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History Tells Us Vatican Always Backs Fascist Regimes

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski

History Tells Us Vatican Always Backs Fascist Regimes

Edith Moore's 1942 booklet, No Friend of Democracy, is a must read for Americans trying to uncover Vatican and Jesuit Order's secret role in the Illuminati and New World Order bent on destroying the U.S. from

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan. 18, 2008

The Vatican has been closely collaborating with fascist regimes for
centuries, according to Edith Moore in her 1941 booklet, No Friend of

The book, never given much publicity and suppressed in major U.S. book outlets, details the Vatican and Jesuit Order's undercover work with the likes of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler, to name a few.

For anyone interested in finding out how the evil Vatican and their
henchmen in the Jesuit Order have no morals and speak out of both sides of their mouth, cutting deals with fascist regimes for wealth and
religious power, listen to the author's opening words:

"This booklet aims at helping to explain how Roman Catholicism as
Church, Creed and Conscience has operated in relation to this war and the Fascist forces that brought it about. It provides a selection of
material showing how Fascism and Nazism uprooted the free movements of civilization and established their own authoritarian power with the Church at their side as ally.

"It tells how with the blessing of Catholicism dictators launched
campaigns of aggression which so swelled the ambitions and inflated the
self-confidence of the Axis Powers that their vision of world domination
could be conceived in terms of practical politics.

"It alleges that the failure of the League and of non-Fascist statesmen
to demonstrate the will to peace of the world can partly be explained by
a reference to Catholic policy. It shows how in one country after
another the Church bred Defeatism because she aspired to woo Fascism for
the sake of State favors. It asserts that the concepts of Catholic
Christianity are in large measure akin to Fascist ideology, and alien to
the ideals which inspire Fascism's most fervent opponents.

"This booklet is offered to all people, Christians and non-Christians
alike, who are opposing Nazism because they want Freedom to live on and
become a real force in the world. It is published as a warning, and in
the hope that they will treat with due caution the overtures of Catholic
representatives during the war. Otherwise they may discover that by
their work they have strengthened a Church that will march under the
banner of Freedom only to secure freedom for herself, and in order later
to eradicate freedom of word, deed and conscience from the face of the

Regarding the 1933 Vatican concordat with Hitler's Germany and the
Jesuits hidden agenda to bring Hitler to power, Moore had this to say:

"Any talk of a Papal or Catholic struggle against Fascism in Germany is
an historical falsification...

"Similarly in Germany, Hitler came to power with the active assistance of
the Catholic Centre Party and of the ecclesiastical forces of the Roman
Catholic Church. The country was in a political ferment after repeated
changes of government and months of rule by Emergency Decree. Hitler
promised to end all that and bring stability to the nation. Above all he
swore to destroy the disruptive forces of Communism. From street corner
and platform Fascist orators proclaimed that the country must choose
between the anarchy of Bolshevism and the order of National Socialism.
The Church's representatives took their cue and joined in the general
outcry, proclaiming that Russian Communism was at the throat of the
nation, and that the supreme task was to save the country from Red Ruin.
With Catholic votes and Catholic ideological support, Hitler finally
seized power and started his campaign of terror and murder to
exterminate the social forces which stood opposed to Fascism. Was
Catholicism amongst those forces? Did the Church or her representatives
protest against the hideous and barbaric hooliganism which went by the
name of politics and government in Germany, which violated the lives and
most elementary rights of human beings? Did the holy keepers of human
morality warn the world of the terrible fate in store, the outline of
which existed in the pages of Mein Kampf? No. The Church's attention was
focussed on the supreme task of enquiring what the bloody dictator
intended to do about the Church and Catholic religion, and whether a
suitable agreement might be concluded similar to that which regulated
relations between the Church and the State in Italy. On accession to
power Hitler assured the Church that:

"As we see in Christianity the unshakable foundation of moral life, so
it is our duty to continue to cultivate friendly relations with the Holy
See and to develop them." (From Hitler's speech to the Reichstag on
March 23rd, 1933, in which he indicated the programme of his Government.
See Universe, March 31st, 1933.)
The Church was further assured of the Fascist desire to find a basis for
co-operation when Von Papen was dispatched to Rome to offer a Concordat
covering the whole of the Reich, and to promise the Church State
protection for its property and doctrine in exchange for the dissolution
of the Centre Party. The Concordat was signed, and as George Seldes

"Monsignor Kass went to Rome. To the surprise of an interviewer, who
expected a strong denunciation of Hitler from the ancient chief of the
Catholic Party, the prelate said: "Hitler knows well how to guide the
ship. This man, bearer of high ideals, will do all that is necessary to
save the nation from catastrophe . . ."
And Seldes sums up:

"The Communist and Socialist Parties had been conquered with fire and
sword; the Hugenberg Nationalists by intrigue; the Catholics by
agreement with the Vatican."
"One should not forget that Article 16 of the Concordat between Hitler
and the Pope obliged all German Bishops to take the following oath
before the Reichsstatthalter:

"I swear before God and upon the Holy Gospels and promise, as becomes a
bishop, to be loyal to the German Reich and the State. I swear and
promise to respect the constitutional Government and to have it
respected by my clergy."
"The German Hierarchy expressed the readiness of Catholicism to
co-operate with the Nazi State in the following terms:

"The Episcopate of all the German Dioceses, as is shown by its
statements to the public, was glad to express as soon as it was made
possible after the recent change in the political situation through the
declarations of Your excellency its sincere readiness to co-operate to
its best ability with the new government which has proclaimed as its
goal to promote Christian education, to wage a war against Godlessness
and immorality, to strengthen the spirit of sacrifice for the common
good and to protect the rights of the Church." (From a letter of His
Eminence Cardinal Bertram to Chancellor Herr Hitler after the conclusion
of the Concordat between the Vatican and the German Government. See
Universe, August 18th, 1933.)
"Fritz Thyssen, the rich steel magnate who financed the Nazi Party for
many years, has stated in the Swiss Arbieterzeitung that the following
were the plans for a new Germany which the Roman Catholics envisaged
(the article is headed: Pius XII, as Nuncio, Brought Hitler to Power):

". . . the idea was to have a sort of Christian Corporate State
organised according to the classes, which should be supported by the
Churches in the west by the Catholic, and in the East by the Protestant
-- and by the Army....', (Cavalcade, September 28th, 1940.)
The contention is that once again, in exchange for the promise of
benefits to the Church, the Church betrayed the democratic forces inside
and outside her own ranks, and used ecclesiastical influence and power
to foster allegiance to Fascism."

Moore's book also warned Protestants back in the 1940's not to unite
with the Vatican under the Jesuits cry for "Christian Unity" when it
meant as only a sneaky method to unite under what the Bible calls the
anti christ and beast in Rome.

The same rings true today as witnessed in the phony ecumenical movements
advanced by the Vatican as readers should listen to Moore's words as a
warning not to unite with "Beast of Revelations."

"What are we to say, then, to the increasing amount of denominational
unity which this country is witnessing, and which is being sponsored on
the Pope's Five Peace Points? A Joint Manifesto over the signatures of
Cardinal Hinsley, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the
Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council accepts these proposals as
embodying the War Aims of all Christians. These Christian leaders are
further agreed on five standards which should govern economic and social
life in the years after the war. Interdenominational campaigns to
popularise a Christian Post-War Order have been announced.

"Roman Catholics plan to extend the co-operation thus achieved at the
top to every town, village and parish; to establish a Christian Council
of Action to bring pressure to bear on national and local public
representatives, and to submit to a combined Christian Convention a
practical programme which can then become the focal point of a struggle
to "Christianise" this country. It is also evident that overtures are
being made to working-class circles to persuade them to adopt the Pope's
policy, and become an integral part of the new Christian Front. The
editor of the Catholic Herald in a recent letter to the New Statesman
and Nation invited the non-Communist Left to join up with Christians in
their work for a new Order. The Catholic Herald interviewed Mr. George
Gibson, Chairman of the Trades Union Congress, with the object of
finding out what are the chances of the Christian Ten Points being
adopted by the T.U.C., and according to that paper's report, received
quite a sympathetic reception.

"The Pope's Five Peace Points have received too much publicity to need
quoting in detail here. As an expression of the wish that international
anarchy be ended they are not a subject for criticism?though the
practice of the Church in aiding and abetting those warmongers she can
use for her own advantage makes one doubtful about the genuineness of
that desire. In any case, such sentiment is widespread already. Another
hotch-potch of general phrases about the need for the independence of
nations, for progressive disarmament, for international institutions
like the League of Nations and the Hague Court, etc., etc., contributes
nothing to a solution of the practical problems involved in the
outlawing of war. The world's miseries are due to the fact that those
politicians and financiers who want power and wealth at the expense of
millions who are robbed of their rights and security have been accosted
with pious schemes galore, but seldom with people who are armed with a
detailed and realistic plan and the resolution to see it achieved.

"The Five Social Standards which the leaders of Catholicism, Anglicanism
and Methodism have adopted in common are no whit less open to the same
criticism. Few progressive people would deny that the inequalities of
wealth and education should be eradicated. The difficulties only arise
when we begin to define what we mean by Equality and consider how such a
state of Equality is to be attained. Again demands which proclaim that
the Family must be safeguarded, that the sense of a Divine vocation must
be restored to man's daily work, and that the resources of the earth
must be used as God's gifts to Man provide no practical guide whatever
to questions of social policy.

"All this ambiguity is no matter of chance, however. For it is only by
sticking to nebulous propositions that unity between the denominations
is possible at all. Where she bas power, the Catholic Church protects
the Family, for instance, by compulsory Catholic education, by Catholic
censorship, by making divorce impossible and the distribution of
information on Birth Control a punishable offence, and by compelling
women to adopt the "vocation" of Wifehood ant Motherhood by means of
closing the doors of Industry and the Professions against them. Few
Christians outside the Catholic Church would recognise such compulsion
as akin to their ideals. Again, equality in Education has always meant
for loyal Catholics in this country the demand that Catholic children
shall be taught the Catholic religion by Catholic teachers in Catholic
schools at the public expense. And many are the moves going on both in
public and behind closed doors to prepare the launching of educational
reforms which will allow the Catholic priests a greater scope for action
in the Schoolroom and, in general, will give religious sectarianism free
play in school life. Very many Christians, as well as non-Christians,
will be strongly averse to a demand for Educational Equality which
serves only as a cloak for reforms which divide and segregate the
children in the schools on the basis of differences which they cannot
possibly understand.

"For these reasons, Christians outside the Roman Catholic Church will
fall for such schemes of Christian Unity at their peril. Many of them
are opposed to Nazism because they believe that the minds and
consciences of people should be inviolate and the object of respect, and
they recognise that Nazism shatters with rude and brutal hands the
values they prize so highly. But these values are menaced equally, if
less obviously, and less immediately, by Roman Catholicism. Do these
Christians who are cooperating with Roman Catholicism want to escape
from the frying pan only to burn in the fire? In the non-Fascist
countries Roman Catholic strategy is seeking to harness the Christian
Churches and Christian sentiment behind the Church of Rome, and to drive
the wedge deeper between Christians and non-Christians. But actually the
real schism exists elsewhere between intolerant Catholics -- together
with particularly bigoted representatives of the other Churches -- and
those people inside and outside the Churches who want a world of greater
freedom at the end of this war. The ultimate outcome of Christian Unity,
so far as the leaders of Catholicism are concerned, is to stimulate
Catholic growth as a step towards that political status which will
permit the Church to carry through her divine commission to persecute
and proselytise those who show no voluntary aptitude to let their minds
and wills become the property of the Church. The War will indeed be
fought in vain if the people of Europe ward off Hitler's New Order of
Tyranny only to discover too late this other enemy within their gates
who will forge in the name of religion a system which is equally
intolerant, equally authoritarian and, if necessary, equally brutal.

"There is no reasonable basis for the unity of all Christians during
this War. Those people inside the Anglican and Free Churches whose
desire to see the people free is deep and genuine, should repudiate the
alliance which has been initiated by their leaders. Let them go together
with lovers of freedom outside the Churches. And let them define in
common with these others War Aims in terms that will challenge the right
of any State or Institution to mould the young to set patterns, and
place penalties on the opinions of adults, and on the human conscience."

Editor's Note: You can find a copy of Moore's booklet on by clicking on the 'Rare Books and Documents" page.



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