How to Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet?

How to Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet – There is no doubt that tablets are highly practical devices. Their light and portable design allows them to be used as entertainment devices and workstations. These useful devices allow us to stay connected with jobs, virtual classrooms, loved ones, healthcare services, and more at home and on the go, making them virtually indispensable.

Cintex Wireless Free Tablet
How to Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet


Even though tablets aren’t the most expensive connected devices, some households need help. Some people can get tablets completely free of charge through certain methods. A free online tablet is possible through review sites, marketing agents, giveaway contests, etc. low-income Families have two other, more basic choices.

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless provides Lifeline and ACP services and is a wireless telecommunications firm. The provider offers free or subsidized wireless services to Lifeline and ACP clients. There are prepaid mobile services, such as voice, text, and data. Cintex offers new tablets to customers who qualify for the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. 

Does Cintex Wireless Offer Free Tablets?

It is part of Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program at Cintex Wireless. Lifeline offers free cell phone service and a free phone to qualified clients. Meanwhile, the Affordable Connectivity Program offers subsidized broadband internet services over the long term. A new tablet and unlimited data, calls, and texts are available to qualified customers.

Lifeline and ACP-eligible clients only qualify for the ACP device discount on a brand-new tablet. Tablet prices have been reduced significantly. Despite this, it is not completely free. For eligible individuals, the copay ranges from $10.01 to $50.

How To Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet

As previously mentioned, only clients eligible for the Lifeline Program and Affordable Connectivity Programmes will receive a brand-new tablet for their ACP device discount. However, qualified Cintex Wireless customers must pay $10 to $50 to benefit from the $100 ACP discount to receive a free tablet. Users are only allowed to use this discount once.

According to the FCC, this amount is not subject to any corporate credits the client may have accrued. According to availability, the buyer may have to wait 6 to 8 weeks after placing an order. You can submit an ACP or Lifeline application on Cintex Wireless’ official website by visiting

Your eligibility will be determined after you complete the application process, which should take only a few minutes.

How to Qualify for Cintex Wireless Free Tablet? 

You can only receive a new tablet if you are an ACP-eligible customer. You may qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program in two ways. 

The first step is to see if you participate in the same government programs as Lifeline, such as: 

The second condition is that your household income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. 

The ACP program requires you to be at least 18 years old (or emancipated). 

Required Document for Cintex Wireless Free Tablet

Cintex Wireless requires that you provide certain documents as proof of eligibility to receive a free tablet.

These documents include 

Identification document

  • US Military ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Tribal Identification Number

Proof of address 

  • Utility bill
  • Driver’s License
  • Tribal ID
  • Mortgage or lease statement
  • State ID
  • Most recent W-2
  • Tax return

Document indicating participation in an assistance program 

  • Statement of benefits
  • Approval letter
  • Benefit award letter
  • Benefits verification letter

Proof of total household income 

  • Paycheck stub
  • Social Security Statement of Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation statement of benefits
  • Unemployment documentation
  • Prior year’s state, federal, or Tribal tax return
  • Veterans Administration Statement of Benefits
  • Recent income statement from your employer
  • Child support award
  • Divorce decree

Which Tablets Are Provided by Cintex Wireless?

Cintex Wireless offers a variety of tablets to eligible individuals. Cintex Wireless offers a variety of tablet models from different manufacturers to cater to their customers’ needs despite the specific tablet models changing over time.

Some of the tablet brands available would be:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Huawei
  • Amazon Fire and more.

Cintex Wireless can provide the latest information on their tablets by contacting them directly or visiting their website.

Which Companies Provide Government Free Tablets?

The Affordable Connectivity Program usually offers discounts on broadband services monthly. However, some providers also offer a one-time discount of up to $100 on connected devices (tablets, laptops, or desktop computers).

There are a variety of providers’ offers depending on state and availability, and they tend to change frequently.

The following are the Affordable Connectivity Program providers that provide free tablets to the government:


Does Cintex Wireless provide tablets for no cost?

Cintex Wireless participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, providing qualified users with free tablets. There will be a cost associated with the tablets, however. Alternatively, you receive a $100 discount, but you must copay between $10 and $50.

How can Cintex Wireless provide me with a tablet for free?

If you qualify for Affordable Connectivity Program, you can get a Cintex Wireless tablet for free. You can check your eligibility using the National Verifier, Lifeline’s centralized application system.

What types of tablets are provided by Cintex Wireless?

Cintex Wireless has a bunch of tablets from different manufacturers. Tablet brands may vary, but you’ll find Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Amazon Fire, and more.

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