Best iPhones for Seniors

Best iPhones for Seniors – Seniors can have very different levels of tech competence because they may have yet to grow up with easy access to technology. This guide will help you determine the best phone for a senior. Mobile phones are necessary for everyone, whether feature phones, flip phones, or smartphones. The following device scan helps people stay in touch with their family and friends by making communication easy.

Best iPhones for Seniors
Best iPhones for Seniors

Phones for seniors must be easy-to-use, with software that’s not too complicated and a design that makes it easy for anyone to use. Some phones for seniors come with useful extra features, such as an SOS button that can be used to contact emergency services with one finger. It also helps if they have a large battery, a durable design, and a large, responsive screen.

What is the easiest iPhone for seniors to use?

Seniors’ smartphones must have long battery life for their convenience. As a result of their numerous applications, iPhones and other smartphones often suffer from battery life issues. Thus, we have only chosen iPhones with batteries that last longer than a whole day before requiring a recharge.

The sound of high-pitched feedback is also important to keep to a minimum since many older adults wear hearing aids. Therefore, hearing aids must be compatible with these phones to be functional. 

The list below also recommends a smaller iPhone for elders who find larger phones difficult to handle and operate. When seniors need larger text and photos, they should consider a giant iPhone. Considering all the requirements mentioned above, the following are the best iPhones for seniors in 2023. 

Why should Seniors consider an iPhone?

A variety of factors contribute to the popularity of the iPhone among seniors.

The best ones are listed below –

  • There is no doubt that iPhones provide excellent reading quality and are extremely user-friendly, especially for older people with poor vision.
  • An emergency contact list, medical ID, and fall detection are just a few of the features that make iPhones particularly useful for seniors. Furthermore, iPhones have features like a hands-free phone call and the ability to enlarge text onscreen.
  • A wide variety of apps are available for iPhones, ranging from keeping in touch with family to managing health.

The reasons given above are just some of the reasons why iPhones are a good choice for seniors.

Things to consider while choosing an iPhone for Seniors

Consider a few things if you’re looking for the best iPhone for seniors. A senior’s needs and wants should be considered first and foremost. Seniors will have various needs, so you should tailor your search accordingly.

The second step is determining the phone type the senior is looking for. Is it important for them to have a simple phone with large buttons and a clear display? What type of phone do they want? Is it a high-end phone with all the bells and whistles? You can begin narrowing your search once you understand what the senior wants.

Essential Features to Consider on a Senior-Friendly Phone

Younger people’s needs differ from those of seniors, so most of the phones on the market today are made for them. Thanks to a few companies, seniors can find cell phone providers that cater to their needs.

The following features should be considered when choosing a senior-friendly phone:

  • Large buttons – People in their senior years often experience difficulty using small buttons, so large buttons on the phone would be a great option for them.
  • Easy to use. Seniors will only be interested in a simple phone. A simple interface should make the phone easy to use.
  • Good battery life. It is common for seniors to need to remember to charge their phones. Therefore, having a phone with a long battery life is important.
  • Good sound quality. It is common for seniors to have difficulty hearing their cell phone audio. It is possible to solve this problem by providing seniors with enhanced audio features on their cell phones.
  • Simple Features. It can be overwhelming for seniors to use a phone with many features. Consider buying a phone with a few essential features if that is what you need.

How We Chose the Best iPhones for Seniors

There are many differences between every iPhone model Apple releases, and it’s hard to tell the difference between them. The following factors were considered when selecting the best iPhone for seniors:


The cost of smartphones can exceed $1,000, and there’s no denying that. To determine which iPhones are best for seniors, we selected devices with an affordable price tag.

Battery life

iPhones and other smartphones have issues with battery life because they are used for many different things. According to our tests, the batteries on all phones on this list lasted an entire day before requiring a recharge.

Camera quality

An iPhone’s camera is one of its best features. This list includes phones that are capable of taking high-quality photos.

Hearing aid compatibility

To ensure all of these phones are compatible with hearing devices, we tested them to ensure they don’t cause excessive noise from high-pitched feedback.

Network choice

It is common for smartphones to come with expensive cellular plans. We chose only compatible devices with discounted unlimited talk, text, and data plans to avoid overpaying for phones.

The Best iPhone for Seniors

The iPhone market is very diverse, so it is hard to say which iPhone is better, especially if we look at iPhones for seniors. It is common for seniors to have different needs and budget constraints regarding their iPhones. As a result, we evaluate the ease of use, screen size, camera quality, battery life, and affordability while making this list.

iPhone SE

A senior-friendly design was incorporated into the iPhone SE. Easy-to-use features and a large display make it a good home-use choice. Thanks to its low price point, seniors who want to stay connected to family and friends can use this device. It would help to remember a few things when considering an iPhone SE for a senior.

  • There is only a US and UK version of the iPhone SE.
  • The phone has limited storage, so consider an iCloud backup plan or another backup method.
  • Additionally, the battery life of the iPhone 6 is shorter than some other iPhone models. If you plan on giving the phone to a senior in your life, make sure they are comfortable charging it constantly.

iPhone 6s Plus

Seniors looking for a new phone should consider the iPhone 6s Plus. With its large 5.5-inch screen and several features perfect for seniors, this device is easy to see. Seniors who live alone can find the emergency contacts feature on the iPhone 6s Plus very helpful.

As well as a slow-motion camera, it comes with a memory card slot for storing memories. Seniors trying to stay active will benefit from its built-in step counter. The iPhone 6s Plus is a great option for seniors looking for a new phone.

iPhone 7

There are several reasons why seniors should consider the iPhone 7. As a first benefit, it’s very easy to use, and its 4.7-inch touchscreen is extremely portable. The iPhone 7’s screen size may seem small to some, but seniors will be fine with it.

Several features in the iPhone 7 are designed specifically for seniors, including an easy method of making and receiving phone calls, sending texts, and using FaceTime and Siri. The iPhone 7 also comes with several useful apps, including the Health app, which helps seniors keep track of medications and doctor’s appointments, and the Maps app, which provides directions to destinations.

iPhone 8

Many features are designed for seniors in the iPhone 8, including ease of use, a large screen, and several accessibility options.

The device also comes with a built-in health app that keeps track of your fitness activity and keeps you in good health. You can also communicate with loved ones using FaceTime and iMessage on this device. The iPhone 8 is a great choice if you’re looking for a phone specifically designed for seniors.

iPhone X

Undoubtedly, the iPhone X is an excellent smartphone for seniors. There is a large screen for easy viewing, a lightning connector for easy charging, and an impressive camera on the back.

It also boasts a face ID, making it easy to unlock your phone and purchase.


Which is the cheapest iPhone for seniors?

Starting at $429, the iPhone SE (third generation) is the cheapest iPhone on our list.

Do iPhones come with senior accessibility features?

Yes! Senior-friendly accessibility features are well-known for iPhones. Choosing any of our top three models will give you full hearing aid compatibility, speech-to-text functionality, text magnification, wide screens (some wider than others), and cutting-edge water and damage resistance.

What are some features of the best iPhone for seniors?

The iPhone SE is the best iPhone for seniors among the many options for picking an iPhone. Seniors will find everything they need in the SE, including a large display, large buttons, and a long-lasting battery. Seniors always on the go will appreciate its lightweight and easy carry.


Those looking for the best smartphones for seniors should consider features such as ample senior-friendly features and price, quality, and the cell phone provider while avoiding long-term contracts. If you want to protect your phone, consider getting an insurance policy. Choose a basic phone instead for those who are not convinced they need the most sophisticated phone.

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