How to Cancel QLink Wireless Services?

Want to know How to Cancel QLink Wireless Services even after being a leading provider of government assistance program-eligible wireless services, Qlink Wireless provides wireless services and plans. Qlink has various plans, from basic text and talk to more comprehensive data packages.

How to Cancel QLink Wireless Services
How to Cancel QLink Wireless Services?

Qlink Wireless may need to be canceled at some point in the future. The service is no longer needed, or you’ve found a better deal elsewhere. To ensure the switch runs smoothly without any hiccups, you should know how to cancel Qlink Wireless service.

What is Qlink Wireless?

The company has served more than 4 million customers for over 10 years and is the nation’s leading Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provider. The mission of Q Link Wireless is to keep qualified Americans and their families connected to the world, regardless of their income level.

The nation’s largest 4G LTE/5G network is available to approved Q Link Wireless customers for FREE. They also won’t have to worry about bills, credit checks, fees, or contracts.

The Lifeline and ACP programs allow QLink Wireless to provide the same fast and reliable mobile service as other major providers at no charge. As an additional feature, customers can receive their monthly plan on their smartphone and through their phone number.

The Reasons You Might Want To Cancel QLink

It might be a good idea to cancel your QLink mobile service if you lost or stolen it. The service can be canceled immediately to avoid additional charges from third parties.

The QLink free phone calls plan may have to be canceled if you become ineligible for service due to financial hardship, career change, or a new job.

If the service is unsatisfactory or you plan to relocate, you may cancel your service. The T-Mobile network of QLink in this area either needs better coverage or more service.

It may also be that you don’t like your current service provider or find a better deal elsewhere. There is always the possibility of being tempted by special discounts or other incredible deals that are offered by service providers to new customers and canceling your existing service as a result.

Things to Know Before Canceling QLink Wireless Service

There are a few factors you should consider before you learn how to cancel QLink Wireless services –

Pay Your Bills

The QLink service will only be canceled when all pending dues are paid, and no more bills are to be paid. When you have a clear billing history, canceling QLink wireless service will be easier.

Have a Data Backup

Data backups are required once you have decided to change your telecommunications service. Having a QLink device that you acquired through a QLink lease program or a Lifeline program requires this. A data backup is optional if you want one.

Change Your Number

Your current number is up to you whether you want to change or keep it. You will be prompted to change your number when canceling the QLink service.

Get the documents ready.

To cancel QLink wireless service smoothly, you must have the necessary identification and mobile phone documents. You wouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary hassles.

How to Cancel QLink Wireless Service?

You can cancel QLink wireless service in several ways. Each of them is covered below –

Cancel QLink Wireless Service by Phone

QLink wireless service can be canceled using your mobile phone, which is the simplest and most convenient method. It is as simple as contacting customer support (1-855-754-6543) and asking them to cancel your service. The customer service representative will ask a few questions to help you cancel the service.

They will be responsible for most of the work. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The service is available on weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can access online support by visiting their website and filling out the form.

Cancel QLink Wireless Service Online

Contact the customer service team online if you wish to cancel QLink Wireless service permanently. The following step-by-step guide will help you cancel QLink wireless service online if you wish to do something other than do so.

  • The first step is to visit QLink Wireless’ official website.
  • The QLink login page appears once you have logged in.
  • Then click “Cancel Service” and follow the instructions displayed. Once you have done so, you will see the option to cancel the service.
  • The company cannot provide you with any services after the cancellation is successful.

You can cancel QLink Wireless online easily by following these steps.

QLink Wireless Service Cancellation In-Store

You need to perform some steps to cancel QLink wireless service. The QLink store can cancel your QLink wireless service if you wish to avoid doing those procedures alone.

Cancellation of automatic services

Your QLink wireless service may be automatically canceled under certain circumstances.

The following are some of them:

  • The Lifeline program is no longer available to you. Lifeline recertification must be completed within two months of receiving notification that you need to do so.
  • If you lose or steal your mobile phone.
  • If your account is inactive for 45 days, it will be automatically deactivated. If you wish to continue the service, you will be notified after 30 days.
  • You cannot continue your QLink service if violence is committed against any QLink official.

Steps to Cancel QLink Wireless Services?

Low-income families and individuals can get free or low-cost cell phones through QLink Wireless, a government-sponsored service provider. Consider several things if you wish to cancel QLink Wireless service.

Step 1: Check your contract

To determine your options for canceling your QLink Wireless service, you should review your contract to find out if you’re still under contract or free to cancel anytime. Sometimes, you may be required to pay an early termination fee or meet other requirements to cancel your service if you are still under contract.

Step 2: Check Your Usage

If you wish to cancel your service, you must know your usage. Should you wish to cancel your service, you should ensure that there are no outstanding usage fees or charges.

Step 3: Choose a replacement service

You must choose a replacement service before you cancel your QLink Wireless service. The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government-sponsored program that offers low-cost and prepaid cell phone plans. You can also check out alternative providers offering low-cost or prepaid plans.

Step 4: Let QLink Wireless know you want to cancel

It’s time to notify QLink Wireless of your intent to cancel after reviewing your contract, your usage and choosing a replacement service. If you would like to contact the customer support team, you can do so by calling the hotline. If you wish to cancel your service with QLink Wireless, please provide your account information, the date you wish to cancel, and any other relevant details.

Step 5: Verify the cancellation

You should receive a cancellation confirmation from QLink Wireless once you’ve notified them of your cancellation intent. You should receive a confirmation indicating the date your service will be canceled and any other information relevant to the cancellation. To ensure that you have a copy of the confirmation, make sure to keep a copy.

Step 6: Send your phone back

You must return your QLink Wireless phone before your service is canceled if your service includes a phone. QLink Wireless will provide you with instructions on how to return your phone. You should follow these instructions and take any steps necessary to protect your personal information.

Step 7: Make a data transfer

Any important data on your phone must be moved to a new device or stored in a cloud-based service before you cancel your QLink Wireless service. You want to keep important data, such as contacts, photos, and videos.

Step 8: Close the account

QLink Wireless should send you a bill containing any final charges or fees once your service has been canceled. Your QLink Wireless account can be closed once you have paid any outstanding charges.

How Long Does It Take To Cancel Q Link Wireless Service?

When you want to cancel your QLink wireless service, it all depends on how you want to cancel it and why you want to cancel it. The service won’t be accessible within a few minutes if the cancellation is made by mobile phone.

What Happens If You Cancel The Service?

The free SIM card cannot be used after successfully canceling your QLink wireless service. A call or text message cannot be made, or a data connection cannot be established.

It is possible, however, to reactivate your account under certain circumstances. It can be reactivated if you no longer qualify for the Lifeline program and it becomes permanently deactivated. The process should be completed as soon as possible. You might have to change your number after canceling your QLink wireless service, and your saved voicemail might be lost.


Can I Keep My Phone After Cancelling Q Link Phone Service?

When you cancel the Q Link service, Q Link may take your device. It’s still being determined, however, whether they will. The device may be taken away or allowed to stay. It is impossible to tell. If you bring your device to Q Link Wireless, it won’t be accepted. Switching to another provider will be easier since purchasing another device will not be needed.

Will I Have to Pay a Fee if I Terminate my QLink Wireless Service?

No! Qlink will not charge you. Following the instructions provided earlier in the text is all you have to do. Should you be required to pay termination fees, please contact Qlink WirelessWireless, as this is an act of fraud. Your service can be canceled at any time without being charged.

It is possible, however, for them to charge you in certain cases. You can replace or add to your existing Qlink wireless plan if you intend to do so. However, the company may sometimes charge you money. For instance, if you want to purchase add-ons to your current plan or replace your phone (for which a $25 charge will apply).

How Do I Change From QLink to A Different Free Phone Service?

It is the next step after canceling Qlink wireless service to switch to a different service provider. When your contract has ended, you don’t have any debts, and you still have your former phone number; switching is relatively easy.


The following steps will guide you through the cancellation of your QLink Wireless service. Check your contract, check your usage, choose a replacement service, notify QLink Wireless of your intention to cancel, confirm the cancellation, return your phone, transfer your data, and close your account. These steps will guide you to cancel QLink Wireless service with ease. 

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