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Buffalo NY Man Learns of 'Daddy' Bush's Ties With Illegal Virgin Islands Drug Smuggling While Finding Out His Family Deeply Connected To Illuminati
Once learning one side of his family had connections with the evil Illuminati through a company called Gibraltar Industries, Kent goes on a soul-searching quest for the truth.
7 Feb 2006

By Greg Szymanski


The darkness and evil surrounding the Illuminati knows no boundaries or limits.


With the cut of a knife or the stroke of a crooked accountant's pen, these purveyors of destruction won't be content until every last soul on earth is either wiped out or safely put to rest under their power.


In cult terms, these people are demons dressed in black with murder and mayhem the order of the day. In reality, they are cowards dressed in suits with business, government and entertainment their working tools.


"Their goal is to destroy America. The freemasons and Illuminati are everywhere and deeply imbedded in the fabric of the American society," said best selling author Texe Marrs.


But for Kent of Buffalo, NY "everywhere" like Marrs talks about, means right in his own back yard, since one side of his family have been involved for years with high-level members of the cult.


"The Bush family, including George H and W would make unofficial, unannounced visits to my cousin's house in Buffalo," said Kent, limiting reprisals and harassment by only using his first name, but adding he was left out of the corrupt Illuminati circle, although he would not have joined anyway, due to his hemophiliac condition.


"I had a graphics business that was pretty successful and I was called to my cousin's house and told it was a high-level Illuminati meeting. They were interested in my talents but I was also told due to my disability I could never be a part of it."


Born to a royal Polish family, Kent said the realization of his cousin's Illuminati connections lead him on a soul searching and truth searching quest, a search that finally went public on an internet sight about a year ago.


"Once I did that, I had to break off all meetings with my family," said Kent, who recently appeared on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. "I also learned some pretty damaging things about how these guys do business and how my cousin's company grew, Gibraltar Steel, grew by leaps and bounds over the years due to his Illuminati connections.


"I first became aware of the power these people had when I worked for Jack Kemp in 1987 when he was looking to run for President. I was told that it was useless to back Kemp because the decision had already been made that George H. Bush was going to be the next President and that his son would one day become President too."


After learning the truth behind his family's connections and the truth behind America's corrupted political system, Kent searched deeper and deeper until learning of George H. Bush's connections as a kingpin drug lord connected with a Virgin Islands illegal drug ring.


"I had to go public and feel it necessary to alert America how deeply the Illuminati have infiltrated our country," said Kent. "I just couldn't take it anymore after watching how these men like to think of themselves as business geniuses but at the same time never talk about the no bid contracts through their Illuminati connections and how everything is handed to them on a silver platter."


Armed with a portion of the truth, he turned from graphics to writing and now has tried to spread the inside knowledge of the inner workings of the Illuminati on his web site www.kentroversypapers.com as well as turning himself into what he calls a "research journalist."


Feeling the need to take his story one step closer to the public, he recently appeared on radio, telling it for all the world to hear, telling a story about he grew up right in the back yard of the feared Illuminati business and entertainment playground.


 Here is a portion of what he said:


"First of all, I was born with Hemophilia --- this is a bleeders disease that came into existence because of the in-breeding of the global elite. The first case of this disease was in Queen Victoria's family in the mid 1800's. While the other side of my family got the money --- I got the health problems. Because of my having Hemophilia, I eventually was infected with HIV. In the late 1960's my father's brother did a family tree on our family, which proved that we come from the Polish royal military of the 1800's.


"Secondly, my favorite uncle was a local television star --- and was quite wealthy. He was a Shriner and was a 33rd degree freemason. He worked for the local ABC affiliate, where he worked on two morning shows between 1962 and 1978, when these two shows were cancelled to make way for Good Morning America.


"These two shows were Rocket Ship 7 and Dialing For Dollars --- and my Uncle John Banaszak was Promo the Robot on Rocket Ship 7 --- and was Johnny of  Johnny and Jimmy on Dialing For Dollars.


"My uncle was also in a famous Polka band, The New Yorkers --- which is in the Polka Hall of Fame. His Dialing For Dollars partner. Jimmy Grzankowski, was also in the New Yorkers polka band.


"When I graduated high school in 1981 I began working on the reelection campaign of my then-Congressmen Jack Kemp--- who was a former Buffalo Bills quarterback in the 1960's. I worked on Kemp's campaigns for several years --- and was very excited in 1988, when it looked like he was going to run for President.


"In 1986, a year after my Uncle died, his daughter Debbie married a man who has deep connections to the Bush Crime Family. This man was the head of a steel company Gibraltar Steel --- when Bethlehem Steel was going out of business --- Gibraltar Steel was experiencing wild sales growth.


"At the time, I had started a commercial printing business --- Graphitech --- and because I have Hemophilia --- it was considered a minority business. I went to my cousins and tried to do business with them --- and for their trouble they would get a minority-owned business enterprise as a vendor. I was put through 13 separate meetings --- and never got one dollar of business from a member of my own family.


"In late 1987, when Jack Kemp was looking like he was going to run for President --- I was at my cousin's million-dollar mansion when I was told the following:


"Oh, haven't you heard? We are no longer supporting Jack Kemp, we are going with George Bush. He is going to be our next President. And his son George W. Bush will also become President, after one Democrat fills the office in between both Bush and his son."


"I could not believe what I was hearing. How could they be So sure about this?


"So, the bottom line is I began to do research on this --- and I found out that these people who were now members of my family were Illuminati.


"My cousin and her new husband got married in a place in Buffalo called The Saturn Club --- this place is loaded with Illuminati symbolism --- and is a clubhouse for Ordo Saturnas. However, the website for this club claims that this place got its' name because the founders used to meet on Saturday nights. This is ridiculous, and completely untrue.


"Gibraltar Steel is now Gibraltar Industries and they control 22 separate companies. They brag that most of what you find in Home Depot that is made of metal and steel comes from their companies.


"In June 2005, I had finally had enough of the Illuminati --- and I started a blog site called The Kentroversy Papers. I started with no notice, no advertising, and no links exchanged. I have just passed 21,000 hits --- and I have been averaging 100 hits per day. Most other blog sites get 100 hits in several months --- and now I am ready to take my story to the next level."


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Greg Szymanski

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