No Respectable Fish Should Be Wrapped In A Rupert Murdoch Newspaper!

By Greg Szymanski
Mar 2, 2011

When Rupert Murdoch purchased the Chicago Sun Times, the late great columnist Mike Royko said any respectable fish wouldn’t be caught dead wrapped in a Murdock newspaper.

After the sale, Royko quit the Times in protest, going to the conservative competitor Chicago Tribune, choosing what he called the lessorĀ  of two evils.

In response, what Murdoch did to spite Royko and unprecedented in journalistic circles, was to not accept Royko’s resignation, running his old columns till his contract ran out.

So, Royko collected two pay checks for a time while Chicago journalism sunk to an all-time.

Twenty years later journalism all over the world has sunk even lower as Murdoch continues on his New World Order buying spree, the latest victims being in jolly old England.

The victims I am talking about are not the people but the poor fish.

People deserve what they get and if they like to read and believe lies, so be it.

But those poor, innocent fish, all deserving a better burial then to be wrapped in lies and deceit contained in the lines and between the lines of a Rupert Murdoch newspaper.

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