Hiding Behind The Cloth And Jesus

By Greg Szymanski

There are a few people in the world willing to talk about who really really really and for real controls the so called New World Order. One is a gent who runs a web site called the Unhived Mind.

I don’t know him, don’t particularly like the name Unhived Mind, but who cares what I like.

If you go to his web site, you will find he is an intellectual and a bit arrogant, but I think he is English, which explains arrogance and intellectualism.

But I really have nothing against the English except their food and perhaps Scotland Yard, who never figured out the truth about Jack The Ripper.

However, when it comes to a good paragraph explaining the order of the NWO power, the Unhived Mind put the English Cricket ball right through the wickets.

About Cricket, in two words: It Sucks and Abner Doubleday saw to that.

Back to Unhived Mind. If he’s not English, since I am only 80 per cent sure, forget about what I said above but read what Unhived Mind says about New World Order power.

But before that read about what another researcher found about the Jesuits, a Mr O’Collins from Australia:

The New World Order was founded in 1943 at the first Conference between England, the United States and the Soviet Union by leading Jesuits in Tehran. It was reconfirmed at the end of of World War II following the complete victory of the Roman Cult controlling the Roman Catholic Church in the re-establishment of effective Catholic control of the former Frankish Kingdom principalities now known as Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
However, the term first entered the public arena in 1949 through the work of Jesuit co-agitator George Orwell and his book “New World Order” providing a chilling account of the future world under global Catholic socialism (Fascism).
At the heart, the New World Order is a defined membership of global financial, political and industrial consortium based around the underlying massive financial assets of the Catholic Church based from Z├╝rich with the Jesuits and their continued monopoly as the only organization in Catholic history (excluding the Knights Templar) to hold a Papal document granting them exclusive rights to conduct banking and financial activities.
As the New World Order is a consortium of financial, political, military and industrial entities, its precise structure, rules of operation and agenda remains difficult to precisely confirm. For example, a few dozen private banks in Europe and the United States first formed by the Jesuits in the 18th and early 19th Century continue to remain the foundation pillars of the global finance and credit system — the same private banks that have withdrawn hundreds of billions of dollars of credit from the global financial system in 2008 and 2009 causing what was a localized credit squeeze of bad loans into a global depression.
The New World Order also maintains a political military structure through co-operative ties between intelligence agencies and large private and public arms manufacturers such that this apparatus serves to protect the interests of the Catholic Church across the world.
The New World Order also represents a discrete group of global companies, principally involved in industries such as pharmaceuticals as well as substantial media and publishing interests, again which have successfuly maintained protection against Catholic interests, with the exception of unavoidable occassional public scandals such as ongoing pedophilia by priests.
The Jesuit Civil War (1942-1945)
In 1941 aged 75, Count Wladimir Ledochowski — Jesuit Superior General –was at the height of his supremecy, a still fit and completely driven man. His army of Jesuit influentials had similarly reached great heights in all places held by Catholic Dictators as well as the United States. So why would a civil war between factions of the Jesuits break out at such a time?
One of the great historical anomalies is the behaviour of both Adolf Hitler, Fr Himmler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. in the Nazi Russian Invasion. Contrary to spin historians, these men had not only shown ruthless pragmatism in managing power until this point, but were actively working together on a number of military and scientific fronts until the invasion.
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