Remember The Alamo (Ministry)

Greg looks at the plight of the Alamo Ministry ad how it shows the Vatican’s intentions to silence anyone who speaks the truth about it. Click below for the entire show GREG.MON

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Let’s Sue NASA For Fraud

Greg says why not have a civil trial showing NASA and the spinning globe are a fraud to get back billions taken on intentionally manufactured false science. Listen to the entire show below GREG.FRI

nasa lies nasa lies

NASA Makes False Science A Pagan Religion

The NASA symbol is a snake’s tongue piercing the flat earth, and encompassed by their unproven globe belief. Greg shows why he doesn’t believe a word the Vatican, NASA, Hollywood and the US government says. Click below to listen to the entire show: GREG.THU   … Read more →

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The Age of ‘Global’ Deception

How far will you go in believing the Vatican-led NWO propaganda? Greg explores this question in relationship to the significance of September 23 2015 as well as the techniques used to create a one world religion  government. Click below to listen to the entire Investigative … Read more →

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Michael Adams Interviews Greg Anthony

Listen to the entire two hour interview where Greg and Michael share thoughts about subjects taboo to the Vatican-led NWO TalkShoe – Audio TalkShoe – Audio A conversation with Greg Anthony

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NASA Wins Oscar For Best Computer Graphics; Astronauts Win Best Actor Awards
nasa lies

We are always looking for entertaining You Tubes that tear down the Vatican-led NWO lies. These two below fit the bill and deal with characters playing what amounts to be a theatrical role for the NWO’s false flag events and NASA’s false science. These two are well edited and by TET … Read more →

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Project Blue Beam and 9/23/15

This is Part 4 of a look at how September 23 2015 has occult significance. This show features how Project Blue Beam is a part of this elaborate hoax. Click below to listen to the entire show GREG.TUE

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Occult and Vatican-led NWO Significance of 9/23/15

Referring to the featured picture, does this really mean Stand up to Cancer or an occult message  S for Sept., Going up somewhere and 2C meaning 23rd, the C standing for three. This is Part III in a series explaining the significance of Sept. 23. … Read more →

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Satellites Are Science Fiction

Satellites are purely science-fiction. All supposed images of satellites in orbit show fake CGI “satellites” orbiting a fake CGI “ball-Earth.” First conceived by Freemason science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1945, they claim satellites became science-fact soon after. This is impossible for many reasons outlined … Read more →

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September 23, 2015, Part II: Occult Significance
nine 23

Greg presents Part II of the importance of the date September 23, 2015 to the Vatican-led NWO. Click below for the entire show GREG.WED

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