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Will Retired Black Pope, Kolvenbach, Still Organize War Operations For The Vatican-led New World Order From Behind The Scenes?

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski

Will Retired Black Pope, Kolvenbach, Still Organize War Operations For The Vatican-led New World Order From Behind The Scenes?

Over-exposure in U.S., bad publicity and his true satanic intentions may have led to the Black 'Evil' Pope's early exit from center stage.

By Greg Szymanski
Jan. 19, 2008

Some U.S. patriots, wise to Vatican and Jesuit Order double-talk, deceit
and duplicity, think the Black Pope's resignation Friday was due to bad
publicity as well as his name becoming a household "bad word" among
informed Americans.

And among true Protestant Reformers following in the footsteps of Calvin,
Wycliff and Luther, former Jesuit Gen. Peter Hans Kolvenbach is
well-known as being the devil incarnate while leading Satan's Vatican
army in the Pope's Crusade in the Middle East.

"In the history of the Jesuits even though they have been kicked out of
more than 81 countries, not for religious beliefs but for political
intrigue, it is unprecedented for this secretive body to be publicly
exposed like they have been here in America and around the world due to
the internet," said Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins.

"This may very well be one major reason why Kolvenbach is stepping down,
so he can put the light on another Jesuit General while he goes back to
working in the darkness."

Another patriot, Mike Novielli, agrees with Phelps, saying he feels
"Kolvenbach stepping down is a staged hoax and will work behind the
scenes in the Middle East, continuing to fuel the fires of war.

"I do have this "gut feeling" that this whole stepping-down of the Black
Pope is just a staged hoax and the reason that I feel this is as
follows," said Novielli.

"Could it be that because of all the exposure that Kolvenbach has been
getting his apparent resignation is just to get the eyes of the Bible
believers off of him and onto his supposed successor.

"I say supposed because Kolvenbach would still be the top boss still
giving the marching orders to whoever the so called successor is. I
also suspect that Ratty the Rotty (Pope) may voluntarily become the
sacrificial "lamb" having 'Klovenhoof' taking his White Papal office
whilst still holding the Black Papal office. The Dragon (Satan), The
Beast /Antichrist (Kolvenbach) and the False Prophet (Kolvenbach) all
embodied in one flesh.

"The Satanic trinity! And even though the Papacy is to come though the
"college of cardinals" I still believe that those deceptive lying devils
would go to such measures to fulfill their agenda. "The end justifies
the means" and "To the greater glory of god" (that is THEIR gOD, the
pope)". I mean, let's face it. They have already broken their own
"constitution of the Jesuits" as no General can leave office other than
by death.

"This done twice now. First by Pedro and now by Peter. And let's not
forget how all "THEIR" prophecies conclude that the LAST POPE will be a
"PETER" ! Peter Hans Kolvenbach perhaps?"

Novielli also had some harsh words for the Vatican-led New World Order,
adding New World Order is just a watered-down name for the Vatican.

"I absolutely LOVE to hear you (The Investigative Journal hosted by
Greg Szymanski) interviewing such great Christian spirital warriors such
as our dear sister Nury Rivera, Brother Tony Alamo, Brother Bill Hughes,
and of course Brother Eric Jon Phelps among many others that have been
on your show. It is like a refreshing drink of cold water to thirsty man
to hear the TRUTH being presented forth in these last days.

"One thing that I must say is that I believe that this whole thing that
THEY call a "New World Order" is just a nice name given to what it
originally is and because if they called it what is ACTUALLY IS, every
single person living on this planet would run in the opposite direction
and that ORIGINAL name is...

"The Holy Roman Empire" Certainly NOT "holy" but very much an EMPIRE
and ROMAN as it is centralized in ROME.Specifically the Vatican, Satan's

Taking over for Kolvenbach is Spaniard Adolfo Nicolas, 71.

Here is a partial report from Reuters:

Spaniard Adolfo Nicolas was elected the Jesuits' "black pope", as the
head of the largest and perhaps most influential, controversial and
prestigious Catholic order is known, in a secret conclave on Saturday.

Nicolas, 71, has run Jesuit operations in east Asia and Oceania since
2004 and spent most of his career in the Far East after being ordained
in Tokyo in 1967.

The order said in a statement that Nicolas had been elected to succeed
Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, who received permission from Pope Benedict
to retire as head of the order formally known as the Society of Jesus at
the age of 79.

Jesuit superior generals are known as "black popes" because, like the
pontiff, they wield worldwide influence and usually keep their position
for life


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