How to get Free Laptop with Food Stamp?

How to get Free Laptop with Food Stamp? – Laptops have become one of the most important resources in this technological world. A laptop is essential since it assists in learning new things and proves valuable for educational purposes in multiple ways.

Free Laptop with Food Stamp
How to get Free Laptop with Food Stamp?

The financial crunch, however, makes it extremely difficult for people to afford a new laptop. Using food stamps with a free laptop can be an absolute savior. People are being helped to a large extent by the government and nonprofit organizations.

We can’t imagine living without the Internet because it has become integral to our lives. We use the Internet for entertainment and work to stay connected to the virtual world. 

The virtual world cannot be accessed without a laptop. Low-income Families often have trouble affording laptops as a result of financial struggles. Having a laptop with internet access can be very helpful for completing different types of work and getting information from all over the world.

Why Is The Laptop So Important?

We can connect with our relatives all over the world using digital means. With the help of the Internet, we can seamlessly connect and collect a great deal of information. Recently, we have grown closer to our family members and close friends.

This allows us to complete our homework, assignments, online classes, meetings, and government work and buy all the necessities at the market. Every aspect of our lives revolves around computers and the Internet, so we don’t have to explain their importance. Getting a free laptop is now easier than ever.

A laptop and the Internet allow us to gather information about any institution, complete admissions work, and get help if needed. The institution can easily inform us about the fees we need to pay. The Internet and laptop are responsible for all of this.

How to get Free Laptop with Food Stamp?

The laptop has become an essential tool for students and workers these days. The cost of a high-end device is only affordable for some. To help low-income families meet their needs, the United States government offers an EBT program.

Electronic Benefits Transfer program a state welfare department offers is called EBT. Those who receive an EBT card can buy non-edible items such as household supplies, cosmetics, medicines, and supplements at retail stores, provided they previously participated in the Food Stamp Program.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline Assistance Program are also available to participants who qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs. Those who qualify for EBT will receive laptops, phones, and Internet access every month.

Eligibility criteria for a Free Laptop with EBT

A free laptop is available to EBT recipients if they meet the following criteria:

  • A household’s income should be at most 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which determines eligibility for the program.
  • There should be a minimum of 30 hours of work per week for participants, which includes students, caregivers, drug rehab patients, and others.
  • For senior citizens and disabled people, households should have at least $3500 in countable resources, while households with $2000 in bank accounts should have a minimum of $2000.
  • The SNAP program should be open to immigrants living in the United States.
  • A previous participant in government-provided programs such as SNAP or Lifeline.

The following documents must be provided to complete the free laptop application:

  • Drive license
  • U.S. Passport
  • I.D. from the United States government, military, or state
  • Citizenship certificate or birth certificate or permanent resident card, or social security card
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Permanent Resident Alien Card
  • Proof of participation in other government-provided programs
  • Income proof

How to apply for a Free Laptop with Food Stamp?

For EBT eligibility, applicants will need SNAP membership cards. A small amount of money will be provided to SNAP beneficiaries under the EBT program. It is not a free laptop, but you can get a large discount on a new laptop if you purchase it.

Here is how to apply for a free laptop with a food stamp.

Step 1- Check whether you qualify for the program by visiting the National Verifier website and completing the verification process.

Step 2- Visit the official SNAP website and click on the EBT program after getting the confirmation message.

Step 3- Submit your application form by providing your name, address, state, zip code, active phone number, etc.

Step 4- Attach a soft copy of your required documents and click submit.

Free Internet For A Laptop With Foods Stamps

If the laptop cannot access the Internet, it is useless. And the work and activities can only be carried out with high-speed Internet. The government provides Internet access. Emergency broadband benefit programs are among them. Every month, they provide a discount of about $50 to families that qualify.

The family resides on tribal lands, the discount is increased to $275. FCC, which stands for Federal Communications Commission, is the name of the emergency broadband benefit. As a result, they ensure that those struggling with financial issues are not left behind.

Food stamp programs may be eligible if you meet certain requirements. Under this program, you will automatically be eligible if you participate in the food stamp program.

This is if you would like to take advantage of a discount or eligibility program, you should contact your local internet provider.

Some Free Laptop Providers with EBT

A list of free laptop providers with EBT can be found below:

Computer With Causes

A nonprofit organization provides free laptops and computers to students, teachers, parents, and elders in need through federal government programs.

You will need to go to and complete the application form. As soon as you qualify, you will be notified.

P.C.s For People

The P.C.s For People organization provides low-income families with laptops and free internet access. The terms and conditions can be found on the official website before filling out the application.

Human I-T

Human I-T provides the ACP program. It offers discounts on laptops and internet service for a monthly fee. If you are selected for the program, you will be notified via after completing the application form.

Other Ways To Get A Free Laptop

The following government aid programs can help you get a free laptop:

  • Medicaid and Social Security.
  • Home Energy Assistance Program for Low-Income Families
  • Pell Grant Section 8
  • Assistance for Public Housing in the Federal Government
  • TANF Foster Care Mental Health Case Management


Can I Get a Free Tablet With the Food Stamp Program?

Yes, of course. Food Stamp recipients can also receive free tablets from ACP providers. Wireless providers such as T-Mobile and QLink offer free government tablets as part of the ACP program.

Why does an organization want food stamp entitlement?

The income level of someone receiving food stamp assistance automatically makes them eligible for other assistance. Additional assistance is indeed based on income, and many people need help to acquire the necessary tools to obtain benefits and assistance. For this reason, an organization doesn’t need to provide detailed information on income and income guidelines.  

How can I get a free laptop from the government?

People who need financial assistance in an emergency can get free laptops through emergency assistance programs run through TANF.


The Internet and laptops are integral to everyone’s everyday lives since they are essential to everything we do. The cost of internet services and laptops is out of reach for struggling people. The government and nonprofit organizations we have partnered with will provide free laptops and internet service. 

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