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Freedom Fighter Slats Grobnik Has Military Bug Bush's Secret White House Room, Jesuit. General's Headquarters In Rome And Other Suspected Places of Foreign And Domestic Terrorism.

Using military defectors and the authority vested in the Patriot Act,
wiretaps and bugs are placed at strategic places in order to flush out
the Vatican-led New World Order.

By Greg Szymanski
Jan. 8, 2008

Freedom fighter Slats Grobnik sent a secret note to the Arctic Beacon,
relaying important information in his Don Quixote quest to expose the
real terrorists in the Vatican-led New World Order.

"Yes, I know the fictional character Don Quixote, written about in the
1500s, was really supposed to be Ignatius Loyola, the first Black
Pope," said Slats. "He is one of the three figures, including the Pope
and the Messiah of Freemasonry, who Skull and Bones initiates still
honor by kissing their feet in their secret ceremonies.

"By saying I'm on a Don Quixote mission I'm just sticking it to them,
letting them I know what they know. I'm just telling Kolvenbach and his
'Men in Black' there are no more secrets, boys, and I am going to let
the American people know about your dirty New World Order plot if it is the
last thing I do."

For those true patriots or quasi-patriots scrambling around like
chickens with their heads cut off, wondering what to do as fascism grows
in America, Slats has been telling them for years but nobody appears to
be listening.

"First, you have to expose the Vatican-led New World Order, name by
name," said Slats, who is starting his third year on his freedom quest
after leaving his Chicago home and now finding himself holed up in a
Kansas farm where he is busy building a replica of the Roman Coliseum in
order to bring the real Illuminati, controlled by the Jesuit Order, to
fight as gladiators in front of the American people.

"If you don't knock down the foundation, the evil house the Vatican has
built around the world will never fall. Remember, the Bible even says
the Second Beast will worship the First Beast so figure it out. The
original Protestant reformers knew the First Beast was the Vatican and
the Second Beast all its worldly leaders.

"Why don't Protestants know that now? They don't know because all
religions and major governments of the world are secretly working with
the Beast and its called the Vatican-led New World Order. Religious
leaders have compromised away their flocks just like political leaders
have sold out their people. They are all working together and one
outward sign is the Pope's Crusade in the Middle East. Bush even called
it a Crusade so what more do you need to know in order to connect the
Vatican dots?"

Regarding Slats secret note to the Arctic Beacon, here it is:

"Working together with several military intelligence experts who know
the truth about the Vatican-led New World Order, we are using the
Patriot Act and the new Violent Radicalization Homeland Security
Domestic Terrorist Act, which passed through the House and will pass
through the Senate soon, to secure warrants from a friendly anonymous
Constitutional Judge in order to wiretap the real terrorists who are
traitors working on American soil and abroad.

"Thus far we have successfully bugged and phone tapped the headquarters
of the Jesuit Gen. Black Pope, Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, at Borgo Santo
Spirito 5 in Rome. Other bugs successfully mounted with a a small
undetectable chip have been placed in the homes of George H. Bush, Wm
Jefferson Clinton, Ron Paul, Tim Russert and Alex Jones. We have also
placed a bug in the secret anterior room in the White House where Bush
meets with his New World Order associates as well as placing a bug in
the Catacombs of the Vatican where Black Masses and child sacrificing
goes on, some ceremonies led by Ratzinger himself.

"These bugs have been sanctioned under the Patriot Act based not only on
suspicion but on probable cause that the abovementioned parties are
complicit in the Vatican-led New World Order and are traitors who need
to be deported from American shores by use of the little known Logan

"Needless to say these bugs should provide solid evidence that the
abovementioned parties are the actual terrorists, as well as many of
their inside associates who will be named later, who are responsible for
the bringing down of the Republic of the United States. We thank them
for passing the laws necessary to bring these deceptive New world
figures to justice.

"Furthermore, our first taped piece of evidence came through early this
morning from Kolvenbach, who starts his day at 3am. Although only a
short message, at least we now know who his top superior really is as
his morning prayers appear to be made to his "god of this world

"Here is the short and sweet taped words of Kolvenbach:

Kolvenbach, apparently kneeling at his bed at 3am: "In the name of all
those who will die in the future and all those heretics who have died in
the past, I profess to you my Lord of this world, Satan, that we will
continue to kill all heretics in your bloody name for the betterment of
a New World Order.

"I have loyally followed in the footsteps of all my Jesuit Gen.
followers, including our master Loyola, and let us hope the next Jesuit
Gen. is as good at planning the infiltration and destruction of America
as I have been. The wars are going well, as you know, and Bush has been
your loyal servant, still able to hoodwink most of the American people.

"We do have some pesky flies on the wall in the States, who know the
truth about our deceptive infiltration of church and government, but I am
sure the strong hand of Satan will come down hard on them in the near

"Our media friends in the press and on the internet have been quite
helpful in diverting attention and giving us the time to work out our
New world Order plans. And they should be rewarded with much gold and

"I must go now, my lord of this world, for there is much war planning
that must be done in my final days as your humble servant and Black

In closing, Slats note to the Arctic Beacon assured readers more
information will be relayed hot off the Patriot Act wires as soon as it
comes since we should all be interested in finding out who are the real
terrorists who have infiltrated the great USA.