America: A Warring Nation

Greg does his annual Memorial Day Show, showing the only thing America is good for is war. Click below for the entire show: GREG.MON

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Remember Lt. Col Dan Marvin On Memorial Day 2015

  May The Truth Be Told About Vietnam This Was Lt. Col. Marvin’s Wish By Greg Anthony Americans like their history in black and white, no hidden agendas or conspiracies of power. Memorial Day is a good example. The flag, apple pie, parties on the … Read more →

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The Pope’s Secrets

Greg takes a look at The Pope’s Secrets. For the entire radio show click below GREG.FRI

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Alamo Church Member Speaks Out, Part II

Greg continues his discussion with Bert Krantz of the Alamo Ministry, highlighting the way the Vatican-led NWO operates. Click below to listen to the entire show GREG.THU  

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Alamo Church Member Speaks Out

Greg interviews Bert Krantz, a member of the Alamo Ministry for 43 years. He explains why the Vatican-led NWO has targeted this Christian group. Click below for the entire show GREG.WED

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JKF’s Fatal Mistake From the Words of Tony Alamo

Greg’s shows how all roads lead to Rome and includes JFK’s fatal mistake, centering his attention on the words of Tony Alamo. Click below to listen to the entire show GREG.TUE

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The Vatican/Jesuit Final Takeover of USA

Greg looks at the United States and the Jesuit/Vatican takeover Click below to listen to the entire show: GREG.MON

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Don’t Vaccinate
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Before vaccinating your children or even your dog, read these articles (NaturalNews) Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two … Read more →

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Are You Sure The Earth Is Round

How far do the Vatican-led NWO and NASA deceptions really go? 9/11, the moon landing and the war on terror are major deceptions. But does it go even farther? Greg explores this question in this first of  two part series entitled: Are You Sure The … Read more →

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Let’s Pinpoint The AntiChrist

Greg pulls out the Bible to pinpoint and nab the identity of the antichrist. He also takes a look at the first Jesuit Pope and his role in what has been called Argentina’s Dirty War. Click below to listen to the entire show GREG.WED

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