The Investigative Journal Back On Air At First Amendment Radio

Greg is back on the air at First Amendment Radio, and Liberty Radio Live every Monday-Friday from 6pm-7pm Pacific Time. also he is on several Am stations in Florida  and Alabama. He is also again soon starting up his 24/7 talk radio station, Max Truth … Read more →

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Hidden Agenda Of Founding Fathers

By Greg Szymanski Americans like their history lessons straight forward in black and white, easy to read. We like clear-cut heroes and villains. We like simple explanations based on fairy tale research with Hollywood endings. America is good, freedom reigns and let the flag fly … Read more →

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Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci’s Sordid Background

Don’t Believe The Fairy Tales You Read In History Books Founders in pocket of Jesuits from the outset By Greg Szymanski In my last article I mentioned former Jesuit General, Lorenzo Ricci, orchestrated the American Revolution and was the brains behind the formation of this … Read more →

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Jesuits/Vatican Controlled Our Founding “Hidden Agenda” Fathers

George Washington Converts to Catholicism Founders Were Just  Lay Priests Loyal To the Pope By Greg Szymanski Every time I say the Vatican and Jesuit Order are the kingpins of the Illuminati and New World Order Americans can’t stomach it or even try to digest … Read more →

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By Greg Szymanski I have written countless articles about the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s involvement in capitalizing financially on genocide. Their involvement goes much deeper. And there is more than credible evidence that this group of high flying,  money laundering priests actually fomented and participated … Read more →

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Jesuits Rule; How Sad But True

By Greg Szymanski The Jesuit Order always seems to get its way. From the days of Loyola to the present it never changes. Hidden control, masterful religious and political propaganda all wrapped up in a nice, neat package of unity through Christian values. However, sad, … Read more →

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Hello Again on The Fourth of July

By Greg Szymanski The last time I left the world, before departing on a long but too short hike into the wilderness, it looked pretty bad. It looks worse now. More tattoos on girls, especially in erotic places, and, well, why should I make love … Read more →

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Vosca: Voice of the Southern Cameroons

Vosca: Voice of the Southern Cameroons This radio show airs live every Thursday night on Max Truth Radio at Click below to listen to Thursday night’s show on Max Truth. 20130211

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Investigative Journal Live Radio Dec 30 2012

Leo Zagami, Illuminati Insider, Wants Vatican and NWO Defeated Seeks to Run For Political Office In Italy In the first hour Greg interviews Leo about his attempt to run for political office in Italy. He says Italy is falling prey to the NWO and Vatican … Read more →

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Investigative Journal Radio Live Dec 23 2012

Stop Gang Stalking and Electronic Weaponry Used On Innocent Citizens In the first hour Greg talks with Tim Leedom, author of  a book titled The Book No Pope Wants To Read. Don’t miss this hour if you are interested in knowing how the Vatican and … Read more →

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