Churches That Help with Travel

Churches That Help with Travel: The importance of travel in our lives cannot be overstated. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to get around without transportation, even in a connected world. A list of churches that help with travel is provided, along with their benefits and the fact that they are volunteer organizations rather than for-profit companies.

Churches That Help with Travel
Churches That Help with Travel

A vacation, a mission trip, a retreat, or a conference can be enriching and meaningful experiences. The cost can, however, be prohibitive for some. The church or community can support you if you plan to travel for religious purposes.

Churches offer various travel assistance, and examples of churches providing this assistance will be provided in this blog. Your church can also provide travel assistance, so we’ll offer tips on how to find it.

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Churches That Help with Travel

Knowing which local churches offer travel assistance can be helpful when planning a trip. The travel agencies affiliated with some churches can assist in deciding where to go, how to get there, and where to stay. Additionally, many churches offer programs to help travelers in need by providing them with money or supplies.

Below are some of the most popular churches that offer travel assistance:

Church of Jesus Christ

In conjunction with the LDS Charities Travel Assistance Program, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides financial assistance for travelers. Members of the church and their families can use this program for transportation, money, and other resources when traveling for religious reasons. The program covers a wide range of countries and states.

Southern Baptist Convention’s

Those traveling for ministry assignments need financial assistance from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Travel expenses overseas, including airfare, hotel rooms, and other costs, are covered by this assistance. The Mission Board also supports missionaries returning from missions.

In the Migration Assistance Program of Caritas International, the Catholic Church assists migrants and refugees. It provides financial assistance for moving expenses such as food, shelter, and transportation. Caritas also provide support.

Anthony of Padua

The Catholic church of St. Anthony of Padua offers travelers many services in the city’s heart. Free Wi-Fi, ATMs, and tourist information centers are available at the church. In addition, it offers car rental, taxi service, and travel arrangements.


St. Augustine is the church you need to look at whenever you need assistance with your travel plans. Parishioners come from around the world to enjoy the parish and its hospitality. In addition to worship at the airport, there are various services designed specifically to help travelers.


St. Christopher’s Church covers travel expenses, and a parish in Washington D.C. St. Christopher’s offers a matching gift program of up to $1,000 towards travel expenses for individuals or families. Besides providing financial assistance, the parish also offers a small grant for travel costs.

A unique ministry of the parish serving immigrants and the homeless was founded in 1892. The parish also operates a food pantry, as is an English as a Second Language program.


Travel arrangements can be made at St. Giles Church in Malibu. Their “CHANGE-A-NATION” program assists low-income families in visiting relatives abroad. Travel and lodging expenses can be covered by family members up to $2,500 each. Additionally, the church provides families with free food and clothing.

James the Greater

The St. James the Greater church is a good place to go for travel help. Flights, hotels, and other transportation can be booked through the church’s travel ministry. Besides finding local attractions and restaurants, they can also help you plan your trip. The church can provide referrals to local businesses and services if you need help settling in—a great city to explore in Fort Worth, Texas, where the church is located.

Paul of the Shipwreck

Travel arrangements can be helped by St. Paul of the Shipwreck, a church situated on the Outer Banks. In addition to arranging airport pickups and tours, they can also assist with hotel reservations and restaurant recommendations.

A helpful travel blog is also available on St. Paul’s website. Whether you’re looking to find hotel deals or budget for travel, this blog will provide helpful tips and advice. St. Paul of the Shipwreck is worth checking out if you’re looking for a church to assist you with your vacation planning.

Are there any ways our church can assist members with travel costs?

For members who need assistance with travel costs, your church can provide the following assistance:

  • Members who can’t afford travel may be able to receive financial assistance from your church. You can obtain a loan or a grant in this way.
  • Airlines and travel agencies may offer discounts for church members traveling through your church.
  • Fundraising campaigns and events might be able to help your church cover members’ travel costs.


Q1. How do we determine who is eligible for travel assistance?

Ans: Whether someone is eligible for travel assistance is up to your church. You may want to consider your church’s financial needs, the purpose of the travel (e.g., medical treatment, visiting family), and financial resources.

Q2. How do we handle requests for travel assistance?

Ans: Travel assistance requests may be handled according to a specific church procedure. Member requests can be made through a designated point of contact or a form. To ensure fairness and consistency, it is important to establish clear guidelines for handling requests.

Q3. Who is eligible to receive travel assistance from the church?

Ans: An individual church or denomination may have different policies regarding travel assistance. Members of good standing of the church may be eligible for travel assistance, while others may qualify regardless of membership status if they meet certain criteria.


If you are looking for a place to stay while on vacation, churches that help with travel can be a godsend. Church members often receive special rates at churches; some even have a separate area or floor reserved for travelers. Are you visiting a new city or country? Your local church may be able to provide you with a place to stay.

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