Sister Charlotte escapes and tells full story

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Editor’s Note: We bring this story back to your attention since people quickly forget.

The shocking testimony of Sister Charlotte Wells should have led to an
open investigation of murder and child killing in all cloistered Vatican
convents in the U.S. and around the world.

But instead, after Sister Charlotte went public with her shocking
account of murder, torture, sexual abuse and child killing behind the
walls of a Carmelite convent, the whole tragedy was hushed up after she
was murdered by the Pope’s henchmen in the Jesuit Order.

And how such torture and killing can be ignored by Popes and government
leaders shows just how much power the Vatican really wields.

“Fr. Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit, told us about how Sister Charlotte
was killed for going public,” said researcher and author of Vatican
Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps, adding Rivera said an undercover Jesuit
priest entered her life, having her killed for telling the truth.

Sister Charlotte’s oral testimony can be heard on Greg Szymanski’s radio
show aired Monday on The Investigative Journal.

Verifying Sister Charlotte’s testimony were several other nuns, their
statements listed on the Jesus Is Lord web site. Here are comments about
Sister Charlotte on that courageous site, trying to alert the
American people:

“The testimony of Sister Charlotte is disturbing and shocking, but
provides important insights into the worst of convent life as
well as
the dynamics of Romanism. It testifies with others such as “Maria Monk”
and “The Martyr in Black The Life Story of Sister Justina” (Lord
willing, both of these will be on the site one day) as well as the
testimonies of former priests such as Chiniquy (The Priest, the Woman
and the Confessional), Fresenborg (Thirty Years in Hell), and Hogan
(Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries). Sis. Charlotte’s testimony
seems incredible but only because most people do not know the history of
the Romish religion. One of our readers said this about Sis. Charlotte’s

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