How to get Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Are you interested in knowing How to get Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? Because someone must own a laptop even if they cannot afford one. There are different realities for different people when they lose their income, become jobless, or have their businesses shut down. In this case, they cannot afford a laptop because they are struggling to meet rising costs. The Internet has become integral to our everyday lives in a modern and more connected world. 

Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program
How to get Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Parents and children need a laptop to use as an educational tool for their kids. The government assistance program can also be accessed online using a laptop and smartphone. The laptop has also been seen as a medium for remote work, with people staying at home and working on it. 

Does the Government Provide Free Laptops for Low-Income People?

There are not many cheap places to live in the United States. In contrast, the country has high living costs due to its high development. It may be challenging to accept the high price and many expenses. Still, you must also acknowledge that the government strives to ensure that even low-income households and individuals in need can live their American dream.

These efforts can be seen in the various government assistance programs that were launched in order to assist people in need in accessing healthcare (Medicaid), food and nutrition (SNAP), and monthly phone service (Lifeline). ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) is a federal benefit program introduced recently.

The pandemic has shown that broadband services are vital, but phone services have been considered basic needs since the 1980s. Most of us were forced to work from home and educate ourselves at this time. It has become more crucial than ever to have an internet-connected device and a strong connection to the Internet. 

A program helping low-income people get internet service and connected devices will be launched in 2021 as part of the Emergency Broadband Benefit you can get a free laptop with ebb program. A program that proved vital in 2021 was modified and extended to become the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Through the ACP program, Indian households can get a discount of up to $30 on monthly internet services (or $75 for eligible Tribal households). ACP providers may also offer a one-time discount of up to $100 on internet-connected devices (laptops, tablets, and desktop computers) for customers who pay a mandatory co-pay of at least $10 but less than $50.

What is Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

 The government funds ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), formerly EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefit), with $14.2 billion. Ensure everyone can access broadband Internet everywhere by funding the Affordable Connectivity Program with the maximum budget. Those eligible for this benefit receive up to $30 per month of Internet service and $75 per month off for those living on tribal land. Assistance with broadband connectivity has this benefit. 

The program also assists with the purchase of a computer or tablet. The participating providers offer one-time discounts of up to $100 when eligible families contribute more than $10 toward the purchase price and less than $50 toward the purchase price. Each household is only allowed one monthly ACP discount and one per device.

What is the Free laptop ACP program?

Many people are seeking free laptops for low-income families, computers, tablets, and other devices to assist them with their work. Many fake advertisements were running on the Internet that scammed them, so they did not find them easily. Because of this, they need help finding legitimate posts for laptops.

The U.S. government recognizes that laptops can be essential in a person’s life. For this reason, the government has developed a program that provides laptops to low-income and poor people so they can use them for work. Previously known as Emergency Broadband Benefits, the Affordable Connectivity Program was offered by the government. This program aims to provide broadband services to people during the Covid pandemic. 

During the pandemic, the government felt that the people needed laptops and other necessary items, and without them, they had to struggle, even though they had no chance of bringing change in their lives. Because of this, the government decided to continue the program. In addition to broadband services, the government offers laptops, phones, computers, and a range of other devices that can help. In addition, the government offers free access to the Internet to those in need.

The government does not directly provide the ACP’s benefits to the people but uses telecom companies to provide the services and benefits. ACP benefits are offered in many regions by various telecom service providers to those who qualify. The ACP free laptop can be obtained by fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

How To Get Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program?

With the help of internet access, technology has connected the world so closely. Undoubtedly, only some have been able to access the Internet. Using Internet technology, however, increases efficiency and minimizes time consumption for those with access to the Internet. It was also seen that people were shopping online and taking treatment via video conferencing during the pandemic.

 A laptop with an internet connection simplifies and speeds up life for people. All people cannot buy laptops and use the Internet—those who do not connect to the Internet and use information technology lag behind. To achieve progress and development, a portion of the population must have access to such a service.

The United States government launched an EBB program to ensure everyone can access the Internet everywhere. The government has given the Affordable Connectivity Program a huge budget as part of this program. 

The ACP programs are very popular with service providers who want to ensure that their assistance and services are available to the needy under income guidelines.

Laptops and computers are discounted once. Moreover, the provider offers discounted Internet plans as well. Those service providers may offer you a free laptop if you meet the eligibility criteria and follow the application process. 

Eligible Criteria for Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program

ACP free laptop recipients must meet the FCC-determined criteria for eligibility that are universal among all ACP providers as a first and most important step. Your income or participation in the program determines program eligibility.

Income-Based Eligibility

Your household’s income is 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. Your household size and state determine the guideline.

The participation-based eligibility criteria for qualified government assistance programs

The following programs may be of interest to you or members of your household:

ACP applicants must meet at least one of these eligibility criteria and be 18 or emancipated minors. The applicant must also reside in the state where the provider offers services to be eligible for the benefit.

Documents Required For Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program

You may need to upload the required documents when you apply for a free ACP laptop from the government. The following documents are included: 

  • Participation in the Qualifying Assistance Program 
  • The household income 
  • The verification of identity 
  • Address
  • Duplicate address 
  • Emancipated minor 

You may be required to provide documents to prove your household income, which is the most important thing 

  • The state, tribal, or federal tax return for the previous year 
  • The most recent income statement you received from your employer. A paycheck stub can also be kept handy 
  • Benefits statement for veterans 
  • Benefits statement for social security 
  • Statements of benefits for unemployment or workers’ compensation 
  • Income documentation, such as a divorce decree 
  • A retirement or pension statement of benefits 

The following documents are common ones that we keep and conserve to verify your ID number. 

  • A valid state government or military, tribal ID
  • Birth certificate 
  • Passport 
  • U. S. Driver’s license 
  • Certificate of U. S. citizenship or naturalization
  • Government Assistance Program document 
  • Permanent residency card or green card 
  • Individual taxpayer’s identification number document 

You can also verify your address by providing the following documents in order to be easily reached. 

  • Driver’s license or any other valid government id card, state id card, or tribal ID 
  • Utility bill
  • Most recent W-2 or tax return 
  • Mortgage or lease statement 

The following is a list of documents, but you may need more. Documents ensure your eligibility, so you must provide them after knowing what they are. When providing documents, it is important to ensure they are clear and authentic since your information may be verified.

You must provide a copy of the update and original documents to ensure your information can be verified easily. Your eligibility may also be disqualified if you falsify any information. 

How to Apply for Free Laptop through Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program can be applied in several ways:

Apply Online

  • Visit
  • Log in or create an account.
  • Apply online by filling out the form. Documentation and personal information must be provided.
  • Applicants who apply online may receive approval immediately.

By Mail

  • You can print the ACP application form at
  • Visit to print a Household Worksheet.
  • Please attach copies of your proof documents.
  • Mail the package to ACP Support Center, Postal Code 7081, London, KY 40742

By Contact

You can apply directly to some ACP providers through their websites. You first need to find a provider in your area that offers ACP services. The company near me search can be found at ACP does not offer free laptops to all providers – in fact, most do not. It would help if you found a provider offering free laptops through ACP.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Free Laptop ACP Once the Application is Approved?

The USAC or the ACP support center must approve your application before you can proceed.  Free laptops through ACP can be obtained in your area by finding an ACP provider. The following sections provide a list of providers that provide free laptops.

The ACP laptop can be applied for once you find an appropriate company or companies that provide free government phones and laptops. Your free laptop will be provided to you as soon as possible if your application is approved. Your free laptop shipment will depend on several factors, such as availability, address, state, etc.

Organizations that provide free ACP laptop

The following are some organizations that offer free laptops through ACP, and you can get some ideas if you visit their websites.

PCs for People 

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) aims to make the world more connected and digital for everyone by providing online connectivity. An organization called PCs for People provides affordable refurbished computers to qualified customers. It is important to note that PCs for People has been accepted for participation as an ISP under the ACP program. 

This is achieved by providing free internet service to eligible people for $10 to $30 a month to limit the cost of internet access. Low-income people with laptops or desktops can also apply for $100 assistance.

This program has an eligibility criterion of 200% of the federal poverty level. The process of registering should be followed according to the terms and conditions. 


The Internet should be accessible to everyone to live in a more connected world. For this purpose, EveryoneOn strives to democratize access to the Internet and technology. Internet tools such as the Internet can be used to empower people economically, according to EveryoneOn. 

The organization aims to unlock family opportunities in neglected communities by providing internet access and computer training. Additionally, this organization has provided over 5000 computers and trained over 1,000,000 people in digital skills. You can obtain free computers and the Internet through their current programs depending on your needs. 


ACP provider Human I-T ensures that low-income people can access the Internet and devices to be connected. One of the services provided by this organization is free monthly Internet access for an initial payment of $80. ACP hotspots are also available as bundle offers to make the Internet more affordable. A laptop can be purchased for as little as $105, which is a substantial discount. 

You might start the application process for Affordable Connectivity Program to get connected. This link has an application form you can fill out, or you can call us at 888-391-7249 if you prefer. Various fields are available on the application form to submit information about yourself. The information you provide must be authentic and accurate, even your name. 


As an organization, Broadlinc is responsible for providing residential and business customers with a wide variety of video, Internet, WiFi, and digital phone services through cable, fiber, and fixed wireless networks. Providing affordable Internet and devices to low-income families is the purpose of the Surly Affordable connectivity program. 

The program provides a $30 monthly discount on broadband service for eligible households and a $75 monthly discount for tribal residents.

The equipment purchase portion of the program needs to be participated in by Broadlinc. Moreover, each household is only eligible for one discount on a monthly service and one discount on a device under the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

One Degree 

An organization with 501 (c)(3) status that aims to make technology accessible to low-income families is One Degree. Access to these resources helps them attain social and economic mobility and improve their quality of life. You can get financial assistance to purchase a computer or laptop when you need internet access in the digital world. 

A one-time discount of up to $100 may be available for laptops, tablets, and desktops purchased through the Affordable Connectivity Program for income-eligible households. Participating companies can also help you get such a device if they are participating in the program. Check your eligibility with your internet provider when they are participating in this program. 

How to Check My ACP Free Laptop Application Status?

After submission, your application will be reviewed by the ACP support center as soon as possible. Your application might be approved immediately if you apply online. ACP support center may ask you to provide additional documentation if they cannot prove your eligibility.

The establishment will notify you immediately (probably by email) once your application has been approved. The USAC can also provide more information.

What Laptops are Available for Free Through ACP?

ACP providers remain very secretive about laptop models (or tablets/desktop computers). It is only natural that they do not disclose in advance which device models will be available since the availability of their devices is affected by various factors, including the state of the market.

Many ACP providers offer laptops with WiFi connectivity and essential software, including all the basic features. The problem is that they often need help to afford their customers the most expensive and advanced devices.

Several laptop brands are mentioned in customer testimonials as being provided by ACP providers:

  • Lenovo laptop
  • Dell laptop
  • Google Chromebook

What Other Benefits Does the Affordable Connectivity Program Provide?

There are also discounts available for monthly internet services and on internet-connected devices (laptops, tablets, and desktop computers) with a mandatory contribution of more than $10 and less than $50. The following benefits are available to eligible customers:

  • Discounts of up to $30 on internet service (non-Tribal households)
  • Alternatively, tribal households can save up to $75 on monthly broadband services.

Many ACP providers also participate in the Lifeline benefit program, which gives them additional funds. The ACP benefits may also be used for co-financing high-quality mobile devices like Android smartphones and iPhones.


How do I apply for a free laptop from the government?

You can apply for Affordable Connectivity Program benefits if you receive government assistance. A free laptop may be included in the ACP benefits. You can find ACP-certified service providers near you by searching for your internet service provider. If you qualify, you’ll be able to get a free laptop.

How Does ACP Work?

Those internet providers who opt to participate in ACP receive funds from the government. Thanks to government funds, low-income households and individuals who cannot afford internet services can receive free or discounted internet services. Customers can receive these benefits when they apply for and prove their eligibility for ACP discounts.

Does My ACP Free Laptop Come With a Warranty?

A warranty covers the majority of ACP-free tablets. Providers who are generous with their warranties will offer you a 5-year warranty.


Free Laptops are a wonderful way to access information, and laptops are not only a luxury. They are also a necessity. It would help if you started properly, as the government understands this reality. In addition, some organizations also provide free laptops and computers. You can learn more about their current program and availability by visiting their website. It is important to be aware of scams in some organizations. 

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