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Jeb's Taliban Hard At Work In Florida Covering-Up Murder, Pushing Drugs And Spreading Climate Of Terror, Says Sarasota Man Who Claims Father's Murder Being Hidden By Gov. Jeb Bush
Steve Esdale has labored every day for three years, trying to get to the bottom of how and why his father, Murray Cohen, died under strange circumstances involving a Bolivian undercover DEA agent now working as a Probation Officer in Florida.
6 Apr 2006

By Greg Szymanski


According to Steve Esdale of Florida, 'Jeb's Taliban' is hard at work in his state covering-up murders, pushing drugs and spreading a general climate of fear and terror, claiming Gov. Jeb Bush is "real the kingpin of crime" and Florida's No. 1 "undercover crime boss."


Esdale has stepped-out on a dangerous limb with these accusations not because he has a political bone to pick with the Bush family or because he is a whacked-out liberal on an anti-Republican campaign. He has stepped out on a limb because he wants to get at the truth behind his father's untimely death.


And he has come to these conclusions after three years of serious investigation and first hand knowledge obtained after trying to get to the bottom of his father, Murray Cohen's, strange death officially listed heart failure.


But Esdale believes otherwise, saying his father was killed with a strong dose of Corazol, a drug made in Bulgaria to induce seizures in rats, given to his 71-year-old father by a Bolivian undercover agent working with the DEA to push drugs to children in Florida.


The story sounds like something out of a mysterious spy novel, but in 21st century America truth really is stranger than fiction, especially when dealing with the likes of Gov. Bush, another master of Illuminati deception placed in a position of power.


After a pain staking search for the truth every day for three long years, Esdale is still unable to pinpoint an exact motive for his father's murder, but claims he "heard something he shouldn't have" related to illegal drug running and/or was killed for his money, as the Bolivian undercover spy now owns his father's Sarasota house and property.


"I hope no one else ever has to go through what my family has been put through for the last 3 years, and what we are having to endure as justice remains unserved," said Esdale recently on Greg Szymanski's radio show, the Investigative Journal. For copies of Esdale's broadcast go to the archives section at both www.rbnlive.com and www.gcnlive.com. "This is one of the worst cases of organized public corruption and obstruction of justice in U.S. history. The government is now allowing the murder of our own citizens."


And Esdale appears to be making these statements after sifting through the cold, hard facts, as he has collected more than enough probable cause evidence that even a first year law student could easily convince a jury his father was killed.


In fact, after looking solely at how the case was covered-up and how Esdale has been stonewalled and harassed by authorities all the way up to the Governor's office, the only way to summarize what has happened is to say "it stinks to high heaven."


"My father died of what law enforcement has ruled a natural death. However, I believe that my father, Murray B. Cohen, was murdered by his wife of just three weeks, Maria Cohen. My belief is based upon a number of things, one of which is a forensic audio analysis of a cassette tape copy of the 911 call made by Maria Cohen on the day of my father's death," said Esdale, adding he learned Maria has strong ties with Bolivian law enforcement and was working as a DEA undercover agent, as well as being given a front-job for the state of Florida in the juvenile division of the court system.


"Maria is much younger than my father and I think he must have heard something he shouldn't have about law enforcement or the Governor's ties to promoting and sponsoring drug dealing. He was only married to her three weeks and from the facts covered-up by authorities, I am firmly convinced she killed him. Why are authorities protecting her? What are they hiding? Why have they tampered with evidence? Why have they filed false police reports? Why has Jeb Bush refused to mount a serious investigation after I made him aware of what was going on? Why after criticizing him for not forcing an investigation, did a swat team come out to my house and intimidate my wife and I? Why are they making me out to be a criminal for wanting to get at the truth and the real criminal now owns my father's house, something he worked hard for all his life?


"Another major and suspicious concern is the bottle of Corazol found at the death scene, a drug made in Bulgaria used to induce seizures in rats and one the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not heard of. "I also had an audio analysis performed by GaideCom, Inc., a Long Island-based firm which also transcribed every word of the 911call, including conversations that took place in the background of the call. It clearly reveals my father was killed and the story Maria told to authorities is a fabricated lie. This alone should be enough to open up a new investigation, but authorities are covering it up.


"The background conversation showed my father was still alive after Maria said he was already dead and it showed how he was very uncooperative with the 911 dispatcher. Nothing added up and that is why I had the call verified by audio experts."


To verify Esdale's statements, one of GaideCom, Inc., owners Susan Gaide, who has over 20 years experience in audio analysis, said there was no doubt in her mind Maria should be considered a suspect in Cohen's murder.


Esdale provided the following detailed analysis of why he thinks his father was murdered:


"Law enforcement ruled my father's death as a "natural death," I can clearly hear him intermittently arguing with his wife throughout the duration of the 911 call,

and you can hear his wife ordering him to "GIVE UP".


"Medications and other substances were found in my father's home, including Corazol - a substance that was taken off the market by the Food and Drug Administration years ago.  In fact, when I called the FDA, they didn't even recognize the name of the substance, nor its chemical name - Pentylenetetrazole.  Corazol, which is manufactured solely in Bulgaria, was found in my father's home in a bottle bearing only a hand-written label.  And, the bottle was empty, an indication that a significant amount of the substance had been taken or had been administered.  Corazol is known to induce heart attacks, respiratory failure and seizures.  And, what did Maria claim was happening to my father when she called 911?  "My husband is having a heart attack," she said. 


"Other "green pills" - which were misidentified as Bufferin - were also found in my father's bedroom, in a bottle with a hand-written label.  I have checked with the manufacturer of Bufferin and they have confirmed that Bufferin is not available in a little green capsule stamped with a number beginning with the letter "Z."  Law enforcement has chosen not to question this, either!


"Maria called 911 and purportedly followed CPR instructions, which, it turns out, she really didn't need - because as a police officer and trained nurse, she already knows CPR!  She begins the 911 call by saying that my father "…is having a heart attack," then just moments later says that he is "not breathing" and "…is totally gone."  Yet, we hear him clearly talking to her in the background each and every time she walks away from the phone to "attend" to him.  At one point, the 911 dispatcher instructs Maria to get my father onto the floor in order to perform CPR.  Maria walks away from the phone, goes into the bedroom and screams at my father, "Lie on the floor!"  He responds with, "Why? ... I can't stand."   Moments later, Maria gets back on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and says, "Okay, I got him on the floor." 


"Towards the end of the call, when she purports to have performed CPR on my father, she walks away from the phone for a mere 6.25 seconds and then gets back on the phone and tells the 911 operator, "Okay, I did."  Medical professionals have confirmed that it would take much longer than 6.25 seconds to administer CPR - even if you are trained in CPR - especially when you have to walk 30 feet to get to the victim!


"During the course of the 911 call, you can clearly hear Maria screaming at father, "Give it up!"  This happens more than once during the five-minute phone call.   And, at one point, you hear my father say to Maria, "You want me dead."   When Maria gets back on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, the 911 dispatcher asks, "Ma'am, what were you doing?"  Maria, in an attempt to confuse the 911 dispatcher, answers, "We were sleeping. We were taking a siesta."


"Steven J. Beninati, First Vice President - Investments for Smith Barney/Citigroup in Manhattan, called my father on January 13, 2003 (the day of Mr. Cohen's death) for a pre-arranged telephone conference with he was supposed to have with my father.  Mr. Beninati's call was made at 5:35pm, which is five minutes past the time at which Maria claims to have found my father dead.  However, Mr. Beninati says that he clearly heard my father and Maria vehemently arguing.   As Mr. Beninati was my father's long-term financial adviser, he is quite familiar with the sound of my father's voice and is certain that it was my father who was arguing with Maria.


"Maria was awarded my father's entire estate, despite the existence of a prenuptial agreement (the existence of which she was untruthful about in documents submitted to the court and in videotaped depositions) and despite the fact that she has never produced a copy of a valid marriage license purportedly obtained in her native Bolivia, where she and my father got married and honeymooned in December 2002.  According to my father's prenuptial, the bulk of the estate was to go to my 13-year old son, Ryan Esdale.


"No autopsy was ordered, despite the fact that my father technically died "unattended," and despite the fact that questionable substances were found in his home. 


"Maria's account of that day's events has changed numerous times.  Her first story was that she and my father fell asleep on the bed at 4:30pm and that she was awakened at 5:30pm by a phone call, which caused her to find my father dead next to her in bed.  Later on, she recanted that story and said that she and my father had been working in the yard for hours and that my father said he felt tired.  In this version of the story, she claims that she told my father to sit in the recliner and watch television, and she would make him a cup of coffee.  When she returned to the chair, she purportedly found him slumped over, dead in the chair.  Yet, when paramedics arrived, they found my father on the bedroom floor, wedged between the bed and the wall - a space of no more than three feet!  If he died slumped over in the chair, how did this petite woman get my 225 lb. father into the bedroom and onto the floor in the position in which he was found?


"When paramedics arrived on the scene, Maria shouted to them, "Come in!"  (This can be clearly heard in the recording of the 911 call.)  I don't know of too many people who lie down to take a nap with their front door open.  I know my father would not have done something like that.  The front door was open because my father had just come in from outside when the arguing between him and Maria erupted (hence, Mr. Beninnati's "ear witness" account of a domestic dispute in progress when he called my father that day and Tracy Weeks' eye witness account of my father having been at his mailbox at the time Maria claims that he was already dead)."


In his three-year investigation, Esdale has compiled a list of people involved in the murder and subsequent cover-up, saying the following parties are most likely guilty of one or more offenses, including murder, altering evidence, perjury, obstruction of justice, altering witness statements, witness tampering, falsifying police reports:


Sarasota Sheriff's Office (SSO): 


Sheriff William F. ("Bullwinkle") Balkwill

Major Kevin Gooding

Captain Jeffrey Bell

Detective Chris Hallisey

Detective David Scott

Sergeant Richards

Deputy Mark Eve

Detective Kim NorthfieldGabrielle Taylor, Esq. (Former General Counsel, SSO)


Ann Barrett, 911 Dispatcher

Ann Pingel, 911 Call Center Supervisor


Sarasota County:


Dr. Russell Vega, Sarasota County Medical Examiner

Megan Simerak, Investigator, Sarasota County Medical Examiner's Office

David Winter Halter, Investigator, Sarasota County Medical Examiner's Office




Chris Siemers

John Stevens

Ed De Balasco

Steven Emerson

Andrew Rose

Mike O'Connell

Guy Tunnell, Commissioner

Richard Lober, Chief Inspector

David Perez




Agent Lynn Billings (Sarasota FBI)

Agent Cory Nelson (Fort Myers FBI)

Agent Tracy Carbonaro (Miami FBI)

Agent Nakasoni (Quantico Bay FBI)

Agent Lancer (Quantico Bay FBI)


The Sarasota Courts and Lawyers:


Judge Nancy Donnellan

Judge Rick DeFuria

Steven Chase, Esq. (Maria's attorney)

Abel & Band, Attorneys at Law (Steven Chase's law firm)


The Governor's Office:


Governor Jeb Bush

Victoria Brennan, General Counsel, Governor's Office



State Attorney's Office:


Earl Moreland, State Attorney

Dennis Nalis, Assistant State Attorney


 Specifically regarding Gov. Bush and his unwillingness to get to the bottom of Esdale's claims, he added:


"Governor Bush has been provided proof that his Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has falsified information in order to protect both my father's killer and members of SSO who have been involved in the cover up, including his Republican ally Sheriff Balkwill,"


"Governor Jeb Bush has proven that he does not value life or families-unless it satisfies his political agenda or helps his friend's families or his own. My story is proof. Governor Bush told my family that he cannot get involved in our case because the Florida Statutes don't allow him to.


"Recently, in North Florida, the murder of a 14 year old young man was captured on video. Governor Bush had no choice but to do the right thing in that case. But why has he not intervened in my father's case?


"Why has he not looked into why my father was poisoned with a banned substance called Corazol by his wife of three weeks almost half his age. The killer is a Juvenile Probation Officer for Sarasota County and an employee of the State of Florida. Why hasn't he looked into the fact the Sarasota Sheriff's Department and FDLE altered the recording  to protect my father's killer and enable Governor Bush  to protect his political allies who are involved in this obstruction of justice and murder cover up."


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Greg Szymanski

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