Places to find free firewood near me

Places to find free Firewood Near Me: The cold weather requires warmth, so firewood is a great way to keep your home warm. In addition to heating your home or providing a relaxing evening before the fire, burning wood is an excellent way to spend time with your family. In most cases, purchasing firewood locally can be expensive. 

free firewood
Places to find free Firewood Near Me

You may need help getting the wood to fill the woodpile in your area for the winter months. It can serve various purposes whether you place a fireplace in your living room or bedroom. To keep your fireplace running, you need firewood. It contributes to your home’s aesthetics and keeps everyone warm. 

While gathering enough firewood to keep a cozy environment is possible, it can sometimes prove difficult. The good news is that you will always have firewood if this is an issue. Following this guide, you will never have to worry about running out of wood again. Also, Read – Get Free Government Tablet For Low-income Families.

When To Gather Free Firewood

When gathering firewood for the upcoming winter, it is best to do so during the last winter. To burn split wood as efficiently and cleanly as possible, you’d want it to season/dry for a full year. Fires made with green wood produce a low-burning flame that rapidly builds up dangerous creosote in chimneys.

Firewood opportunities cannot be scheduled with people for free. You will need to keep your eyes open for them throughout the year. Whenever you gather wood for the upcoming winter, give yourself an early summer cutoff date. The wood you collected in the fall and winter can be used a year later once it is collected.

This list will help you prepare for the winter by stocking your woodpiles well and giving you an adventure at the same time! Often, you must be proactive, ask knowledgeable people a few questions, and take advantage of the abundance.

Tips for Bringing Home Free Wood

The luckiest person is the one who owns a truck! Protecting your upholstery even if you don’t have a truck is possible. Lay tarps down in your car and load your belongings on top of the tarp. If you need to rent a pick-up, you can rent one from Uhaul fairly cheaply.

Cutting down lumber or pallets with a cheap circular saw is the best way to split them into burnable lengths if you are getting lumber or pallets that need to be treated.

Your stove won’t accept every piece of wood that’s split or the right length. A chainsaw or hydraulic log splitter is a good investment if you regularly receive large pieces of wood. As we never had a log splitter, we split all of our wood with a wedge since it was possible to split big logs.

Places To Find Free Firewood

Firewood can be found for free in several places, including Craigslist, Freecycle, National Forest, OfferUp, neighbors, and firewood businesses. Alternatively, you can ask your neighbor to cut down an unsightly tree in the backyard and then ask for a portion of it after the storm. These are the top places in the area where you can get free firewood, and you may be inspired to think of more.


Firewood can be found this way easily and for the lowest price. There are several options available when you conduct a simple search. Let people know you are looking for something by posting a “wanted ad.” People who offer to cut down trees in return for firewood shouldn’t respond to ads asking you to cut down trees in their yards.

Local Government

Increasingly, dead ash trees are being found throughout the country after the emerald ash borer invasion. Local employees are cutting down these trees due to their death or dying (which once lined many city streets). An ash tree along the side of the road was cut down by a local city last summer. The city officials left a pile of firewood on the edge of the roadway for people to pick up for free once the trees were cut down. Assuming a piece of wood is free, you should ASK someone first.

Tree Removal Companies

Most companies that remove trees always look for places to dispose of them. A nearby company may allow you to pick up the wood or drop it off at home if it does a job around you. To take advantage of this option, you must be proactive and call the company to find out if they have anything available.


Firewood made from shipping pallets makes a great campfire starter. It is common for pallets to be thrown away or given away for free, even though they contain nails. Nearby, people can load free pallet scraps from a local pallet manufacturing company.  


There are almost no free firewood options that do not require you to ask someone. This may be the most common way to find free firewood. Unless you’re looking for some free stuff, no one will come to you and ask, “Do you want some firewood for free?” 

Tips For Getting Free Firewood

Before you begin your search for free firewood, you should consider some factors. The right tools and a place to store the wood are essential to storing firewood after you know the right kind of wood.

It is important to understand which types of wood burn best if this is your first time using firewood to heat your home. There is a difference between a hardwood tree and a softwood tree regarding burning temperature and duration.

Especially if you don’t season your chimney properly, you’ll find that softwoods like poplar, cedar, spruce, balsam, pine, and fir will cause creosote accumulation in your chimney.


Q1. Is it legal to gather firewood from national forests?

Ans: Gathering firewood from national forests is generally legal when you have a permit and follow the rules and regulations. Contact your local ranger station for more information about gathering firewood and obtaining permits.

Q2. Is it okay to burn treated wood for firewood?

Ans: Firewood made from treated wood should not be burned. When burned, the chemicals present in treated wood harm humans and the environment. Firewood should only be burned if it has not been treated.

Q3. Is it okay to take firewood from someone’s property without permission?

Ans: If firewood is taken, a person’s property cannot be accessed without consent. When taking something from someone else’s property, always ask for their permission first.


Firewood can be purchased at various prices so that you can save money! It’s just a matter of asking. It’s important to remember not to take wood without permission. Only take something if you ask. You can usually get wood free of charge from most places.

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