How to Monetize your videos on Rumble

How to Monetize your videos on Rumble – The question may arise in your mind if you are a video content creator wondering how you can earn money on Rumble. The importance of monetization must be considered when selecting a video platform. In addition to providing creators with multiple ways to make money, Rumble also provides a range of features for advertisers. 

How to Monetize your videos on Rumble
How to Monetize your videos on Rumble

The Rumble website has grown to become a destination for independent video producers. It has over 350,000 content producers uploading videos. This platform connects video content producers with distributors who broadcast the content simultaneously on other channels, allowing individuals to share their video material with publishers. 

It has been very tolerant and has allowed its members the freedom to think they can share their unique ideas with the world, especially in an era when some content producers think YouTube is unjust. Search engine results won’t hide or lose them, in particular. 

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What is Rumble?

Users can monetize their videos by advertising, sponsoring, and subscribing to Rumble, a video-sharing platform. It can also be embedded on other websites, shared across social media platforms, and provides viewer analytics, so it’s an attractive option for video creators looking to monetize their videos.

How Does Rumble Work?

Rumble allows anyone to upload and share videos. It is an online platform that allows user-generated content (UGC). The platform is free to use, and it is open to everyone. The site allows content creators to create a free account and upload videos immediately.

The company makes money through advertising and media partners like MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, and MSN. Content creators share revenue with the platform based on their videos’ performance. The creator will earn a share of the revenue if a partner uses the video or generates views through advertising.

How to use the Rumble Video Platform?

New Rumble users can use the Rumble Video Platform if they’ve never used it. There is no doubt that this section will answer all of your questions. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to learn how to use the platform.

  • Create a Rumble account.
  • To create a profile, you must provide your name, user name, password, address, birth date, and other information.
  • Select the Rumble account of your choice. You can choose from four options: Free, Publisher, Business, or Personal.
  • Create a Rumble account and start uploading your creative and informative videos.
  • By using the internet, you will be able to live to stream your videos online.

How to Become a Rumble Creator?

You will need to create a Rumble account before you can become a Rumble Creator. Once that has been done, you must create a channel. The videos you upload or promote to your channel can be uploaded or promoted once you create the channel. Your channel must be monetized to monetize your videos. Click on your channel settings’ “monetization” tab to do this.

You must set up a payment method once you have enabled monetization. You can enable payments method by entering your bank account information in the “Payment Methods” section of your account settings. Your videos will earn revenue once you’ve set up a payment method.

How to monetize Videos on Rumble?

The Rumble platform is the best place for content creators to explore innovative ideas and earn money. Rumble approves user accounts if the content is of value. Additionally, when it comes to monetization, each account has a different process, and users are paid according to how often their content is shared. You can see what accounts are available by looking at the table below.

Personal Account

Your Rumble videos will be shared only with family and friends after you have created a personal account. Your videos aren’t visible to other users.

Free Account

Those who have free accounts on the Rumble app can only share their videos on the Rumble app, not elsewhere. Rumble will approve your video for $50, and it will appear on the first page for $100 if approved. Ad revenue can be earned at a 60% rate if Rumble advertisers approve and connect your content.

Business Account

You can upload any video related to business ideas if you have a business account on Rumble. The videos you upload will be ad-free, and you will be paid $25 monthly.

Publisher Account

You can share your videos on YouTube and other platforms if you have a publisher account on Rumble. You will receive 90% of the revenue earned by your YouTube video and 69% earned by your other video.

Benefits of Monetizing Videos on Rumble

Rumble videos can be monetized in several ways.

  • Your content can be used for generating revenue first and foremost.
  • Additionally, it can drive traffic to your website or blog and build an audience for your videos.
  • Additionally, it can be used as a valuable marketing tool to reach new customers and promote your brand.

Here are the steps for submitting your videos for monetization review

  • Register at and log in.
  • You can find the video you want to monetize in your Video Manager.
  • You can edit the video by clicking “Edit.”
  • Click on “Monetization” under Publishing Options in the left sidebar.
  • Click save changes at the bottom of the page to agree to our Ad Revenue Share Agreement for U.S.-based channels.
  • After your video has been approved for ads, it will undergo a review process where we will ensure it meets our monetization criteria.
  • Your content will start earning revenue as soon as you are approved.

What Sort of Videos Make Money on Rumble?

There are two answers to this question. Video content that gets a lot of views makes the most money. Second, videos that generate a lot of advertising revenue are the ones that make the most money.

Videos with entertaining, informative, or both characteristics do well regarding views. Therefore, you’ll need to invest some effort into making your videos engaging and high-quality. Then you’re well on your way to making money on Rumble if you can manage that.

Tips & Tricks For Maximizing Video Monetization Success on Rumble

When monetizing your videos on Rumble, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure your videos are engaging: If your videos are engaging, they’re more likely to be watched all the way through, which is vital for ads to appear.
  • Ensure your videos are under 10 minutes long: By doing this, you prevent people from getting bored and clicking away before the ads can play.
  • It would help if you used keywords and tags wisely: Use relevant keywords in your title and description so viewers can find and watch your videos.
  • Make your thumbnails attractive: The thumbnail will entice people to check out your video, so ensure the image is attractive and represents the video well.
  • Use social media platforms: Promote your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and share them on Instagram so that as many people can see them as possible and have the potential to be profitable.

What is the main difference between Rumble and YouTube?

User-generated video content can be shared on platforms like Rumble and YouTube. Users upload content on the platform, and the platform pays for it. Rumble can only monetize users’ accounts if they have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Rumble, however, doesn’t require any such criteria. Earning money from Rumble is easier than earning money from YouTube. Rumble doesn’t need to meet any particular criteria before monetizing users’ content. YouTube also allows users to upload their videos.

What are the Pros and Cons of Rumble?


  • Users can express their opinions freely.
  • You can earn a lot of money by uploading your content.
  • Rumble tools provide immediate response and are easy to use.
  • Everyone has an equal chance on the platform.


  • As of now, YouTube is ahead of Rumble.
  • YouTube’s upload speed is faster than Rumble’s.
  • There are fewer subscribers on Rumble than there are on YouTube. Rumble has fewer users than YouTube.
  • The Rumble application asks the user for access to the Publish account of the user. Users’ Rumble rights are not required for sharing videos on other platforms. Those with non-exclusive rights cannot share their videos elsewhere.

How to maximize Rumble Revenue?

Rumble revenue can be maximized by keeping a few things in mind. It is possible to increase your channel subscribers and followers by keeping the rules in mind. You must read to learn the rules leading to a new market and new customers.

  • You should not repost videos you’ve already uploaded. Your previous video can be reused to upload on other sites.
  • You can tag as many videos as you like on Rumble. You can earn $0.5 for each video you tag on Rumble.
  • Make sure you don’t violate any copyright policies.
  • Your video should not contain offensive, illegal, or disturbing clips, such as those that harm animals, people, or the environment.
  • If you need to earn more money, switch to the publisher account.


Should You Start Making Videos for Rumble?

Content creators who want to earn money will benefit from making videos for Rumble if they’re looking for new income streams. Those willing to work hard on it can expect good revenue potential.

However, it is important to remember that there is no guarantee that you will make any money using this platform. The chances of earning some income from Rumble are good if you create high-quality, engaging videos.

Can You Use Rumble and YouTube Together?

You can maximize your earnings by using both Rumble and YouTube together. Regardless of your level of experience, this method will work for you. 

You have the best chance of making money and getting views by uploading your videos to both Rumble and YouTube. Rumble is less popular than YouTube, so you might find it harder to earn exclusive views and money there. YouTube lets you get the best of both worlds by uploading your videos there.

How many views are required to make money with Rumble videos?

The amount of money generated by videos varies depending on several factors. One consideration is the type of license you want for your videos (once your videos are uploaded, you can choose the license).  

You’ll also need to consider the type and quality of advertisements on your videos. Some niches pay more per thousand views compared to others. You do not have to watch a minimum number of hours to earn ad income.

Upon approval for monetization, you will be able to generate revenue from your videos. I will tell you how to monetize your videos on Rumble so you can make money. I hope you found it helpful and are ready to take action.


It is incredibly simple and straightforward to make money from Rumble. This article outlines the steps you can follow to get up and running in no time on Rumble so you can start earning income from your videos immediately. The user interface of Rumble is simple, and its library of features is extensive, so content creators have ample opportunities to make money with it.

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