Happy Pagan Valentine’s Day 20170214

Before you send out any cards, flowers, candy or big Vermont Teddy Bears, consider the pagan, perverted origins of Valentine’s Day. Also consider what the Bible says about it. Greg also talks about the evacuation of 200,000 people near the Oroville Dam in California, which … Read more →

FBI Told to Assassinate Tony Alamo 20170213

In the second half of the show, Greg shows why FBI undercover agents to assassinate Christian Pastor Tony Alamo who has been framed and imprisoned for 175 years for anti Vatican/Jesuit views. In the first part of the show, Greg shows how the Pope and … Read more →

Trump Bannon Connection to Vatican Cardinal Burke 20170210

Greg looks at Trump connection to Vatican as well as discussing why World War III is not far away using Steve Bannon’s statements as some evidence. Greg also looks at fake news and 10 Jesuit secrets nd facts forgotten by most Americans. Greg Anthony, http://ArcticBeacon.com, … Read more →


Greg discusses 10 Hidden Facts of the despicable Jesuits. He also recounts how he went NAZI hunting at a secret US submarine base at Lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho and a deathbed confession of Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s bodyguard, revealing what may be the true … Read more →

Jesuits, Vatican Behind Framing Alamo

Published on Feb 8, 2017 Greg interviews Bert Krantz about the persecution for 40 years of a Christian Ministry. Greg also give a 5 minute history lesson about Jesuit intrigue in Iraq. Don’t miss this show to see why Tony Alamo and his Christian Ministry … Read more →

Zagami:Trump Has Spy in Vatican 20170207

Published on Feb 7, 2017 Greg interviews Leo Zagami in Rome about how Pope Francis is on a path to a One World Religion. Leo says the devil is stronger than ever within the Vatican and the people of Italy and conservative Cardinals are spreading … Read more →

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Release Alamo, Travesty of Justice 20170206

Published on Feb 6, 2017 Christians are being persecuted all over the world, including here in the US. It seems the Jesuits and the governmental minions, especially on the Left, want to protect Muslims and forget about Christians. The real reason: Muslim takeover from within, … Read more →

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World War III Within 5 years 20170203

Published on Feb 3, 2017 Greg ends the week with a rapid fire show, wrapping up his discussion on the Jesuit connection and creation of ISIS, the past implications of Jesuit Priest Fr Edmund Walsh and his connections to Stalin. He also sees World War … Read more →

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ISIS 9/11 All Jesuit Terror 20170201

Greg takes a look back at 9/11, how the Jesuits/CIA/Mossad orchestrated the war on terror. He also examines ISIS, its roots, funding and how Jesuit Priest Fr. Paolo Dal Oglio should be called the real father of ISIS Greg Anthony, http://ArcticBeacon.com, gregbeacon@gmail.com Click here for … Read more →

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Jesuits, Rivers of Blood Gladio ISIS 20170131

Greg talks about the Vatican/Jesuits killing of Lincoln, his warning about rivers of blood caused by the Jesuits, the building of Trump’s Wall and how Drugs, through the continuance of Gladio, really flow into this country nd who is behind it. Click below for the … Read more →

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