How to Get Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

Boost Mobile Free Government Phone – The smartphone plays a vital role in many aspects of our lives – including work, education, healthcare, emergency services, entertainment, and keeping in touch with family and friends. Many people still need help to afford cell phones, including smartphones with advanced features, even though cell phones are no longer very expensive.

Boost Mobile Free Government Phone
How to Get Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

Low-income families and citizens can take advantage of several government assistance programs, which offer free monthly service plans and, sometimes, free or discounted devices. The Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline are two of these government assistance programs.

What is Boost Mobile?

A mobile virtual network operator based in the US, Boost Mobile is one of the leading players. Boost mobile offers amazing deals on their no-contract phones and plans. Additionally, California Lifeline offers free government phone discounts for customers.

When you choose Boost mobile for free government phone services, you won’t have to worry about issues like poor coverage, customer service, etc. Is there anything you would like to know?

There are several lifeline programs available, including the boost mobile lifeline program. This a reminder that boost Mobile was once a lifeline program participant but is no longer one. California lifeline existing customers can still receive lifeline discounts through the company.

You can benefit from various benefits when you take advantage of boost mobile lifeline discounts. As a lifeline existing customer in California, you can sometimes get a discount on Boost Mobile prepaid phone deals even though there are no specific lifeline-free government phones. 

You can get all the information you need about Boost Mobile’s free government phones on this page. In addition to learning about the types of phones you can expect from boost Mobile, we will also discuss other relevant topics. It’s time to get started.

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Phones With Lifeline Program

There are two possible answers to this question: yes and no. The answers to each question need to be clarified. There is still a relationship between boost Mobile and the California lifeline program that allows the company to offer lifeline discounts on prepaid phones. Boost Mobile subscribers are not guaranteed to get free phones with Lifeline.

The reason is that Boost does not offer a lifeline plan. It is possible, however, to apply booster lifeline discounts to their prepaid phone deals in some areas. As a new or existing boost Mobile customer, you can also get free phones regardless of whether you are part of the Lifeline program.

Qualifying Guideline for Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

You can get free or discounted government phones from Boost mobile by participating in the California Lifeline program. As a result, California residents are eligible to receive a free government phone from boost mobile. You must also meet other program or income-based requirements besides California residency.

Income-based qualification

You must have an income below 135% of the federal poverty line to qualify for a free government phone from boost mobile.

Program-based qualification

If your income does not qualify you, it is not the end of the world. If you are on public assistance or have a family member on public assistance, you can also qualify. Programs like these include:

Boost Mobile offers free phones outside California through their online mobile deals website if you live outside California. All qualified customers are offered free or discounted phones as part of these deals.

How to Apply for Boost Mobile Lifeline Program?

A Lifeline application can be submitted either online or by mail.

Apply Online

The following steps will guide you through the online application process for Lifeline:

  • Please visit “”
  • You can choose your state or territory from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click ‘Get Started.’
  • The application form will be redirected to you. Fill out the form and provide all required information. The application must be submitted at the end of each page by clicking ‘Next.’

Apply Via Mail

  • The Lifeline application form can be found at “”
  • The application must be completed, and proof documentation must be attached.
  • Please send your documents to Lifeline Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Boost Mobile customer support can help you determine if your Lifeline benefits can be used at Boost Mobile after your application has been approved and you are officially a Lifeline subscriber.

The Boost Mobile customer service team can be reached by chat on their website, through social media, or by calling 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678). You can learn more by visiting “”

Boost Mobile does not offer government phones for its customers, even if you can use your Lifeline benefits there.

Documents required for Boost Free Government Phones

Boost Mobile requires certain documents to prove eligibility for their free government phones. Documents needed for the application are listed below:

  • You will need your birth certificate, driver’s license, residential address document, and passport or state identification card to prove your identity.
  • A current income statement or a workers’ compensation statement of benefits, a previous year’s tax return, or a Social Security statement of benefits to prove your annual income
  • As proof of program participation, you can provide a statement of benefits from the Federal Public Housing Assistance program, a tribal head start approval letter or a Social Security number.

What Services Does Boost Mobile Provide?

The following services are available through Boost Mobile:

  • Phone plans
  • Mobile hotspot data plans
  • Add-on services
  • International services
  • Data packs, etc.

Mobile broadband and phone plans are available at discounts through Boost Mobile for low-income customers. ACP discounts are only available on monthly services; devices are not discounted.

There are currently no Lifeline plans offered by Boost Mobile (or government phones offered by the company); however, it is possible to apply Lifeline discounts to your Boost Mobile services in certain areas. The benefits of ACP are also automatically available to Lifeline subscribers.

Mobile devices are also frequently on sale at Boost Mobile, whether you’re a new or existing customer. There may be conditions associated with each deal, such as switching to Boost Mobile, adding another line, choosing the unlimited plan, or trading in your old device to receive a free or discounted phone.

Which areas can you get Boost mobile free government phone services?

Lifeline coverage is currently offered by Boost Mobile only to California residents. Their phone plans can be accessed anywhere across the country, however. Additionally, Sprint offers network coverage throughout the United States. Boosting your cell phone signal with a portable booster is a great option if your area needs to be covered.

What Phones are Compatible With Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile compatible phones include:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone SE 2nd Generation
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • Celero 5G
  • Motorola g pure
  • Motorola g stylus 5G
  • Motorola moto g power
  • Samsung Galaxy A02s
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
  • TCL 20 XE
  • TLC Flip

What to Do if a Boost Mobile Phone Gets Damaged, Stolen, Broken, or Lost?

If your phone gets damaged, stolen, broken, or lost, you will have a much easier time if you have the Boost Mobile phone insurance, called Boost Shield. Various types of insurance are available, including coverage for cracked screens, water damage, out-of-warranty malfunctions, loss, theft, and more. If an accident happens, go to “,CST%2C%207%20days%20a%20week”., Click on ‘Make a Claim’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

The customer service department should be notified as soon as possible if you are without insurance, as you will be responsible for any additional charges that may occur. Your chances of receiving a replacement device depend on what happened and whether the device still has a warranty.


How Can I Check My Boost Mobile Application Status?

The Boost Mobile app and account allow you to check your application status. Email notifications will also be sent to you.

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Tablets?

Boost Mobile currently offers no free tablets, but this may change. You can also receive a free tablet plan valued at $30 per month under Boost Mobile ACP.

What Carrier Does Boost Mobile Use?

To use their nationwide towers and networks, Boost Mobile has an agreement with both T-Mobile and AT&T. Customers can enjoy nationwide coverage from Boost.


A telecommunications company owned by Dish Wireless, Boost Mobile is an American company. The company offers its wireless services through the T-Mobile and AT&T networks. This company offers the Affordable Connectivity Program services, which allows you to get discounted tablet, data, texts, and voice call minutes. However, you can still purchase other plans through the company for your day-to-day communication needs.



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