How to Get Free Transportation Programs for the disabled

How to Get Free Transportation Programs for the disabled: You can find free rides for disabled people in this guide on Free Transportation Programs for the Disabled. The needs and requirements of disabled people differ slightly from those of ordinary people because they are differently abled. Disabled people have special and additional needs, which is why several government programs, charities, and NGOs have offered programs for free disabled transportation.

Free Transportation Programs for the disabled
How to Get Free Transportation Programs for the disabled

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for information about free transportation programs for disabled people. Here you’ll find more information regarding the programs offered to disabled people. Disabled people come in many forms, which differ from people in general. Because of this, the needs and requirements of disabled people are also quite different from those of normal people. 

Compared to normal people with no disabilities, people with disabilities have a harder time living their lives. It is well known that many government programs, charities, and also non-profit organizations assist disabled people due to the special and additional requirements they face. To help disabled people, they also organized several programs.

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Free Transportation Programs for Disabled People

Many transportation services and charities offer free rides to disabled people in the state and federal governments. If people with disabilities do not have access to transportation, it can be difficult for them to continue with their jobs.

To assist all such people, we have provided the following information about free public transportation for the disabled.


The government runs several programs to assist the disabled. Disabled people can take advantage of a free transportation program. Paratransit is a program that provides rides to doctors’ appointments, grocery stores, medical stores, etc., for people with disabilities.

Paratransit services are available across the country, especially for people with disabilities. Using the service, you will be able to travel in a wheelchair. Assisting disabled people to enter and exit the vehicle is one of the drivers’ responsibilities.

Independent Transportation Network America

A free transportation service for the disabled and elderly is another amazing one. The service provides door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities. We can take you to the doctor’s office, grocery store, or medical shop for free.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Regardless of whether a person is disabled, this government transportation program helps low-income Medicaid families. Appointments must be booked in advance for this service. The service, however, is limited to health care needs like visits to a doctor’s office or hospital. The service is also available for dentist appointments in a few states.

Free rides for disabled


An Uber ride can be accessed from a smartphone, making it one of the most popular transportation services. Compared to cab rides, Uber is much cheaper. Uber allows you to book a free ride for the disabled with your smartphone and enter the pickup location.

Uber usually arrives within three to ten minutes. When the car arrives, the driver’s name, photo, and travel cost will be sent to you in text. Sharing the ride can also result in splitting the cost.

There are some special features Uber offers disabled riders, such as flashing and vibrating alerts for the deaf and hearing-impaired. VoiceOver for iPhone, TalkBack for Android, and Wireless Braille are three options for people who are blind or visually impaired.

A ramp or a lift can be installed in accessible vehicles to accommodate disabled people who require wheelchairs. Drivers are also available to assist.

Mobility Managers

Mobility Managers are those who manage the local transportation services for Transit and Human Service Agencies. This service is like that as if you had your own travel agent. Mobility Management Programs are available in many states. You can ask the managers about coordinating rides for disabled people or how to locate rides on your own.


Disabled people can use Paratransit if they cannot use general public transportation. Most metropolises and some rural areas offer paratransit services that deliver passengers door-to-door. The Paratransit service uses taxis, vans, and minibusses with wheelchair accessibility.

Assisting the disabled into and out of the vehicle is part of the Paratransit service’s responsibilities. In addition to being operated at the same hours as buses and trains, Paratransit vehicles travel on the same routes. As a result, it is much easier and more accessible for people with disabilities. As with the bus fare, its cost is the same.

If one wishes to qualify for Paratransit service, they must submit an application explaining why they cannot use public transportation due to their disability. The form must also be signed by a healthcare professional. Upon approval, you will receive a pass that helps you schedule rides.


The name should be clear to you. Even though it suggests this is a service for the elderly, it is not. Disability-related services are available through Eldercare Locator for people aged 21 to 64. Get assistance from them by calling the toll-free number – 1-800-677-1116 between 9 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday. The following transportation programs can be accessed through them –

  • Demand response transportation – also known as Paratransit
  • Transportation websites with one-click access
  • Conversion of vehicles
  • License tags and parking placards that are accessible
  • Discounts and fares for public transportation
  • Train the trainer programs for travel
  • Vouchers for transportation
  • Services for managing mobile devices
  • Transport programs involving volunteers

Charities that offer free transportation for Disabled

Several charities provide free transportation and ride to people with disabilities, as noted earlier. You can learn more about the following charities and their programs by checking out their websites.

National Aging Network

To provide free transportation for the disabled and elderly, the National Aging Network was launched. The organization’s network covers various counties. This program assists the elderly, disabled, and people with disabilities. On the Aging Centers Agency website, you can find this program.

The Salvation Army

Apart from providing food, clothes, furniture, and other essentials for life, the Salvation Army provides free car rides for disabled people through its ‘Share a Ride’ program. Volunteer Driver Programs include this program.

Volunteer Driver Programs

Several charitable and non-profit organizations offer Volunteer Driver Programs to help people with disabilities get free transportation. Individuals and businesses donate money to fund such programs. Volunteer drivers for the Salvation Army are also part of the program.

How to apply for Free Transportation services for disabled

Free transportation services for the disabled are available through several programs, as mentioned above. All of these services are available to you based on your needs. In addition to paratransit and wheelchair assistance, the Human Social Services Agencies run local programs in their communities.

For free transportation assistance for the disabled, you can also use the Medicare, Medicaid, and Eldercare Locator services. If you need further assistance, you can call 1-800-677-1116 toll-free.

You can find free transportation for disabled people through volunteer programs run by local charitable organizations. If you need further assistance, you can contact organizations like St. Vincent De Paul, The Salvation Army, and so on.


Q1. Can I travel on disability?

Ans: Using free public transportation services is possible if you are disabled.

Q2. How do I schedule a ride with Medicare?

Ans: The number for scheduling your ride is 1-877-931-4755 (TTY 711). You can reach us Monday through Friday between 7 am and 7 pm. You must schedule your appointment within five business days if you need an urgent one. In case of an urgent appointment, you must act quickly.

Q3. Does SSI provide transportation?

Ans: It is possible for individuals receiving SSI or SSDI to keep their benefits. It is also possible for them to receive assistance with transportation costs if they are eligible. Additionally, PASS and IREW benefits can be obtained by those who have recently been employed or have a goal of becoming employed.


These were the free transportation options near me for the disabled. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. Please share other ways to get free transportation for the disabled in the comments section.

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