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From A Beacon Of Light TO Beast-Like Tendencies, America Is Headed For A Vatican Instigated Cataclysm
Author C.T. Wilcox in his book, Transformation of the Republic, claims Americans have been robbed of their own history, revealing hidden documentation about who really killed Abraham Lincoln.
2 May 2006

By Greg Szymanski


The United States has been transformed "from a beacon of light to an empire with beast-like tendencies," according to Canadian author C.T. Wilcox, as the world is headed "for a Vatican led and instigated cataclysm" while the U.S. population sleepwalks towards the edge of extinction.


Wilcox wrote these words, explaining his must read book called The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


Transformation, said Wilcox, is a 375 page expose of Vatican and Jesuit intrigues and interference into the political structure of the United States and Europe. And according to the author it contains irrefutable evidence, shocking revelations and fully authenticated documentation - much of it hidden for almost 100 years - to support the his conclusion that the American Republic has been hi-jacked by the Papacy through the corrupt and evil influences and diabolic direction of the Jesuit Order.


"The people of the United States have been robbed of their own history. This is the worst kind of theft," writes Wilcox about how the history books have been changed to cover up the true intentions of the religious order behind the New World Order, adding his research proves without question the Jesuits killed Abraham Lincoln


"The Jesuits killed Lincoln and buried the evidence. But just as water seeks its own level, so does the truth eventually surface and make itself known. Deception and denial are only band-aids in the modern day world of intelligence, tooled by the Internet and other high tech investigative systems.


"Today anyone can become a good detective. If it had not been myself, someone else would have undertaken the task of doing the digging and piecing together the true story of President Lincoln's assassination."


In his book, Wilcox, sets up a substantial case on who really killed Lincoln, as the 16th President of the United States was well aware of the dangers the Monarchies of Europe and the Vatican posed to the young Republic.


"IN 1822 the Roman Catholic Monarchies of Europe conspired with the Vatican to destroy the concept of popular government, as found in the experiment of the United States, by means of infiltration, subversion and corruption," writes Wilcox. "The tools used were the Leopold foundation, which was set up by Prince Metternich of Austria and the Jesuit Order. The purpose being to use the financial and military arms of the United States to further the interests of the Papacy in its goal of putting all the world under the temporal submission of the Church."



Wilcox masterfully uncovers how Lincoln candidly discussed the role and limits of the U.S. government, as well as presenting sworn statements of priests regarding foreknowledge of Lincoln's murder, including private letters from Edwin Sherman, T.M. Harris, Louis Weichman and Robert Lincoln to Charles Chiniquy, a priest who Lincoln represented as a lawyer against the Jesuit Order.


The case made by Wilcox that the Jesuits were behind the murder, a story covered up in the history books, can be found at his web site at www.ctwilcox.com where the book can be purchased for $29.95.


"After the successful murder of the 'saviour of the nation', President Lincoln, on that Good Friday Easter weekend of 1865," writes Wilcox,  "a date of which the symbolism was not lost, the Jesuit masterminds of that most evil crime began to pressure President Johnson to implement the 14th amendment to the United States' Constitution.


"This amendment effectively altered the citizenship away from the states' proper, under state authority, and transferred this to the Union, under a centralized Federal authority. Before this change one was considered a citizen of the United States by reason of being the citizen of a particular state.


 "The truth can hurt; but it can also set us free. What do we have to gain from learning about this cruel conspiracy? Does it have any bearing on today's conspiratorial world of alphabet intelligence groups, weapons of mass destruction, bioterrorism, weather modification and other forms of warfare?


"What type of world do we want for our children and grandchildren? Or perhaps a better question: What elements of today's world do we wish to reform, in order to lift the veil of frustration and despair and unloose the shackles of ignorance and fear?


"It is my hope that the history presented on these pages, which has been suppressed for well over 100 years, and of which the American people particularly have been robbed, will cause them to wake up to the dangers being foisted upon them, recognize them for what they are, and then act to insure that the plot for their destruction will not come to its ultimate realization any time soon."


Wilcox makes the claim through his decade of research that the Jesuit Order is an association of highly organized warrior priests, being politicians first and foremost and being expelled from virtually every country they have had the opportunity to corrupt and destroy.


Their modus operandi, claims Wilcox, is political and educational infiltration and subversion and the fomenting of wars and revolutions in order to weaken and mold the target country into submissive pliability, to then be used to carry out their purpose of global ecclesiastically backed dictatorship.


He adds the United States is no exception to this global operation, being put directly in the cross-hairs of eventual martial law and destruction after the 911 attacks.


"The strikes upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 marked a pivotal point in the evolution of the experiment of popular government," writes Wilcox. "What followed has been nothing short of a pronounced continuation of a religious war, which had its origins in the Middle Ages, using the armed forces of a compliant host nation or alliance of nations according to the wishes of the Papacy.


"The ultimate goal is the eventual re-location of this so-called "Chair of Peter" to Jerusalem in order to direct and control all the people of the earth and the complete destruction of anything not in accord with Her dictates. Chief among these ideals, which are hated by the Church of Rome, are freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of association; in fact, every fundamental freedom on which the United States was founded.


"This opposition to basic human rights was monumented in the famous Papal Bull of Pope Pius IX in 1864, the Syllabus of Errors; a direct response to the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights.


"The timing of the issuance of this document was designed to be a deliberate political act for the express purpose of telling the world that the liberties of the United States and any other nation which has the audacity to implement representative self government apart from church consent was in direct opposition to God. This was at a crucial time of the War of the Rebellion in which the Papacy had openly sided with the Confederacy."


Although Transformation concentrates on the Roman Church, Wilcox said the principles can also be applied to any religious entity, particularly one that calls itself Christian, seeking to entangle itself with the political realm of which Jesus said it ought to be no part.


"Every person has the right to choose their religion and answer to their God," he adds.  "But no person has the right to use the machinery of the State or various other methods to force that choice on their fellow human beings. Nor do they have the right to use religion as a means to a political end.


"The history presented is the result of eight years of research. The purpose is two-fold: 1) to bring out the truth that had been cleverly buried until now by the perpetrators of Lincoln's assassination, and 2) to point out that any cabal, even in today's world, can achieve its ends by using religion as a form of mind control.


"Ignorance and superstition perpetrated by religious dogma set the stage for victimization. Witness Palestinian suicide bombers who are brainwashed to believe that they are martyrs and Islamic beheading squads daily using the airwaves and cyberspace to force political ends in the nations of Christendom and in the nations where they reside.


"Likewise, witness I.R.A. and Protestant intrigues in Ireland or Israeli massacres of whole towns and villages on the West Bank and Gaza, in the name of a god who they believe has given them the right to this land because they have been misled to think they are still "chosen" when, in fact, the true chosen, a holy nation referred to as the 'Israel of God', which is spiritual in nature, are those who hold the same faith that Christ held and practice what he taught [Isa. 43:10; Jer. 31:31-34; John 15:16-19; Acts 15:14; Gal 6:16]. All of these belief systems are equally dangerous. They are tangible evidence of the repercussions of religious interference in political and nationalistic matters."


Recently, Wilcox's book was reviewed by Sharon K. Gilbert, for Watcher Magazine, who said:


Historians and academics will soon be salivating over a cache of recently uncovered documents relating to the Abraham Lincoln assassination and its subsquent prosecutory fallout - a voluminous collection that could be called the 'smoking gun' of the nineteenth century, untouched and unread and well-protected for nearly 150 years.


This heretofore unknown archive of material rests now in the capable hands of accomplished writer, C.T. Wilcox. Wilcox gained access to the remarkable papers via a friend, who himself received the documents after the rightful inheritor passed away.


In his newest book, "The Transformation of the Republic", Wilcox presents a methodical inspection of these newly unearthed documents and compares them to historically accepted materials, making strong usage of excerpted passages and entire quotes to buttress his fundamental premise that Lincoln's murder was ordered by a dark figure known as The Black Pope. Now, whether or not you lean toward the theory that much of the ruination of our world lies at the feet of the Jesuit order, Wilcox's arguments must be considered deeply, for they are cogent if not profound. His theories lie askew to most Christians' sleepy-eyed view of the world, and seldom does a contented sleeper welcome the rough jangle of dawn's alarm. Wilcox will tell you that we've overslept, and that our slumber may well be our undoing. The root of evil that bled a president in retribution for sins against a monarchist master plan has sprouted a fully branched tree that now looms over our present republic, ready to crash down upon each slumbering citizen, making slaves of many, corpses of most. This is not a book for the timid reader, yet the timid are the most vulnerable.


"The Transformation of the Republic" contains 28 pages of images of the remarkable original documents that provide the foundation of Wilcox's stunning arguments. And though most readers would shudder at the thought of slogging through an historical tome of 400 pages, the writing is easy to follow and tantalizingly presented. It is an astoundingly quick read - at odds with most historical non-fiction. In short, this one's a page-turner.


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