How To Find Apartments For People With Disabilities

How To Find Apartments For People With Disabilities: The movement and treatment options available to people with disabilities are limited. The urgent need to live well is to live in a comfortable, well-managed apartment. You can also get an apartment very quickly if you are disabled, compared to others.

How To Find Apartments For People With Disabilities
How To Find Apartments For People With Disabilities

By federal nondiscrimination law, you have access to housing. Several programs are available to low-income people with disabilities as part of this process. The most common types of supportive housing programs: are section 811 and section 202. Disability-specific rental assistance programs are designed to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities.

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How To Get Apartments For People With Disabilities

It can be challenging to find an apartment at a reasonable price if you have disabilities. In reality, people with disabilities have many advantages, including lower security deposits and accessible apartments. When looking for an apartment, you may also have an advantage over others due to your disability. The disability you have makes it easier for you to get an apartment very quickly compared to non-disabled people.

Programs For Apartments For People With Disabilities

Housing rights for disabled people must be respected. In a life-threatening situation, they are not denied housing assistance. Several HUD housing programs are available, including subsidized housing, income-based housing, housing choice vouchers, and homeownership.

Supportive Apartments (Section 811) for people with disabilities 

Persons with disabilities can live in supportive housing under Section 811. Subsidized rental housing opportunities provide disabled people with a chance to live independently. To provide affordable housing for disabled people, land developers receive subsidies from the government and interest-free capital advances. 

Project rental assistance contracts support Section 811 housing programs. A low-income family with a disabled adult is eligible for this program. There are various types of disabilities, such as physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, or chronic mental illnesses. Additionally, households must have incomes within 50 percent of the area’s median income. 

Public Housing 

HUD is responsible for public housing. Those with low incomes, seniors, and disabilities can apply for this program for rental assistance. In some areas, rents are as low as $25 to $50 per month and 30 percent of adjusted income. 

Local housing agencies determine this range. Housing agencies with disabilities can deduct $400 of income from the rent calculation because of HUD guidelines. People with disabilities can get an apartment at a low cost with this program. 

Housing choice voucher

HUD’s housing choice voucher program also offers affordable apartments for disabled people. Housing choice vouchers are subject to eligibility criteria. A disabled person’s household income should be less than 50 percent of the median income in their area. 

Public housing agencies, such as PHAs, offer this voucher to help tenants pay their apartment rent. PHA receives funds to run its program and provides housing assistance to people with disabilities. 

Subsidized housing program 

People with disabilities can afford to live in subsidized housing programs. Seniors and disabled people can apply for income-based housing assistance. Elderly and disabled people can get housing assistance through this program administered by the HUD.

Vouchers for the non-elderly disabled 

Housing assistance is also available to people with disabilities who are not elderly. Section 8 housing choice vouchers are similar to this. Public housing agencies administer housing assistance for people with disabilities. 

To qualify for the program, disabled individuals need to be non-elderly disabled. Getting an apartment is easy for people with disabilities because local housing agencies provide information. 

Program for low-income housing tax credits 

In addition to affordable apartments, the low-income housing credit program also offers affordable housing to disabled people. Landowners can receive a tax credit under this program for building affordable housing for disabled people. To ensure that disabled people have a better life and a lower cost of living, LIHTC must provide all types of support. 

The different types of apartments available to people with disabilities

Apartments for people with disabilities fall into two categories. The living conditions of these apartments are different. It is possible to live independently or in assisted living in these apartments. 

The assisted living community

People with disabilities need to be active in assisted living, which is part of their everyday lives. Baths, dressing, walking, and moving around are among these activities. Furthermore, there is transportation, social activities, meals, as well as medical care included in this assisted living facility. People with disabilities find that living in communities makes it easier to do daily activities or move less. 

Assistive living is necessary to ensure that the elderly and people with severe disabilities can live comfortably in apartments. A person still capable of moving around and living independently will not be eligible for assisted living. 

Adapting to independent living 

A person who lives independently typically wants to be as independent as possible. They want to avoid living by relying on others for assistance, even if it is an independent living. When people with disabilities can manage their life independently, this type of independent housing may be an option for them. A separate living community has various amenities and facilities, including a gym, a beauty salon, and a swimming pool. Routine health care is provided under independent living. 

As a result of the limited services and lack of full-time health care and living activities like dressing, bathing, eating, taking medications, etc., it is not suitable for people with disabilities. 

The cost of living for these people

Disabled people have to bear the costs associated with assisted living. Depending on the state and county, the price may also vary.

The cost of disability is a question when someone has a low income and is disabled. Housing choice vouchers, section 811 supportive programs, public housing, Medicare, and social security are some of the programs that support this. As a result of these programs, apartment rents are reduced. As opposed to assisted living, independent living is less expensive. 

Disabled People: What To Look For In Apartments

A disabled person’s apartment should have more accessibility and comfort according to their health needs. Most disabled people make mistakes in choosing an apartment for themselves, despite having apartments for them. Below are some considerations for disabled people.

The entrances are spacious

A wheelchair should move quickly between entrances, corridors, and hallways. A wheelchair-accessible apartment should have wide entryways and hallways for ease of movement.

The flooring 

Disabled people usually feel comfortable in apartments explicitly designed for them. The wheelchair can quickly move on the vinyl flooring and thin flat carpeting.

The cabinets

Disabled people benefit from cabinets. Due to their limited mobility, they use less. In this case, the cabinet should be placed on the upper level instead of the lower level. The wheelchair can move freely on the floor if the floor is freed up.

The countertop 

Another significant issue is the countertop, which should be lower so that the wheelchair has more space. There should be a space of 30 inches between this and the floor. People with disabilities can move more comfortably with more freedom.

The bathroom 

Disabled people need accessible bathrooms. Rather than having multiple knobs on the sink faucet, there should grab bars and a roll-in shower. The use of portable toilets can also be adapted according to the situation. 

The position of the switches 

Disabled people need access to the unit, which should be planned accordingly. People with disabilities should easily access these light switches by lowering them. 

System of personal alarms 

Those with disabilities are at risk of falling at any time when their health is severe. A personal alarm system can help save lives even when no more family members are around. In this case, you may add a unique alarm system inside or outside. However, if you are in an emergency, you should call 911. 

Distance from parking

Parking is separated from the regular tenant, so there can be no connection between them. Disabled people face a significant distance from the parking lot, so they should be as close as possible to it. 


Q1. Where do most adults with developmental disabilities live?

Ans: Many people with special needs live in supportive group homes alongside other special needs individuals. It may be that these homes are staffed with counselors and other workers who assist the residents in living on their own, or they may be staffed with no live-in assistance at all.

Q2. What benefits are available for a disabled person in India?

Ans: Tax deductions up to Rs. 75,000 are available to persons with 40% to 79% disability. An additional tax deduction of Rs. 1,25,000 per year is open to persons with 80% or more disability.

Q3. What is a disability scheme?

Ans: The purpose of the pension is to provide social benefits to poor households affected by disabilities. Beneficiaries: People who live below the poverty line, are aged 18-79 years, and have 80% or more disabilities are eligible to receive it.


It may take a lot of research to find the perfect apartment for people with disabilities. Disability assistance is available through HUD so that disabled people can acquire an apartment easily and live there in a way that suits their health needs. If you are interested in apartments available in your community, you can contact public housing agencies. 

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