How to Get a Donated Car from Goodwill

How to Get a Donated Car from Goodwill: When working hard and becoming self-sufficient, owning a vehicle can greatly help. People responsible for their household may struggle to manage everything – work, groceries, school, and kids. As a result, it is equally difficult for them to purchase a car on their own since it is so pricey. What if I told you you could get a donated car from Goodwill?

How to Get a Donated Car from Goodwill
How to Get a Donated Car from Goodwill

What is Goodwill?

Those of you who are unaware of Goodwill Car Donations are familiar that it is a well-known organization that provides various services, including employment, job training, and other such support, to low-income families, disabled individuals, and disadvantaged individuals.

It has been more than 100 years since Goodwill has provided dignity to needy people. Donated cars are also available through Goodwill’s various initiatives. You can find more information about this in the following article. You can also get a free car through other organizations.

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How to Get a Donated Car From Goodwill

Yes, of course. Goodwill accepts donations of cars. Low-income people can purchase a car at Goodwill through low-cost financing plans. Besides the Salvation Army,, Good News Garage, 800-Charity Cars, etc., you can also use other organizations to get a free car donation. 

Wheels for Work Program – Goodwill cars for sale

We recommend applying for the wheels for work program if you want to receive a donated car from Goodwill. The Wheels for Work program was created to provide low-income families with vehicles enabling them to travel, do a job, and continue their day-to-day activities.

This program offers low-cost financing and leasing plans, and the Wheels for Work program even offers free donated cars. The resources available to this program are limited, just like those available to any other program. As a result, there are eligibility requirements for this program.

This program requires certain documents for proof, such as a driver’s license and proof of residence. It is also required that you still need to register a car in your name. A background check should also be passed, and you should have no drug offenses. Goodwill will also give you a car if you’ve worked the same job for six months or a year.

Contact the Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services can also help you get a donated car from Goodwill through its Wheels for Work program. This is a great option if you’re looking for a Goodwill car.

It is important to note that the process varies from state to state, but most states require that individuals apply for and receive cars from Goodwill through the Department of Human Services.

A car is only provided to those needing one under the Wheels for Work program. The local social worker determines whether or not the need is genuine. You can find the DHS office nearest you by visiting your state’s official website.

You can ask for an application for Wheels for Work and inform this department that you are interested in applying. Remember to keep track of any updates and deadlines regarding the application so that you can take advantage of your chance.

Contact Goodwill

Some states might only work well with human services at some times since all states do not regulate them. Alternatively, you can visit the local Goodwill organization office or contact Goodwill directly through their official website. Their stores are spread across more than 3200 locations, so it should be easy for you to find one near you.

Other Organizations that offer a Free Car

Numerous organizations, apart from Goodwill, provide free cars to low-income and needy people. You can get a donated car near me for free through the following popular and reliable organizations.

The Salvation Army

Is the salvation army unknown to you? The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations working to help people deprived of life’s necessities.

The organization provides low-income families the food, clothing, shelter, furniture, transportation assistance, and many other necessities. 

As part of its charitable work, this organization also holds car auctions for people in need to give them vehicle access. It tends to be people who have an old car they want to get rid of and use for someone who can benefit from it and donate it to them.

A salvation army representative can help you with the next steps if you visit the official website or nearby office to get assistance getting a car.

Cars can be donated to needy individuals and families through Online Car Donation, a well-known nonprofit organization. You can contact them if you want a free vehicle and meet the eligibility requirements.

The organization also provides trucks, vans, and sometimes modified vehicles to those in need. Obtaining a free car requires filling out as much of the application as possible and applying online.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be notified within 30 days if you’ve been selected. Please note that you should reapply if you are still awaiting their response.


Cars4Christmas is one of the affiliate groups of Cars 4 Heroes. Rather than serving only veterans and first responders, it provides free and basic transportation to everyone.

Whether it’s an illness, tragedy, death, disability, or even natural disaster, this organization aims to help as many people as possible.

Averaging around 20 vehicles are given away each year, all of which are donated. They receive more than 20,000 applications every year. You should still apply even if you have slim chances of receiving a car from this organization.

If you qualify, the organization can connect you to a private donor who wants to help you or may know of another organization that can assist you.

Good News Garage

Its Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont programs provide free cars to those in need through a not-for-profit, location-based charity.

The eligibility criteria for Wheels to Work programs vary from state to state. Moreover, the JumpStart program can help individuals ineligible for Wheels to Work by providing refurbished, donated cars at an affordable, subsidized price.

They also provide links to free and affordable transportation options on their “Other Transportation Resources” page.

A free car is provided to beneficiaries by OnlineCarDonation. As a member of the network, this charity organization provides free cars to the disabled and the needy.

To receive a free car from, you must be homeless, disabled, a veteran, a domestic violence victim, a member of the military or their families, or a family trying to become self-sufficient without government assistance.

They have a very simple application process. Providing some basic personal information and describing your needs is all you will need to do.

The staff will review your application after you submit it and check their inventory to see if they can assist you. Upon selecting a free car, you will be notified by phone or e-mail within 30 days.


Free cars are provided to military veterans, first responders, and their families by Cars4Heroes, an organization that enjoys tremendous popularity.

Applicants must fill out the application form with details such as their military branch, their years of service, the first responder they served in, their reason for needing a car, and any other information they think is relevant.

If you do not get an application on the first try, you may be able to get one later if your application is kept on file for three years. Your application can be resubmitted if you are still waiting to hear back after thirty days.

800-Charity Cars

When it comes to ‘Where can I get a free donated car?’, 1-800-Charity Cars provides accessible vehicles to individuals and groups of all ages. Car owners donate cars to charity to fulfill the organization’s mission.

Each state has a different threshold for what constitutes low-income families. Low-income families generally have an annual household income of less than $40,000 annually.

A donated vehicle is allocated to needy families when the organization receives it. People on the list of those who need cars can get them.

Towing arrangements and vehicle repairs are the organization’s responsibility before it is offered to you for free. Please find out more about car donations on their official website.

A person or family of a victim of domestic violence, a medically unfit individual, a veteran or family member of a military member, a disaster victim, a family transitioning from public assistance to self-sufficiency, a family living in the transitional living shelter, a family working, a nonprofit organization, etc., can benefit from this program.

Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change helps families with their transportation needs in Maryland and Virginia. As part of its socially responsible mission, the organization collaborates with other organizations to provide free cars to low-income families.

If you wish to apply for a donated car, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a verifiable job offer.
  • You must be working at least 30 hours per week.
  • You must have a driver’s license in your state of residence.
  • You must not have a DWI or DUI on your driving record.
  • You must be able to afford the ongoing costs of car ownership (fuel, insurance, repairs, etc.).
  • You must be able to pay for the title, tags, and taxes.

Members of the partner social service and job readiness agencies are also eligible to participate in Vehicles for Change’s car award program.

The program provides vehicles and low-interest loans to low-income families. They list several options for finding a free or cheap car in those areas.

Working Cars for Working Families

Working families can obtain a reliable car at a fair price through this organization and through the NCLC (National Consumer Law Center). Several nonprofits collaborate with the organization to improve public policy, collect data, and promote transportation services for struggling families.

The company has a huge database of places to find a free car nearby. Apply for those organizations that fit your circumstances in the database since there may be several requirements.

Other Ways to get a Free Car for low-income people

You can also get a free car or a car for a lower price using many other methods besides those mentioned above. We have listed some of the ways that may help find a free car for low-income families and the needy. 

Check Craigslist

It is possible to find almost anything and everything on Craigslist at lower prices. It’s worth checking Craigslist if you want a free or cheaper car. A website such as Craigslist connects you with sellers and dealers wishing to sell their old cars and other items for a lower price.

Check Facebook Marketplace

A Facebook Marketplace part of Facebook is very similar to Craigslist, an online classifieds website. This app has many listings of various items in your local area. A specific search can also be posted if you want something in particular. There is something to gain from trying it.

Look for a Job that offers a car

You can also get a car through several jobs. As a delivery person, for example, you may be given your truck or car to carry heavy-duty materials. If you need a vehicle, this is an excellent way to obtain one for free. This ISS requires no maintenance, making it the perfect option for busy people.

Request for a car from a local dealer

It is common to see local car dealers and garage owners with plenty of cars lying around. They can certainly do the job, even if they need to be in better condition. If the nearby vehicle dealer has a spare car that can handle the minimum tasks, asking would be no harm.

Ask for help at Church

When you need help, the Church is a great place to contact. To help those in need, most churches accept donations from individuals and organizations. If you ask for help at your local Church, you can apply for a donated car near me. Depending on the situation, the respective authorities can assist you. It is possible to find several Church donated cars for sale on the market.


You can use crowdfunding to get money for expenses you cannot cover alone. Buying a car for a lower price is possible with the help of nonprofit organizations like GoFundMe.

The people who find your story true will feel comfortable donating a certain amount to you to buy a car if you are comfortable opening up about yourself and your story. GoFundMe or are websites where you can post donation requests.

How to Donate a Vehicle to Goodwill

It is common for our old vehicles to become useless after we purchase a new one. Nevertheless, you can make good use of it by offering it to someone who needs it. The following is a step-by-step guide on donating a vehicle to Goodwill if you want to do so. First of all, donating a vehicle to Goodwill is a shocking decision.

  1. You can donate a car or vehicle to Goodwill by visiting their official website and filling out the car donation form. Contact 866-233-8586 to speak directly with a representative about the next steps.
  2. You can expect a response within 24 hours after filling out the form. Arrangements will be made for vehicle pick-up free of charge.
  3. As an acknowledgment and record of your donation, you will be given a receipt when the vehicle is picked up from your location.
  4. Goodwill will auction off the car once it is at the organization. Goodwill uses the proceeds from such auctions to fund mission-focused programs.
  5. All tax deduction documentation will be sent to you once Goodwill sells your vehicle.

Donated Vehicles Available at Goodwill

The following vehicles are accepted and provided for donation by Goodwill. Donating a vehicle to Goodwill does not necessarily require it to be in good working condition. Towing your vehicle will be easier if all tires are present. In addition to the license plate, all belongings must be removed from the vehicle.

Vehicles donated at Goodwill: 

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • RVs


Q1. What company gives away cars?

Ans: It refurbishes older, used cars and gives them to less fortunate people through the Willie B Foundation.

Q2. How do I register my car as a charity?

Ans: If you change your vehicle, you can use the online or charity parking permit application form (PDF file) to register by post. The permit will be invalidated immediately if lost or stolen.

Q3. What does NPR do with donated cars?

Ans: You can donate your car at your convenience, and we will pick it up for free. You choose the public radio station to benefit from the vehicle’s auction. Getting started is easy; you can get started by calling or submitting a form. Give an NPR station your vehicle by calling or clicking today!


A vehicle can be a great help to someone who is trying to be self-sufficient. Good transportation services are necessary today, and many jobs can be easily accomplished with their assistance. Our goal is to help you access a vehicle through the above article.

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