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Jesuit Order No Friend of Jews and Muslims

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski

Jesuit Order No Friend of Jews and Muslims

The spirit of the Order can be gleaned from the extraordinary prayer of the greatest of Jesuit saints, Francis Xavier, who sought to conquer the Far East for the Black Pope when he said 'Put me some place where there are no Jews or Moslems!'

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan. 27, 2008

The Jesuit Order is no friend of the Jews, using what can be called the
"Pope's court Jews" to betray their own people.

In fact, Jewish leaders are loyal to the Vatican-led New World just like
U.S. leaders, as both governments have sold their people down the river for their globalist pals in Rome.

Even one of the Jesuit Order's own, former Jesuit priest Dr. E. Boyd
Barrett verified this extreme hatred for Jews and Muslims. giving more
insight into the reason behind the Pope's Crusade in the Middle East.

On page 180 of his 1935 publication, Rome Stoops to Conquer, he said:

"Owing to an early experience of a painful kind, which was all but
disastrous to the Order, and which was due to a group of Spanish
Jesuits of Jewish descent, who threatened to dismember the Order, the Jesuits as a body have conceived and fostered an intense animosity against the Jews.

"Never since the days of 'the great storm,' as the Cardinal Toletus
revolt was called, has anyone of Jewish blood or descent been admitted
into the Order [until 1946]. Never since that day has the Order ceased
to pursue vindictively the Jews. The spirit of the Order can be gleaned
from the extraordinary prayer of the greatest of Jesuit saints, Francis
Xavier [who sought to conquer the Far East for the Black Pope]:

'Put me some place where there are no Jews or Moslems,' cried Francis.
"The present writer, who spent twenty years in the Jesuit Order, can
recall no single occasion on which a word of praise for Jewish
achievement or a word of sympathy for Jewish suffering was uttered by a

Regarding the Pope's Middle East Crusade being connected to Vatican
hatred of Jews and Muslims, Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins,
had this to say:

It is for this reason I believe that the Order has brought a huge Moslem
population into Europe as well as the US and Canada. The Moslems whose
Masonic leaders are subject to papal control via the Black Pope's
International Intelligence Community (CIA/FBI/NSA/DIA and
MI5/MI6/BND/SVR/FSB(former KGB), etc.) will be used to attack and kill
many thousands of Jews.

"After they have been used for this purpose, these Moslems will be
rounded up and sent to the concentration camps, the Order cleverly
ending both the Jewish and Moslem presence in North America and in
Europe. To facilitate this scenario, a military dictator must arise in
Europe and in the American Empire.

"In a clever roundabout way, the Order will have used their controlled
Moslem presence in both arenas to "solve" its "Jewish Question." Once
solved, these dictators can then move to eliminate the "Moslem
terrorists" to the delight of the American and European peoples thereby
uniting White Roman Catholics and White apostate Protestants into the
Order's "New Right" Republican fascism.

"This is a most doable agenda for the Jesuits. It is one of the strings
to their bow of anarchy, revolution and war---for the greater glory of
their god---the god who sits in St. Peter's Chair.

"It is for this reason that I have advocated an exodus of all Jews out
of North America and Europe back to Israel while time affords. It will
not be long until there will be no movement out of the US via aircraft
and no bank wires will be permitted to move any dollars out of the

And the resurgence of Nazism and Papal power is also rearing its ugly
head in Europe, next coming to the U.S., as the European Union is the
beginning of the revival of fascism under the cloak of European unity.

If you don't think the Pope's involved, listen to the words of former UN
President of the General Assembly, Charles Malik:

"The only hope for this western world is an alliance between the Roman
Catholic church which is the most commonly, influential, controlling,
unifying, element, in Europe and the western orthodox church. ...The
only hope for the western world lies then in a united Europe under the
control of the Pope."

Furthermore, Garner Ted Armstrong 45 years ago warned Europe and America
of the coming of fascism. saying:

"Just as certainly as we restore Western Europe to economic prosperity,
and then to military power, a successor to Hitler will emerge, gain
control of this power through a 'United States of Europe,' which we [the
United States government] are also encouraging, and we shall then wake
up, too late, to realize we have restored our fascist enemy the power to
destroy us! ... battlefields are becoming economic, just as we said they
would ... the movement is ... forming toward complete political

In Peter Wyden's latest book, "The Hitler Virus: The Insidious Legacy of
Adolf Hitler", he writes:

"The steady drift toward a populist Hitler renewal became noticeable in
the early 1970's, first as a fad among the young, the generation that
found in the Führer an appealing symbol, largely because he was taboo
for parents and grandparents and therefore made to measure as a rallying
cry for a traditional revolt of young against old.

"Teachers in the Munich schools reported that more and more teenagers
were sewing swastikas onto their jeans; telling demeaning jokes about
Jews; greeting each other with a cheery 'Heil Hitler!'; and generally
adopting the Führer as their idol.

“Under Hitler we wouldn't be seeing any terrorists.”

In the summer of 1979, Mr. Armstrong wrote, "Hitler imagined a
'Thousand-year Reich' with himself ... at the pinnacle of power, and
dreamed of a millennial reign of 'German Supermen' over the world, as if
he applied these prophecies [of a coming "Messiah"] to himself. This new
leader of a united Europe, who will probably be a German, will attempt
to fulfill the very same dream

And English writer, Chris Cumming, who presented the Armstrong warnings
in a recent article had this to say:

"This warning was published by Garner Ted Armstrong forty-five years
ago. Is he accurate in his prediction? Will a successor to Hitler
emerge and gain control of power in the European Union? Are events now
unfolding that will lead to a resurrection and revival of fascist ideals
and methods? Is Hitler making a comeback? Will European masses soon
demand a strong, central leader who will lead them from their economic
and social woes and establish what is already being called, The Fourth
Reich? How will it happen?

"All one has to do to is read news stories coming out of Europe the last
few years. Here are just eight stories we have been monitoring:

Germany mulls over Nazi past
Adopt Nazi methods, says Italian councilor
Hitler Makes a Comeback
A Resurgence of Approval for Hitler's Politics
Hitler a Hero on Palestinian Authority Radio
How a modern fascination with Nazi evil fuels a thriving Hitler industry
Debating the Islamist-Nazi Connection
The Nazi Resurgence: So it seems Iran wants to recreate Hitler's Third

"Adolf Hitler, albeit one of the most evil and hated dictators of the
twentieth century, remains an icon of a political system that brought
its people and nation out of financial ruin and despair to power, world
prestige and prosperity seemingly overnight.

"As we published in the Plain Truth back in August of 1964, “Now the
specter of a united Europe is suddenly looming up ... the United States
is oblivious to this new threat to its power. When will we wake up and
realize that what is shaping up in Europe is the revival of Fascism
under the cloak of European unity?"

"I would not be surprised to see an increased demand for a strong leader
to come forth to stop the terrorism in Europe. Add to this the growing
unrest with the Muslim immigration problems all nations in Europe are
having, especially with the Muslim refusal to integrate into traditional
European society.

And Cumming's reminds us that from the booklet, “Mark of the Beast: What
is It? ”, Mr. Armstrong writes:

"The coming…dictator of a United States of Europe, will be hailed as a
"deliverer"; he will be worshiped! History proves that many women
fainted at the sight of Adolf Hitler during one of his parades!...It
will happen again!



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