Closer Look At German Wings Crash: Who Knows What To Believe

Germanwings Crash: Data Proves It’s Not What They’re Telling Us by Starship Earth: The Big Picture Boeing Airbus A320 cockpit door keypad The great minds are pooling their intel, insider information from the aviation industry, and tearing apart the many attempts to obfuscate the truth of … Read more →

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Vatican and Founding Fathers Worked Together

Greg shows how Americans have been deceived, especially about the formation of their country. But the interesting thing is that most people are comfortable with this deception. The greatest historian during the creation admitted the Vatican, or as Charles Thompson put it, :the creation of  … Read more →

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Part III: Remember The Alamo (Ministries)

This Part III documents the persecution of the Alamo Ministry by the Vatican/Jesuit Led NWO. Looks like the Inquisition never ended. Click here to listen to the entire one hour Investigative Journal Radio Show: GREG.WED

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Part II: Remember The Alamo (Ministries)

In Part II, Greg looks at a federal lawsuit filed by members of the Alamo Ministry, showing blatant constitutional violations. Click below and listen to the entire one hour Investigative Journal Radio Show: GREG.TUE

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Part I of III: Remember the Alamo (Ministries)

Blatant Constitutional Violations No Importance to the Vatican-Led NWO when it comes to silencing Christian Ministries, In this first of a three-part series, Greg shows how the Alamo Ministry has been persecuted for its religious beliefs and anti-Vatican stance. Click below to listen to the … Read more →

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Vatican Magic Tricks Called Miracle or “Half Miracle”

Holy Cow! Another Vatican “Miracle” By Greg Anthony Today the Vatican claimed Mr. Pope Francis performed a miracle or as they said maybe a half miracle. What, pray tell, is a half miracle? I guess really all you have to do is just ask the Vatican … Read more →

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What’s Really Going On Behind the Media Cameras?
heg dialectic

  These photos, You Tubes and comments were sent to the Arctic Beacon, showing how the mainstream press is manipulating the news. Of course, it will be denied but as a former mainstream journalist, I would seriously consider what follows: —Greg Anthony CNN Fake Newscast Best … Read more →

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A Look Back at the Alamo Ministry 2008 Raid

There is no freedom of speech or religion left unless you follow the traditions of Rome. What happened to the Alamo Ministry could happen to you By Greg Szymanski Six years ago the Alamo Christian/Bible Believing Ministry was raided by FBI Swat Teams carrying machine … Read more →

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Did the Vatican Create Islam, Part II, Posted 3-20-15

Greg continues to grapple with the question of whether the Vatican created Islam as well as showing Roman Catholicism is not the same as Christianity. Click below for the entire Investigative Journal radio show. GREG.THU

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Did the Vatican Create Islam, Part I, Posted 3-19-15

Many questions abound regarding the beginnings of Islam and the Vatican. History seems to have been wiped clean of the truth. Listen to the entire Investigative Journal radio show and click below: GREG.WED

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