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Alamo Ministry Targeted and Framed – 20170111

Greg interviews Bert Krantz, a born again Christian and long time member of The Alamo Ministry. Bert sets the record straight on how the media wrongly depicts the ministry as a cult and how government paid infiltrators and FBI undercover agents were used to put … Read more →

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Hollywood Elites Attend Satanic MOCA Dinner – 20170110

Greg shows what went on at a Museum of Contemporary Arts Dinner (MOCA) Gala Dinner hosted by Marina Abramović who came to national attention for “spirit Cooking” in a recent WikiLeaks email dump. Greg also looks at the Vatican/Jesuit obsession with bones and relics and … Read more →

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Christian Persecution, Free Tony Alamo – 20170109

Greg starts the week off with an explosive show talking about how Americans Are Kept In Dark Ages About A Satanic Partnership Among Vatican, Jesuits, U.S. And World Leaders. He also discusses the targeting and imprisonment for 175 years of Pastor Tony Alamo and how … Read more →

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Why don’t Obama’s and Hillary Come Out of the Closet – 20170106

Greg looks at Jesuit influence in Revolutionary War, fake alien invasion as Jesuit end times scenario and perversion and pedophilia in US government and Vatican. Greg Anthony,, Click below for the entire show GREG.FRI 1-6-17

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Jesuits Concoct Fake Alien Invasion – 20170105
alien invasion

Greg talks about how California legalized child prostitution, how Trump wants death penalty for pedophiles and how the Jesuits push the heliocentric theory culminating in an end times fake alien invasion. Greg Anthony,, Click below for the entire show GREG.THU 1-5-17

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Shriners Worship Allah, Lucifer – 20170104

Greg takes a deep and dark look at the deception within the Shriners, including the worship of Allah, ancient pagan religions and Lucifer. He also looks at the Jesuit Vatican connection to Freemasonry. And a Shriner admits openly to worshipping Lucifer when confronted on the … Read more →

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Jesuit Fr. Paolo Dal Oglio, Father of ISIS – 20170103
Fr Paola Dal Oglio, father of ISIS

Greg sees a hidden Jesuit hand orchestrating wars and chaos. They are in every aspect of our life, most people don’t get it, the media covers it up and even Alfred Hitchcock was Jesuit trained. Click below for the entire show GREG.TUE 01-17-17

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FIve More Dirty Vatican Secrets

GREG.MON Click above for the latest great show by a guy who tells the truth, doesn’t pull punches and, by the way, loves America. Greg opens the year with a hard hitting show dealing with the major problem, hidden agenda, Vatican/Roman/Jesuit control. He says. “I am … Read more →

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The Vatican Choir Boys Castrated and other Vatican Dirty Secrets and Tony Alamo’s Case 12-30-16
St Peter's Basilica Vatican City

Greg talks about the Vatican Choir Boys were castrated so their voice would be high pitched.  He also covers other Vatican dirty secrets and goes over the Tony Alamo Case. Click on the link below to listen to the show. GREG.FRI

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The Jesuits and Israel, Obama Leaving Office, The Defunding of the UN and Barry Charmish Remembered 12-29-16
St Peter's Basilica Vatican City

Greg talks about the Jesuit involvement in Israel and Obama Leaving Office.  He talks about the defunding of the United Nations. Greg remembers Barry Charmish and things they would talk about. Click on the link below to listen to the show. GREG.THU

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