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Is George W. Bush A Serial Killer, asks writer Dennis Eros
After researching Bush for over a year, Eros looks at Bush's satanic ritualistic upbringing, the ordering of more than 155 executions while governor and the illegal war in Iraq, coming to the conclusion Bush is just like Hitler and Stalin.
5 May 2006

By Greg Szymanski


Writer Dennis Eros presents a disturbing question in his latest article called Is George W. Bush a Serial Killer?


Although the title quickly brings to mind the thousands of innocents slaughtered needlessly in Iraq, Eros spent a year researching Bush's childhood background, an upbringing he found clouded in mystic memories and satanic rituals. 


Eros also researched Bush's six year stint as Texas governor, finding he ordered 155 executions or one every two weeks, which turned out to be more than any other elected official in recorded history.


But the record-setting number pales in comparison to the manner in which he carelessly reviewed the evidence before putting his thumb down on the executions. Eros cites a telling 2003 article, written by Derrick Z. Jackson of the Atlantic Monthly, detailing Bush's cavalier attitude when it came to ordering people to death.


Jackson wrote:


When Bush was governor of Texas he routinely denied last-ditch pleas for clemency on execution day by systematically hearing no evidence, seeing no evidence, and sealing himself away from any tragic possibility that any evil was done at all.


On execution day in Texas, it was the job of Alberto Gonzales (now U.S. Attorney General) to give Bush a summary of the case. The summary was the last information standing between an inmate and lethal injection.  Gonzales provided 57 summaries to Bush. Gonzales intended for the memos to be confidential, but author Alan Berlow obtained them under Texas public information law. 


Berlow found that Gonzales routinely provided scant summaries to Bush.  The summaries, according to Berlow, Gonzales repeatedly failed to apprise the governor of crucial issues in the cases at hand: ineffective counsel, conflict of interest, mitigating evidence, even actual evidence of innocence.


Based on Berlow's information Jackson then went on to point out several cases, including Terry Washington and David Wayne Stoker, where Bush together with Gonzales purposely ignored evidence, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to justice and acting as if they were reviewing a parking ticket violation instead of a life and death situation.


Eros also brought up another disturbing incident when Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer criticized Gov. George W. Bush for making fun of an executed Texas woman in an interview Bush gave to Talk magazine.


Bauer was quoted as saying, "I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state running for president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided to putto death."


Bauer was referring to the case of Karla Faye Tucker who appealed for clemency on the grounds that she had become a born-again Christian.  Just before her execution date, in the summer of 1999, after announcing his bid for the presidency, Bush replied: "Please," as he whispered with pursed lips, obviously mocking the woman, "don't kill me."


After tracing Bush's dysfunctional family upbringing, including being a third generation Yale Skull and Bones member, Eros goes on to ask some interesting questions:


"So there it is," writes Eros. "One can see how George W. Bush's upbringing is clouded in mystic memories and rituals.  Mr. Bush himself is a graduate from the satanic rituals of Skull and Bones.  Was Mr. Bush also educated about death camps, Nazis and the personal relationship between his granddad (Prescott) and great granddad Hurbert Walker and Hitler?


"He was probably brow beat by his grand parents, Prescott and Dorothy Bush, as well as George W. H. and Barbara Bush.  (We know by his own admission he was "slapped around" by his mother, the " Enforcer." Did he have the emotional where withal to take relentless badgering?  I don't know.  But it is not uncommon for children of political possessed parents to turn to drugs, alcohol and other self-abusing properties.  The children of many politicians become dysfunctional and turn to drugs.  The following children of politicians have been arrested for drug use."


Eros also said history is replete with serial killers, including men like Hitler, Stalin and Idi Amin, all who held totalitarian positions of power. And based on Bush's track record, including the illegal Iraqi War, his question about whether Bush falls in this category should at least be considered.


"But can the above lead to a possibility that George W. Bush is a serial killer? writes Eros. "Does Mr. Bush have victims and does he view his victims as sub-human?  The answer to this question has to be yes, in my opinion.


"His victims lie in the graves of Texas death row inmates.  Mr. Bush' s victims have died by the tens of thousands in Iraq, both American's sons and daughters, sent to die for made up reasons, and Iraqi sons, daughters, babies, mothers, fathers, grand fathers and grand mothers, whom Mr. Bush would call collateral damage on his way to get Hussain. 


"Has Mr. Bush ever showed one lick of shame or remorse for his illegal and ill-conceived war and the deaths of so many thousands of people?  Not that I have ever seen and I have researched this paper for nearly a year.


"In truth Mr. Bush does anything he wants (illegal wire taps), and he and his staff have stooped to great deceptions to invade Iraq.  There is a great debate going on, on the Internet to determine if he had information that the Twin Towers were to be attacked prior to 9/11 and let it happen.  Indeed he did.  It was in his daily CIA briefing on July 6, two months before 9/11.  What did Mr. Bush do after this briefing?  He went on vacation.  Did he go so far as to let the bombings happen?


"According to attorney Phil Berg, 'They (Bush et al) made it happen or let it happen. And if they let it happen,  then they made it happen. And they must be held responsible.'"


And Eros reminds people when thinking about Bush remember this statement made by an unknown author: "Hiding inside the crazed confusion of all sociopathic activity exists a methodical mind, which sometimes exhibits ruthlessly."


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