their nation by arbitrary and
corrupt powers.

[To understand the role of the corrupted gang of five U.S. Supreme Court
Justices who installed Bush, December, 2000, in Bush versus Gore, as
the occupant and resident of the White House, study the website series,
"Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", www.skolnicksreport.com ]

The new Monarch in the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict 16th,
was immediately whitewashed by the liars and whores of the oil-soaked,
spy-riddled, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press. They described his
past as his father was so Anti-Nazi that he had to move to another town.
Actually, Joseph Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth and his family were
apparently pro-Nazi.

Over the many years, Germany repeatedly attacked France. So French
Catholics are appalled, if not angered, that Joseph Ratzinger is the
first German Pope in over one thousand years.

Before the 1960 Election, John F. Kennedy spoke in Texas to a group of
Protestant preachers. He said he is only nominally Catholic and that if
elected, he will not bow down for the Vatican. Right there, such a bold
statement was JFK's Death Warrant. In 1961, shortly after being
Inaugurated, President Kennedy reluctantly went along with a plan left
over from the Eisenhower Administration, to attempt to invade Cuba at
the Bay of Pigs.

The Cuban strongman, Fidel Castro, was and is a Jesuit, hiding behind a
left-wing label. Castro never disbanded the Catholic Church in Cuba.
Under Vatican Canon Law, a Catholic leader of a nation, like JFK, that
attacks another Catholic leader and nation,is subject to a Death

What Catholic countries want a pro-Nazi Pope? South America has many
such. Included is heavily Catholic Argentina. Toward the end of World
War 2, various Nazi war criminals, using Vatican-supplied passports and
disguises, escaped down the "Ratlines" to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia,
Paraguay, and elsewhere in South America. German submarines loaded with
Nazi gold also arrived in South America. So the children and
grand-children of escaped Nazis, with their fortunes, dominate the
Catholic Church throughout South America. Pope John Paul 2nd was
viciously against so-called liberation theology of some South American
and Central American archbishops, who sought to cater to the "shirtless
ones". Such Catholic Church leaders were rooted out, in some instances,
assassinated, apparently on the dictates of Pope John Paul 2nd,
ostensibly through his enforcer, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Centuries ago, at the behest of the Vatican, was the bloody, horrible
"The Inquisition". Does it still exist today? Yes, its existence since
1981 was, like centuries ago, to punish "heretics". Its title is now
something like Promoting The Faithful. And who has headed this latter
day "Inquisition"? Why, none other than pro-Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, now
Pope Benedict 16th.

Was it just a coincidence that Joseph Ratzinger was selected as the new
Pope, April 19, 2005, a day before Adolf Hitler's birthday?

What is the result of part of the planet going back to rule by Nazis?

Editor's Note: Now ask yourself who would you rather believe Sherman
Skolnick or Alex Jones, who won't say a bloody word about Jesuit and
Vatican corruption. Skolnick once told this editor in his Chicago style:
"I wouldn;t trust him as far as I could throw him.!" For more of
Skolnick, go to www.skolnicksreport.com