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Bush And Blair: "Complete Satanists," According To High-Level Illuminati Defector
Italian aristocrat and freedom fighter, Leo Zagami, says look out for a man by the name of Klaus Schmidt, who has come to America to usher in complete fascism through the Virginia Grand Masonic Lodge.
21 Nov 2006

By Greg Szymanski


Time is running out and if Americans don't rally and act quickly, according to former high level Illuminati, Leo Zagami, the U.S. will be soon thrown into a complete dictatorship.


Most people in America suspect something evil and strange is taking place or are choosing to ignore the signs of fascism, holding on like children to a phony American dream now completely obliterated.


But one thing for sure most Americans will be ill-prepared when the final dictatorial show falls, leaving them helpless slaves to the Vatican-led/Jesuit controlled Illuminati New World Order.


The question looms: How much time before America is reduced to a total dictatorship, completely under the yoke of Satan's minions?


According to Zagami, who appeared Monday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, complete Illuminati control of America is set for no later than 2010, as the years preceding will usher in more terrorism on a larger scale than 9/11.


"They use terrorism to put you under the stick, as we liked to say in the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge," said Zagami, adding since he defected last June he is aware of attempts on his life by who he calls the evil Jesuits.


"They know me quite well, and they know because of my aristocratic bloodlines, my death can only be authorized by Count Hans Kolvenbach (The Black Pope) and the gay Pope himself, Ratzinger. So, if I am killed, you know who authorized the killing. But I doubt if they will do it as I have left the Catholic Church, becoming a Muslim and they know if they kill me, I will become a Muslim martyr and I don't think they want that."


Zamami, during his two-hour radio interview, told how a man named Klaus Schmidt, a Nazi-trained law enforcement agent in Bavaria recently visited America, attending a Freemason Grand Lodge get together in Virginia, a high-level Illuminati Lodge where Schmidt is instructing members and beginning a serious charge for complete dictatorship in America.


Zagami claims Schmidt is a key Illuminati figure working with American Satanists to usher in complete fascism.


"He is a man Americans need to watch," added Zagami.


Here is Schmidt's  background:


Klaus Schmidt, a Senior Police Officer from the Bavarian State Police with more than 40 years of service, is a veteran of all EU Police Missions in Albania.


He was born in 1945 and is a native of Fuerth/Baveria where he joined the Police after serving his time in the military.


Mr. Schmidt is a graduate of the Senior Command Course in Germany, the FBI National Academy, the FBI Executives training at Quantico, Virginia and at the University of Princeton, the DEA Commander training and the West Point Leadership and Command training.


He studied from 1985 to 1990 Political Science and Sociology at the University of Wuerzburg and was granted a scholarship for the University of Southern California where he graduated the Delinquency Control Institute. He is a Graduate of the Senior Executive Class on Counterterrorism at the College for Security Studies in Germany.


Mr. Schmidt held several senior positions within the Bavarian State Police, the German Senior Command College, the European Drugs Unit and at Europol. He served as Commander of the MAPE Mission, Head of Operations with the ECPA-A Mission and Deputy Head of Mission with PAMECA (2002-2004).


His service in the Police includes several years in the Bomb Squad of the Bavarian State Police, where he also received training as a diver for underwater demolition.


Mr. Schmidt worked during this period of time as instructor for Special Forces in Bavaria, on federal level and abroad. His main professional experience lies within combating Serious and Organised Crime.


Mr. Schmidt received several decorations for his service including the West Point Leadership Award.


As Head of the Mission he represents the project on high level towards the Albanian authorities, the European Commission, the EU Member States and the International Consortium of Donors. He orchestrates and monitors PAMECA's activities and evaluates the quality of reports and analysis.


According to a decision of the Government of the Republic of Albania dated 23 June 2005, Mr. Schmidt was appointed as Professor for International Strategic Management for his role of implementing a new national command, leadership and management system for the ASP.


Besides Schmidt, Zagami told Americans no matter what the outcome of the recent elections, the American government is still in the firm control of the Vatican-led Illuminati with George H. Bush as the top Satanist with everything under his evil control.


"We have documents that Bush was close to Anton Levay, the master Satanist, and even planned the birth of his son George W. to become the puppet Satanist in control after Bush Sr. went behind the scenes again," said Zagami. "I also warned people about the complete evil behind Prime Minister Tony Blair, but nobody listened. He has also been connected to a baby-killing sacrifice at Bohemian Grove.."


Besides the well-known and documented Bush family connections to the Nazis, documented in the National Archives and the Congressional record, Zagami recently wrote how Bush, "the ultimate Anti-Christ family, will rule no matter what the political outcome."


"Wake up dear Brothers and Sisters," added Zagami.  "It doesn't matter who is gonna be in the White House Show any longer , because he is the chosen one of the evil side and If you add up the name 'George Bush' in Hebrew letters it comes out:


G = 3 (gimel)

e = 5 (heh)

o = 70 (ayin)

r = 200 (resh)

g = 3 (gimel)

e = 5 (heh)

B = 2 (beth)

u = 70 (ayin)

s = 300 (shin)

h = 8 (cheth)

Total = 666 (Antichrist)


"But let's all remember that God is always the ultimate Puppet Master not man in any way, even when man unfortunately likes to think he is God. So just see for yourself the future developments in the Satanic Vatican CIA headquarters of the Knights of Malta and their evil Zionist friends in Jerusalem land of the Synagogue of Satan.


"And remember to not rationalize to much as this will eventually bring you like most westerners in the hands of Satan, this is a war of faith starting not a wild night in Casablanca.


"The most prominent modern Satanist to fully abuse 666 is A. Crowley who can also be identified as the Beast of Revelation and a key figure used by Satan for the end of times. Crowley was the main alchemist of evil in the illuminati of all times, he is the Brother in charge of taking on himself all the curses of the world (AS STATED IN A OFFICIAL OTO/ILLUMINATI DOCUMENT SIGNED BY HIM) and waking up the Beast with the Choronzon 333 Ritual in the middle of the Sahara desert. Officially starting the XIo degree OTO/ILLUMINATI workings to open the gates of Hell and bring humanity further into the Abyss of evil and deception before the return of the Messiah and the big confrontation between good and evil."

Greg Szymanski

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