How to Get Free Government iPhone XR?

How to Get Free Government iPhone XR – A wise man once said there is nothing better than free in life. Free products sound great, but our experience with them as consumers could be better. Often, free products leave us disappointed because they lack value, are less durable, have poor quality, etc. Therefore, it becomes suspicious when the word Free is integrated with the iPhone. 

Free Government iPhone XR
How to Get Free Government iPhone XR?

You can indeed get an iPhone for free. As a federal government program, it’s free, and Apple phones can limit every kind of disappointment. This article aims to answer all the questions related to the free Government iPhone XR. Knowing the iPhone XR’s competitive advantages over other iPhones is essential before finding the answers. 

All About iPhone XR 

The Apple iPhone XR is one of the most popular iPhone models ever produced. There are many reasons to love this device, including its sturdy yet sleek design, its bright 6.1-inch display with 818 x 1792 pixels, its high-quality 12MP main camera and its 7MP selfie camera, plenty of storage space, a strong battery, and host of advanced features, such as Face ID, TrueDepth photography, and fast wireless charging.

Despite the decrease in price since the device was launched in 2018, the device still costs more than $200. There are a lot of low-income families who need help to afford this price. Would it be amazing if the Government provided a free iPhone XR?

A free iPhone XR likely will be available as part of the Lifeline assistance program in the future, but no Lifeline providers currently offer a free iPhone XR. Some Lifeline providers, however, offer other Apple iPhone models at the same quality as iPhone XR to eligible low-income customers. The following section provides more information.

Why Government Gives Free iPhone XR? 

Through the Federal Government’s Lifeline program (started in 1984), low-income populations are eligible for free phones to gain access to phone-dependent services and benefits. A noble objective lies at the core of this project. Thousands of people in the country are struggling to meet their daily needs. For them, a phone is merely a luxury. 

Technological advancements in all areas of life have created many opportunities for them. However, without a phone, they can’t participate in every aspect of a job search. As a result, the Government decided to provide free phones to those who needed help improving their lives. The Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides free phones, runs parallel to the Lifeline Program. 

How to get Free Government iPhone XR?

You can get an iPhone XR when you qualify for Lifeline and the EBB program.

What is the Process to Get a Free Government iPhone?

If you qualify for the government assistance program, you can get a free government iPhone, and the process is also relatively simple.

To qualify for Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program, you must meet the following requirements:

The Lifeline program offers low-income Americans discounts on phone, wireless, and internet services throughout all states and territories. The discounts offered by Lifeline providers on services and cell phones are limited to $9.25 per month (or $34.25 per month if you are eligible for a Tribal discount).

Customers who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program must also qualify for the funds discussed above since these funds can’t cover the cost of the iPhone models mentioned above. Tribal households eligible for the ACP program can receive monthly discounts (up to $30 or $75) and a one-time discount on connected devices.

Numerous Lifeline providers also participate in ACP, and the only way to get a free government iPhone is to combine both Lifeline and ACP programs.

  • Your eligibility will also need to be verified. This process prevents anyone attempting to take advantage of government assistance. The following documents are considered proof.
  • Your next step will be to apply for both types of government assistance.
  • Once approved, you can look for a Lifeline or ACP provider to help you get a free government iPhone.

Eligibility to get Free Government iPhone XR

It is a requirement that you are at least 18 years old before you are eligible to apply for a free government iPhone. There are similar eligibility requirements for the government assistance programs Lifeline and EBB, under which you will get free government phones.

Eligibility Criteria for Lifeline Free Government iPhone

Your eligibility for Lifeline can be based on two factors:

Income-based eligibility

It is required that your income or your household’s income be at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Program-based eligibility

For your well-being or the well-being of your family, you must participate in any government assistance program run by the Government or any tribal program as stated on their official site.

The following programs are available:

Qualifications for Free Government iPhone XR under Emergency Broadband Benefits

It has been stated that the eligibility for both Lifeline and EBB programs is the same.

  • Your household income must be less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify for assistance.
  • To qualify, you must be enrolled in one of the programs listed above.

To apply for a free government iPhone, check the documents you need once you are sure you are eligible.

Required Documents to apply for Free Government iPhone XR

A document demonstrating your annual income status is required if you are applying on a low-income basis. The following documents are required to prove your eligibility:

Free Government iPhone XR
Required Documents to apply for Free Government iPhone XR

You may provide the following information:

  • Check stubs or current income statements
  • State, federal, or tribal tax return from last year
  • Benefits statement for unemployment or workers’ compensation
  • Statement of benefits from the Veterans Administration
  • Child support award, divorce decree, or tribal letter verifying participation in General Assistance

Applicants who qualify based on program eligibility must submit documentation proving their participation. The following are possible symptoms.

  • An approval letter from the Government
  • Letter of verification of benefits
  • Benefits statement
  • Letter of benefit award

If you request a free iPhone XR from the Government, you must provide a copy of the above document, not the original.

There may be a general document you need

  • An official government, state, military, or tribal ID, a birth certificate, or a passport should be shown as proof of identity or age.
  • You need proof of address (i.e., a driver’s license, an ID, a mortgage, a utility bill, a W-2 or tax return)
  • The proof of emancipation

Application procedure to get a free government iPhone XR

You can apply for a free government iPhone XR through Lifeline or the EBB assistance program by following the steps below:

  • A free government iPhone is only available to those who qualify. As shown above, both Lifeline and EBB have detailed eligibility requirements.
  • You must find a provider offering free government iPhones through your state’s Lifeline/EBB program.
  • Your selected provider can provide you with a free iPhone XR based on their application for the government program.
  • The provider will review your eligibility. Depending on your suitability, the company will mail you an application form or give it to you in person if you qualify.
  • The application can be submitted directly to the provider or online.
  • A confirmation notice will be mailed to you once your application has been approved.

What iPhone Model Does the Government Provide for Free?

The Lifeline government assistance program currently provides no free government iPhone XRs, so you may wonder which iPhone models are available. The following government iPhone models are currently available free of charge through certain Lifeline providers:

So many iPhones are available right now, given that Lifeline providers only offer entry-level or mid-range flip phones and Android phones until relatively recently.

Companies that provide free government iPhones

How Can I Get a Free iPhone XR if the Government Doesn’t Give Free iPhones XR?

If you are not eligible for Lifeline/ACP, there are other ways to obtain a free iPhone XR, including:

  • Provides services to carriers (although some special conditions may apply)
  • Deals offered by retailers
  • Using Amazon Vine or online surveys
  • Become a marketing agent or a reviewer
  • Giveaway contests online (beware of scams)


Do I get a free iPhone without paying? 

The Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline must be enrolled in for you to qualify for a free iPhone. You can apply online or offline, then wait for the Lifeline/ACP Support Center to review your eligibility. You will receive a free iPhone after completing the application successfully. 

What phone company will give me an iPhone with no money? 

Under the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs, several phone companies give away free iPhones. T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Airtel are some of the best providers. 

Can I get an iPhone for free? 

The Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline can help you.


Participants in Lifeline and EBB programs assist low-income families and financially disabled sections of America with free phones and internet access. The Government can get a free iPhone XR from some providers. Get ahold of the latest iPhone models by checking your eligibility, visiting the company’s website, and applying online.

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