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Did Black Pope Order And Help Orchestrate 9/11? Or Is The Jesuit General What He Says He Is: A Holy Man, Serving God While Leading The Largest And Most Powerful Order in The Catholic Church?
Author of Vatican Assassins III, Eric Phelps, explores the true motives of Jesuit General Pete Hans Kolvenbach, as well as exploring his connection to 9/11.
20 Apr 2006

By Greg Szymanski


According to author Eric Phelps, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Jesuit General known as the Black Pope, ordered the 9/11 attacks assisted by a military advisor to warn of any mistakes and a confessor at his side to ease his conscience to absolve any sins.


The deadly plan, claims Phelps, was carried-out with the advice and consent of his general staff, composed of five assistants, each representing a hemisphere with many advisory Provincials, including 10 in the United States. 


Further, success was guaranteed by total cooperation and obedience from New York Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan through his obedient Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Secret Service, Military Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Mafia.


Phelps also claims, through decades of research shunned by the press, the same gang of criminals and agencies worked together before in carrying out the Kennedy assassination and cover-up under the control of their former master, Jesuit trained Francis Cardinal Spellman.


Most people when reading Phelps accusations in his latest third edition of the Vatican Assassins - new and starting one like the Jesuits being thrown out of Iraq in 1969 leading to a rash of assassinations of top Iraqi leaders - remained either wide-eyed with disbelief since its difficult to fathom men of the cloth could be so diabolical and ruthless.


However, without hesitation or qualification, Phelps research has uncovered the top two per cent of the more than 21,000 Jesuits priests making up the largest worldwide Catholic Order of the Society of Jesus actually worship another god - Lucifer - after taking a blood oath on top of their priestly vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.


Since 9/11, the general consensus among truth seekers claim the WTC and Pentagon attacks were an inside U.S. government job, claiming the Zionist- controlled Council on Foreign Relations aided and abetted in the mass murder.


However, only a few courageous souls, including Phelps have suggested the Zionist Jews and the Council on Foreign Relations, including obedient U.S. government officials who have also taken the Jesuit blood oath through membership in Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta and other satanic cults, are actually controlled by a higher spiritual power, the evil power being the hierarchy of the Jesuit military-minded order.


And according to Phelps and other researchers dismissing the New World's plans for genocide and World War III without including the top spiritual controllers, the Jesuits, is akin to trying to run top notch gourmet restaurant without a chef.


Regarding the real reason 9/11 took place, Phelps said in a recent article "because the appointed time has arrived for the Jesuit General to destroy both the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, secretly using his CIA/Nazi-trained, Masonic Zionist Mossad in conjunction with his CIA/Nazi-trained, Masonic Islamic Intelligence Agencies, including Osama bin Laden's MAK and Pakistan's ISI, while shrouded in the confusion of a huge aerial war yet to come.  This will enable the General's crusading Knights Templars (the present day Shriner Freemasons) to rebuild Solomon's Temple - for the Papal Caesar in Rome's Vatican


"And how could the Black Pope destroy these Moslem Mosques, they comprising the third most important Islamic religious site in the world behind Saudi Arabia's Mecca and Medina, without causing an uncontrollable Moslem holy war, called a "jihad", resulting in the destruction of Pope Pius XII's creation of Zionist Israel?  (Remember, Israel was admitted into the New York-based United Nations in 1949 through the efforts of Jesuit-trained Francis Cardinal Spellman - the darling of Pope Pius XII who, after his Jesuits carried out the Jewish Holocaust in Europe and then driving the survivors to Palestine, intended, under the guidance of his Jesuit confessor, Augustin Cardinal Bea, to make Jerusalem an international city - while governed by the Papal Caesar's Chaim Weizmann and his Masonic Jewish Zionists.) 


"The Black Pope must cause a war using a country he also wishes to further destroy.  Enter the "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Jesuit Empire created in 1868 on the ruins of George Washington's Calvinist Republic, the last political stronghold of the Protestant Reformation with freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of the press."


Specifically, the devious 9/11 plan has been a topic of interest for more than four years with many scenarios being offered, but none have added the spiritual ingredient of the Jesuits.


Here is the Jesuit General Kovenbach's plan, according to Phelp's research:


"In synchronizing his worldwide overt and covert factions to work the Order's evil ends of the Vatican's Counter-Reformation in restoring the Papal Caesar as the absolute Universal Monarch of the World," wrote Phelps, adding  "the Black Pope used his Masonically-controlled, fanatically anti-Jewish Race, Islamic Intelligence operatives under the domestic control of the CIA (Osama bin Laden having been directed, financed and trained by the CIA for at least ten years.


"Just like Jesuit-trained and CIA-financed Fidel Castro before he, like bin Laden, became a false enemy of the CFR-controlled American government) to be openly and notoriously instructed as Islamic pilots at the Venice Airport (a Florida facility used by the CIA since 1948) in order for Archbishop Egan's controlled American Press to spread the prepared news release that the doomed airliners were hijacked by "Arab terrorists" in the employ of Osama bin Laden when in fact, to the horror of the American pilots, the airliners had been taken over and guided to their targets, remotely controlled by American Military Intelligence operatives overseen by the Black Pope's CIA/NSA. 


 "The Mussulmans in training never boarded the airliners involved in the September attacks evidenced by the absence of Islamic names on all four passenger lists. There was no fight between the passengers and the "hijackers" on flight 93, as reported by the deceived wife of the late Jeremy Glick.


"For flight 93 was shot down by an F-16 fighter, blowing off its wing which landed at least six miles away from the main wreckage! And if the inexperienced "hijackers" had boarded all four airliners, the novices never would have been able to navigate the planes into the targets unless they had been crack fighter pilots according to a group of highly professional, both civilian and military, American aviators.


"Archbishop Egan's CFR-controlled American Press then placed the blame for these acts of high treason and murder squarely on the shoulders of the Black Pope's Saudi prince and CIA operative, Osama bin Laden, including his al-Qaeda Network secretly working for the Jesuit General's International Terrorist Network. Tens of thousands of "heretic and liberal" Americans perished, thereby justifying a war between the Moslem World and 'the Great Satan'."


"Although many have agreed the world is involved in a spiritual battle, Americans have failed to connect the deceptive dots, clinging to the shallow theory of a Muslim, Christian and Jewish battle without considering the possibility of  a more demonic presence actually pulling the puppet strings.


Trying to unveil the black mask of secrecy worn by the Black Pope and his Illuminati minions, Phelps draws a conclusion worth considering, conclusions that should be open to public debate not hidden in the annals of untold stories.


"The institutions to be destroyed on September 11, 2001 were the Banking and Military centers of "the Great Satan" - the Pope's World Trade Center and the Pentagon overseen by his Knights of Malta - supporting and protecting the Pope's Zionist government of Israel. 


"There, the Jewish People, in the midst of whom are the Lord's beloved Jewish Race, known as "the holy seed" with Biblical promises yet to inherit including the fulfilling of the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants under their returning Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, have been set up to be ultimately betrayed, as they are unknowingly living under the secret government of the Black Pope, publicly overseen by his Masonic Jewish Zionists in conjunction with certain of his Masonic Talmudic Rabbis, who betrayed their own Jewish People, both racially and religiously, into Hitler's Death Camps during World War II.


"Its subterranean storehouse of gold quite possibly having been previously removed to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the World Trade Center was sacrificed, internally, using surgically placed Composition C5 charges detonated by the New York Archbishop, Edward Cardinal Egan, through his unified American Intelligence Community.


The Black Pope now, according to Phelps, has a perfect war orchestrated between two peoples he wishes to destroy. 


"For both Peoples, the White and Black Protestants and Baptists along with the Jewish Race of North America, and the Semitic Moslems of the Middle East, are condemned by the Jesuits' evil and wicked Council of Trent, they having been historically the greatest enemies of the Jesuit Order's "infallible" Pope, who, since the days of Innocent III (1215), has claimed to be the one true God on earth," said Phelps.


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