Government Free iPhone Programs

Government Free iPhone Programs – There is great concern that the world must remain connected, which has fueled the demand for communication devices. The financial constraints of many economically disadvantaged households prevent them from purchasing smart devices or internet services.

Government Free iPhone Programs
Government Free iPhone Programs

Free or Discounted Phones Offered By The Free Government Phone Programs

Several phone programs run by the United States government provide free and discounted phones to low-income Americans. Wireless carriers operate these programs to make phones more accessible to financially challenged people by providing various plans and discounts.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline Assistance, two of the most widely known government assistance programs, give eligible households a discounted or free smartphone and attractive discount rates on their telephone service.

A program like ACP helps individuals connect to a landline telephone when they move into a new residence. You can learn more about each government program below and how to apply for a free or discounted phone.

Free iPhone Affordable Connectivity Program

It is almost as if the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) in January 2023. ACP is available to households earning up to or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. The ACP may also be available if you qualify for government assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI.

Upon acceptance into ACP, you will be eligible to save up to $30 per month on broadcast internet services. A free or discounted smartphone can also be purchased with this discount.

The ACP program can be applied for by visiting the website of your network access provider or checking the FCC’s website. Your income and address will be requested as part of the application process.

Free iPhone Lifeline Assistance Program 

Those who qualify for Lifeline Assistance Program receive free or discounted phone service. To qualify, your family income must be less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. Through this program, eligible households can receive a monthly phone service discount of up to $9.25. For more information, please see the official Lifeline website. 

Free iPhone FCC Low Income Phone Program

This program offers Low-income families and individuals free wireless phones or discounted wireless plans. Several wireless carriers in your area are participating in this program, so you must look into the various plans available. Details about the Low Income Phone Program are on the FCC’s website.

Free iPhone Link Up America

Using the Link Up America Program, people can pay landline phone activation and installation fees. The cost can be concealed to half, up to $30. Visit their website for more information.

Free iPhone Tribal Link-Up 

The Tribal Link-Up program makes Link Up America benefits available to Alaska Native villages and members of federally recognized Indian tribes. The expense is hidden to 90%, up to $100. Visit the Official Site for more information.

Free iPhone EBB Programs

Thus, the United States government has made it possible to provide low-income families with free or discounted access to high-speed internet and communications devices.

Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) are one of these programs. You can get free iPhone with EBB program and other benefits. 

The program requires that individuals meet certain income and residency requirements. Furthermore, members should have a functioning wireless number and an active email address. A confirmation email will be sent to those chosen with instructions on completing an online application. Once the application is complete, members need to confirm their pay and residency. If accepted, eligible participants will receive a voucher for a new iPhone from a participating retailer.  

Providers are participating in the EBB program to offer a Free iPhone.

EBB providers usually provide free government Android phones. There are a few suppliers, however, who provide free iPhones to qualifying families. Here is a list of companies participating in the EBB program and offering free iPhones.

NewPhone Wireless Free iPhone

NewPhone Wireless is another provider participating in Lifeline and ACP programs. As part of the program, the company provides eligible participants with free smartphones and free monthly wireless services.

Cintex Wireless Free iPhone

Cintex Wireless is an American wireless service provider participating in the EBB program and provides services in five states: Maine, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Maryland, and West Virginia. Families eligible for the service receive a 4G-5G LTE smartphone and free monthly minutes, texts, and data.

SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone

A Lifeline provider, SafeLink Wireless, gives eligible customers free or discounted iPhones.

Access Wireless Free iPhone

Access Wireless, a Lifeline provider, offers qualified clients free or discounted iPhones. Contact your local government or a Lifeline provider to determine if you qualify for a free or discounted iPhone.

Assurance Wireless Free iPhone

Assurance Wireless is another Lifeline provider offering eligible customers free or discounted iPhones.

SFone Wireless Free iPhone

EBB program participants can also purchase iPhones from SFone Wireless. There are some states where the supplier offers services, including Arkansas, West Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

Other Benefits Available from the EBB Program

A free iPhone or cell phone is one of the benefits suppliers offer under the EBB program.

Benefits of the EBB program include the following:

  • The savings on internet services can amount to $30 a month for eligible families and $75 a month for eligible households on tribal lands.
  • A participating provider will offer households that qualify a one-time discount of up to $100 when they contribute between $10 and $50 toward the purchase price of a computer, laptop, or tablet in the government assistance program.

What is the best carrier for the free Government Phone?

Remember a few things when selecting a carrier for your free Government iPhone. One of the most important factors is the model of your phone. A carrier with good coverage and a fast, reliable network is essential if you have an iPhone. Consider features like unlimited data, messaging, and international calling if you travel abroad.

It is also important to consider what kind of service you need. You can get basic voice and text service from any carrier if that’s all you need. If you need to stream music or video, ensure you select a carrier whose data plans will not interfere with your internet connection if you require more data-intensive services. 

The fine print of any service must be carefully read before signing up. You will be able to keep your free government iPhone experience positive from beginning to end by understanding the terms and conditions of the service agreement.

You will ultimately need to determine which carrier is right for you based on your needs. The best free government device can be selected by evaluating your phone type and what kind of administration you need. 

Several carriers participate in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) EBB program, including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Finding a free Government iPhone X is possible if you want an advanced iPhone model.


How much is the price of a free government iPhone?

Those who qualify for Lifeline Assistance receive a free government iPhone and up to 250 minutes of monthly talk time. It is free to use the phone and all of its features.

How can I receive a free government iPhone?

The government’s Lifeline Assistance program is the only way to obtain a free iPhone. Medicaid and food stamps are two of the assistance programs that you may qualify for if you meet certain income requirements. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a free phone and monthly minutes.

What are the income requirements for the Lifeline Assistance program?

A free government iPhone will be given to anyone whose household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. This income corresponds to a person’s annual income of $16,245 or a family’s annual income of $33,534. You can also qualify for assistance by participating in programs like Medicaid or food stamps.


There have been some changes to the previous EBB program, including the addition of the ACP program. This article aims to inform you about the government’s free iPhone program under the EBB program. We hope you have found it useful. You should be able to get your free iPhone soon.

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