Confession to Jesuits No. 38:

How Have the “Sons of Lucifer” Known as the Jesuits Taken Control of USA

Former Vatican Bishop explains with help from researcher Bill Hughes

By Greg Szymanski, JD
May 3, 2008

In this letter to the Jesuits No. 38, we ask the questions why the sons of Lucifer, better known as the Society of Jesus, have been so successful at blocking the Protestant Reformation and infiltrating American society at every level?

A year ago, former Bishop Gerard Bouffard of Guatemala gave us his reasons after leaving the Vatican where he actually worked with the Pope and Jesuit Black Pope.

Bouffard who is now living in Canada said the Vatican and Jesuit Order are the “the real spiritual controllers” of the Illuminati and New World Order while the Jesuits through the Black Pope, known as the Jesuit General actually control the Vatican hierarchy and the Roman Catholic Church. He appeared about a year ago on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, revealing inside secrets about the Jesuits control Freemasonry, which is actually the Protestant arm of the Vatican.

After appearing on the show, he was threatened by Vatican agents and told never to go public again or “else”! Since then he suffered a heart attack and is not doing public appearance for health reasons.However, it’s important not to forget his words and here is a portion of what he said As we said, Bouffard left the Church and is now a born again Christian living n Canada, He bases his conclusions after working six years as a Vatican priest, assigned the task of passing daily, sensitive correspondence between the Pope and the leaders of the Jesuit Order residing at Borgo Santo Spirito 5 near St. Peter’s Square. 

Regarding the Black Pope and his Jesuit Brothers, here is what he said before apparently being silenced by the Vatican:“Yes, the man known as the Black Pope controls all major decisions made by the Pope and he in turn controls the Illuminati,” said Bishop Bouffard last week on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, at where archives of the startling statements can be heard in their entirety.   Read More