Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones – People usually save money using a smaller carrier, like Cricket Wireless. Because most companies know who their customers are, they sell cheap or even dirt cheap phones. It doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have high-end options available.

Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones
Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

Because the best phones don’t make much sense when paired with cheap plans like Cricket’s, we won’t recommend them. Our suggestion will be more reasonable.

How can my phone work with Cricket Wireless?

For Cricket Wireless to work with your phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to using your web browser.
  • You can access BYOP by clicking the “Shop” icon in the main menu.
  • There will be an option to “check your device’s compatibility.”. Click it.
  • Click “Check” to see if your device can be used with the IMEI number you entered.
  • You’ll then be notified whether your device is a Cricket Wireless-compatible phone.
  • How to use Cricket Wireless with your phone?

This list of the best Cricket phones only includes phones you can buy. Cricket Wireless won’t prevent you from using your phone, though. Cricket allows people to switch phone carriers through its BYOD program. This type of customer is offered a lot of bonuses and deals. For your phone to work with Cricket or most other carriers, it must be unlocked.

Therefore, before buying a new device, you should check first. Spending more money might be optional.

Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

The following phones are compatible with Cricket Wireless:

Apple’s 12th iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone 12 series is one of the best deals for those who love Apple. This Cricket Wireless phone series offers all the features you’d expect from a high-quality, powerful phone. Thus, you can be assured that any model you choose will work well. Various apps and accessories are available for all of them, as well as powerful cameras.

These phones make iOS easier to use, despite its complexity for geeks. With today’s technology, you can edit videos and play games easily. The processors used by Apple are reliable.

Four iPhones are shown here: an iPhone 12 mini, an iPhone 12, a Pro, and a Pro Max. Each of them is better than the previous one. There are a lot of options available to you. They differ most in terms of cameras, storage, and processing speed.

The iPhone 8

iPhones are good cell phones that don’t require contracts. You can find it at Cricket Wireless. Several network technologies are supported by the phone to ensure compatibility. A lightweight aluminum body makes this phone last longer, weighing only 148 grams.

The screen has a resolution of 750×1334 pixels on a 4.7-inch Retina IPS LCD screen. An oleophobic coating and an ion-strengthening glass protect the phone screen. The iPhone 8 runs on iOS 11, which can be updated to iOS 13.1.2, powered by the Apple A11 Bionic chipset.

There is a choice of 64GB or 256GB of internal memory, but the RAM remains at 2GB. Besides the 12-megapixel main camera, there is a 7-megapixel front-facing camera as well. Keeping your information secure is easy with a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner.

With a battery capacity of 1821 mAh, the phone can last up to 14 hours on a single charge. A quick charge is also possible with this device. Thirty minutes is enough time to charge 50% of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10

An IP68 rating means the Samsung Galaxy S10 can handle water and dust and has a 6.1-inch QHD screen. With the latter, you get a microSD card with 512GB of storage, an internal storage capacity of 128GB, and 8GB of RAM.

Furthermore, the phone features a 12 MP triple rear camera, capable of recording 4K UHD video, and a 10 MP front camera.

It also boasts ultrasonic fingerprint sensors and a fast-charging battery that can charge fully within 90 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

The phone meets all the requirements for being a top Cricket Wireless phone. It has a lovely design and a good appearance, while the rear camera arrangement is clever.

It features a 48-megapixel rear camera with a wide field of view and a 32-megapixel front camera that captures stunning images.

This also has a 4500mAh battery with a lifespan of up to 5 years and a fast charging capability of 15W. Next, you can easily store and download large media collections thanks to the 128GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Cricket Wireless is now offering this contemporary Samsung model. Despite its low price, it comes with a powerful 4500mAh battery that charges quickly and a high-quality camera that helps you take professional-looking photos regardless of the time of day or night. Images captured by these cameras can be seen clearly, even in total darkness.

There are three cameras on the device’s back: an ultra-wide 12MP camera, a wide-angle 12MP camera, and a telephoto 8MP camera.

It has a 32-megapixel camera, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen.

Carriers That Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

It is compatible with all GSM network service providers since Cricket wireless uses the GSM network.

The following carriers are compatible with this device:


It is safe to assume that Cricket and AT&T are compatible since AT&T owns Cricket. Cricket Wireless enables AT&T customers to keep their current devices and numbers after switching to Cricket Wireless.


T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless use the GSM network, making them compatible. Due to this, T-Mobile phone owners can use Cricket’s BYOP program to transfer their phones to Cricket, ensure compatibility, port their phone numbers, select a plan, activate their phone, and get started with Cricket’s wireless services.

Boost Mobile

You can make the most of your Cricket mobile plan by unlocking your Boost mobile phone. Due to the GSM network that the MVNO uses, this is the case.

How can I Activate A Cricket Phone Myself?

  • The service can be activated independently; there is no need to keep stopping at Cricket Wireless stores. Buying a cricket device online is the only way to get one.
  • You can then proceed to manual activation by following these steps:
  • You need to turn off the phone you intend to activate.
  • The SIM card should be inserted into the SIM card slot of your phone.
  • It would help if you turned on your phone.
  • Navigate to in your web browser.
  • Choose your preferred model of the mobile phone here.
  • Your phone’s purchase location will be asked next.
  • When asked, please let us know if you are a new or returning customer.
  • If you are a new customer, you only need to enter your phone and order numbers from your confirmation email.
  • You must enter your username and password to access your account as a returning customer.
  • The final step is to select “Activate” from the menu.

Things To Know Before You Sign Up For Cricket Wireless

Before switching to Cricket Wireless, several factors should be considered. A few examples are as follows:

The budget

The plans and pricing of Cricket Wireless are more expensive than those of other providers. Your credit score won’t be checked, and no long-term commitments exist. A $30/month plan with 2 GB of data is available, as are $40/month plans with 10 GB of data, $55/month plans with unlimited data, and $60/month plans with unlimited data and a 15 GB hotspot.

Coverage of the network

Cricket Wireless offers service in several states in the United States. The program is only available in some states and territories, however. Find out if Cricket Wireless covers your neighborhood before you sign up.

Selected handsets

Keeping and activating your current phone is allowed under Cricket Wireless’ Bring Your Phone (BYOP) program. Purchasing a new phone is a better option than taking your old one. Their one is the next best if your preferred model isn’t available.

This list shows how many smartphone options Cricket Wireless offers. A phone can cost anywhere from a very cheap price to an extremely expensive price. The phone’s price may initially seem too high, but you can sign up for a progressive lease payment plan to get one instead.

Customer Needs

You don’t have to worry if you have Cricket Wireless. They have some of the best live chat and phone support available.

Beyond basic uses

You should know about some nice extras offered by Cricket Wireless. 5G is a fast network that just started up, promising a fast internet connection. Cricket Protect, mobile hotspots, and international and domestic calling are all included in their services.


Can any phone be used on Cricket Wireless?

You must use a Cricket SIM card or eSIM to connect your device to the Cricket network. There may be limitations to the 5G service available on the Cricket network based on the capabilities of the device and the technology used in your coverage area.

Will 4G phones work on Cricket Wireless?

Cricket’s 4G LTE coverage area, a 4G LTE device, and a data plan are the requirements for accessing 4G LTE speeds. Cricket’s 4G LTE coverage has now been extended to select cities. Please refer to the coverage map to see if your area is covered by 4G LTE.

Can I immediately use my unlocked Cricket phone?

Some Cricket phones are already unlocked, but not all. You may have to enter a code to use some of their phones when they arrive at your door locked.


Cricket Wireless is a good option if you are unhappy with your current carrier and want to switch. A prepaid MVNO carrier, it is considered among the best. As a result of that decision, compatible phones must first be established. If you buy a new phone, you should check your current one before purchasing. Many mobile phones are compatible with Cricket. This means you may discover that your phone works on the Cricket network. Any phones we have reviewed here can be used if your current device isn’t compatible.

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