November 2006 Szmanski Investigative Journal GCN mp3 Archive

Greg Szymanski

Thursday, November 30, 2006: (MP3: Hr1- Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest Noreen Gosch, who talked about how her son, Johnny, was kidnapped in 1982 by a pedophile ring which is being covered up by state and federal officials to protect powerful people with White House connections. In the second hour, Greg spoke with Patricia Johnson-Holm, whose son, David, was also a kidnap victim in 1985.
Wednesday, November 29, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )

Tuesday, November 28, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guests: Eric Jon Phelps and Leo Zagami
In the first hour, Greg spoke with Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins III. Phelps was joined by Italian Leo Zagami, a former Illuminati insider who was a 33 degree member of the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge. Don't miss this interview.
Monday, November 27, 2006: (MP3: Hr1- Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami former P2 Masonic Lodge Member. Leo's website: Illuminati Confessions

November 24, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg interviewed on he day after Thanksgiving two sellers of products which can help you live a healthier life. In the first hour, Lucretia Smith told everyone how glyco nutrients can prevent disease and bolster the immune system. In the second hour, Ted Trikilis, chairman of the board of the Aran Co. told listeners why his air purifier, the Aranizer, is more than air filter and a vital product in killing unwanted bacteria in the air. Don't miss these interviews if you are looking to improve the quality of your life.
Thursday, November 23, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )

Wednesday, November 22, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg interviewed Sheila Epstein, who documented her incredible story about being a targeted individual for many years. Sheila also has collected strong evidence linking her attacks to the use of illegal and unauthorized microwave weaponry. Don't miss this interview.
Tuesday, November 21, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Terry Lee tells eveyone how to become a free man and not a corporate slave citizen. Two hours with jam-packed information needed to break the bonds of slavery of the corrupt federal/corporate system. Also, learn how to protect your property once you opt out of the system by forming a perfectly legal and constitutional spiritual society. Don't miss this interview and don't forget to get Terry Lee's informative CD located on the front page of the Arctic Beacon. Look for the colorful yellow banner.
Monday, November 20, 2007: (MP3: Hr1- Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami former P2 Masonic Lodge Member. Leo's website: Illuminati Confessions

This groundbreaking interview, Part III, exposes the real devious and diabolical activities of the Illuminati, using Freemasonry, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, the Vatican and other secret societies to do its dirty work. Leo Zagami, a Sicilian aristocrat who was a 33rd degree Mason and affiliated with the P2 Lodge of Monte Carlo, broke ties with the Illuminati in June and now is going public with inside information never before told. You will be shocked when you here Zagami name high level names and places, connecting Satanism to members of the U.S. government, the Vatican and Jesuits. Zagami also told listeners how the Jesuits are the "mind" behind the New World Order and how the puppets of the American government are selling out their country, giving complete loyalty to Rome. Don't miss this interview!

Friday, November 17, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
In the first hour, Greg interviewed Pastor Mark Weldon, Part II, about his new book "Communion: The Bloodfest of Babylon." Pastor Weldon warned listeners of how pagan symbols and rituals have infested Christianity and how the Vatican is involved. In the second hour, Greg interviewed Patricia Johnson-Holm, Part II, who revealed her son was kidnapped at the age of 12 in what has come to be known as the Bush pedophile ring.
Thursday, November 16, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
In the first hour, Greg talked with author C.T. Wilcox, who wrote the book The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln "Transformation" is a 375 page expose of Vatican and Jesuit intrigues and interference into the political structure of the United States and Europe. It contains shocking revelations and fully authenticated documentation, much of it hidden for almost 100 years, to support the conclusion that the United States has been transformed from a beacon of light and hope into an empire with beast-like tendencies and that the world is headed for a Vatican led and instigated cataclysm while it sleepwalks towards the edge. The people of the United States have been robbed of their own history. This is the worst kind of theft. Who REALLY murdered Abraham Lincoln and several other presidents? Did John Wilkes Booth act alone or was he simply one of a crew of specially hired hit men who were chosen to further the aims of wicked men and desperate politicians dressed in religious costumes? What were the motivating factors of the U.S. Civil War; slavery, states' rights or something altogether different? Why did Professor Samuel F.B. Morse go to Italy and what did he uncover? How were the European monarchies involved in the U.S. Civil War? Who stood to gain and who stood to lose? Is the United States fast becoming a 21st Century version of Nazi Germany? If so, why and how did this occur? Is the U.S. Bill of Rights and its Constitution at serious risk of being flushed down the toilet or is it already a dead letter? What does Vatican interference in the global political realm mean for the world today? Why did President G.W. Bush visit the Vatican 3 times in his first administration? What about Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Laura Bush? Why are concentration camps being built in virtually every state west of the Mississippi? What's up with the immigration crisis?

In the second hour, Greg spoke with John Daniels, author of The Grand Design Exposed, enlightening listeners about Vatican corruption and its connection to the New World Order. Vatican Design: EXPOSED ! is dedicated to show by that same highest authority — the Holy Word of GOD — prophecy given in only five chapters of the Holy Bible by GOD, the blueprint given to mankind of all the world empires that would rise up and fall upon the earth, from after the flood until the very end of time. To give credibility to HIS Holy Word, and so mankind would not grope in utter darkness, GOD gave this profound revelation 2500 years ago. Search the world over, and see if you can produce another book capable of performing such a miracle. And to speak of the end of time, is a concept that originated with the Word of GOD. For Godless people neither know about, nor do they want to know about, the time when it will be no more. Vatican Design: EXPOSED! is dedicated to make those five prophecy chapters of GOD's Holy Word so perfectly clear and so simple that even a child could understand them if there is an honest interest and a love for the truth. So what you are about to study, is profoundly the truth and can not be interpreted truthfully in any other way, in spite of false teachers and deceivers who will say otherwise. But for sheer necessity, study for yourself, to prove all things and be approved unto GOD.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg interviewed Charles Hall about his incredible story about encountering the Tall Whites, a group of alien beings who have been visiting for hundreds of years. Don't miss this interview as Hall takes listeners on an incredible journey, He has also written three books under the title of Millennial Hospitality and as Hall says on his web site "it is not like any other book you may have read about aliens. You will find out many new things such as the answer to the question, "Where do the children of aliens play?" This book is about friendship, romance, and terror and is based on the true-life experiences of the author, who claims he is not an alien. "It's a paradigm shift is when you see the world one way, then new information comes in and you begin to see the world in a whole new way. The process the mind goes through during a paradigm shift is, to many, fascinating. At first, there is often a tremendous effort to not acknowledge the new information in order to hold stable one's existing (and, at least familiar if not comfortable) world view. As the new information persists, however, the (typical, healthy) mind makes adjustments, allowing a bit in here and there, reorganizing, editing, changing, and restructuring the old information in light of the new. Finally the new information is integrated into one's world view and viola!–—you have undergone a paradigm shift.

"Millennial Hospitality is many things, including the story of a paradigm shift. Presented as fiction, it is in fact based on the experiences of Charles James Hall during his military service in the 1960s. The story's main character is Airman 2nd Class Charles Baker, a bright and dedicated soldier, whose job it was to send up weather balloons, take readings, and report them to the base. The weather station was in the desert. While there, in the course of performing his duties (which included taking weather readings in the early hours of the morning), Airman Baker saw and eventually became fairly well acquainted with a race of extraterrestrial beings he calls the "Tall Whites." "The Tall Whites are, as the name implies, tall with skin so white as to be akin to paper. They are thin and somewhat fragile beings compared to humans. They are the possessors of advanced technology which they use to protect themselves. According to Hall, they have agreed to share some of this technology with the "American Generals" in exchange for being able to maintain their base in the Nevada desert. Apparently this base is used as a way-station for their people, allowing them to rest and retool during long trips through space. "When Airman Baker first sees the Tall Whites, he finds explanations for them that fit within his existing world view—they are "white patches," hallucinations. Even after rescuing a small alien girl who was trapped and unable to get out of some sagebrush, he still told himself that she wasn't real and that it had probably been his imagination. After a number of experiences with the Tall Whites, he eventually came to accept their reality and interacted directly with some of them.
Tuesday, November 14, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg interviewed Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, explaining to listeners how the Knights of Malta act as an evil arm of the papacy and how they control the Federal Reserve Bank as well as American foreign and domestic policy. Phelps again called for the removal of the Jesuit Order from American soil in order to retain or sovereignty.
Monday, November 13, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg was visited by John Peeler, a former hit man with the FBI, who talked about the evilness behind William Jefferson Bly, aka, William Jefferson Clinton, as he worked close to him in Arkansas. Peeler also told about how the government sponsors terrorism at home and abroad, using the FBI and CIA.
Friday, November 10, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
In the first hour, Greg interviewed Pastor Mark Weldon about his new book "Communioin: The Bloodfest of Babylon." Pastor Weldon warned listeners of how pagan symbols and rituals have infested Christianity and how the Vatican is involved. In the second hour, Greg interviewed Patricia Johnson-Holm, who revealed her son was kidnapped at the age of 12 in what has come to be known as the Bush pedophile ring.
Thursday, November 9, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg's guest was John Buchanan, investigative journalist who broke the Bush family connection to the Nazi regime with documents uncovered from the National Archives and the Congressional Record in 2003. Buchanan also ran for President in the 2004 New Hampshire Primary, but then was the victim of Bush-like Nazi tactics, being harassed by the CIA and then being charged with 14 bogus felony stalking charges. If you think we don't live under fascism now, listen to this interview.
Wednesday, November 8, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg returned to one of his favorite subjects, the microwaving and frying of Americans. As the country is pacified into extinction, Greg still takes the unpopular stand that Americans are being tortured by their own government by the use of sophisticated electronic weaponry. Listen to the next two hours if you want to get up to speed about how Americans are being being targeted. As Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart continue laughing all the way to the bank with all their millions what if both of you were being fried? Would your smiles disappear like the smiles on the guests of today's Investigative Journal, Denise Hixenbaugh and Ramona Lopez, did? I am sure idiots like Stewart and Mahr don't care but listeners of the Investigative Journal do. And that is what separates us from them. Don't miss these two interviews.
Tuesday, November 7, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Thomas Richards
Greg interviewed Thomas Richards, a former Roman Catholic who is warning Americans about the evil Vatican and Jesuit hierarchy trying to destroy America. Go to Richards' web site at for more of his research.
Hour 2 Guest:
Monday, November 6, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Rachel Lea Hunter in the first half hour then interviewed
Hour 2 Guest:
In the first half hour, Greg interviewed outspoken North Carolina Supreme Court Justice candidate, Rachel Lea Hunter, who is trying to expose massive judicial neo con corruption in her state. Next, Greg Spoke with former high level Illuminati figure, Leo Zagami, formerly of the Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge. Leo is exposing New World Order corruption, emanating from the Vatican and Jesuit Order.
Friday, November 3, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Anthony Hilder
In the first hour, Greg interviewed filmmaker and activist, Anthony Hilder, who talked about his new mini-video entitled GOP: "Grand Ol' Pedophiles".
Hour 2 Guest: Kay Griggs
In the second hour, Greg was visited by Kay Griggs for part two of her interview about how she survived living with a military hit man.
Thursday, November 2, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Debbie Pitts
In the first hour, Greg was joined by Debbie Pitts, telling about being a victim of a Satanic cult protected by high law enforcement and government officials in Butler County Missouri. From the time Debbie was a child, she was beaten, tortured, abused and even put in a straight jacket. According to Pitts, she was thrust against her will into a dark and deeply sinister Satanic cult, a cult protected by state of Missouri and federal authorities. And if it wasn't for the grace of God, Pitts, 51, says she wouldn't be here today to tell her incredible story, a sick and devious story illustrating how the forces of evil really work.
Hour 2 Guest: Walt WIlliams
In the second hour, Greg was joined by Walt WIlliams, who discussed his intensive research work about how the Jesuits and the Vatican are the spiritual controllers behind the NWO.
Wednesday, November 1, 2006: (MP3: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Steve Esdale detailed the Florida authorities, including Gov. Jeb Bush, are covering up his father's murder. During this 3rd interview on Investigative Journal Steve discusses the apparent murder and coverup. Corruption from Florida to New Jersey is revealed.