How to split screen in mac

How to split screen in mac: Using a split screen is one of the best ways to view multiple tabs on one screen without everything getting muddled. A split screen contains two or more sections, each displaying different information. Working in these sections is more efficient and allows you to see more information without using a second monitor.

How to split screen in mac
How to split screen in mac

The good news is that anyone with an updated Mac can use your Mac’s Split View mode in newer macOS versions. Using Split View on a Mac is one of the best ways to make the most of your computer, and this guide will show you how.

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What is a split screen?

Macs support split screens, allowing you to run two different applications or windows simultaneously. Information is simultaneously seen, heard, and absorbed by users. Non-split screen users may find this intimidating initially, but it’s an effective and convenient way to separate work and eliminate trackpad gestures and app switching.

What is the benefit of it for productivity? Focusing on the tasks at hand is essential to being productive.

It is possible to run one or more applications simultaneously by splitting screens based on users’ work. It is even possible to run multiple applications on dual monitors. Split screens are particularly useful for editors. Having two screens makes importing files easier since drag-and-drop is common nowadays. You can also use this feature instead of buying monitors that consume a lot of space.

How to split screen in mac?

To accomplish more, multitaskers should use a split view. You can get frustrated by constantly switching between several apps and windows, particularly if you need the same information from both windows simultaneously. It is much easier to work when the two windows are side by side. 

Thanks to Apple’s split-screen view feature, you can place two apps or windows next to each other on your screen. You can save time by not switching screens since everything you need is on one screen.

Get started with Split View on Mac

Step 1: Split your screen into two or more separate windows by opening two or more windows. It could be browser windows, apps, or documents. You’ll find three colored dots in the upper-left corner of the first window: red, yellow, and green. These control the window.

Step 2: The Green dot displays two small “expand” arrows when you hover your cursor over it. You can enter full screen by holding down on this Green dot, enlarge the Tile window on the left or right, or enter full screen by holding down on this Green dot. If you select the second or third option, that display portion will be filled with the window.

Step 3: Your Split View has one-half completed. A thumbnail of the first app is displayed on one side of the screen, and thumbnails of any open windows are displayed on the other. Split View mode is completed by selecting the other window you want to use in Split View mode, which expands to fill the void. Switching your primary focus is as simple as tapping either window.

How Do You Split Screen On A Mac Without Full Screen?

The Mac offers you the option of manually resizing and arranging the windows if you don’t like the full-screen mode of Split View.

  • You can resize the app window by dragging its sides or corners.
  • Just click anywhere on the window’s top bar and drag it to the desired location.
  • The rest of the steps should be repeated as well.

Even though this method may be less visually appealing, it gives you the option of fitting three or four windows instead of just two.

Note: This may not work with your Macbook Pro, as its display may need to be bigger to accommodate too many windows.

What Is The Keyboard Shortcut For Splitting Screens On Mac?

The split screen on Mac does not have a dedicated shortcut if you’re used to keyboard shortcuts. It is still possible to take action, however.

You can, for example, use this semi-shortcut:

  • By pressing Control + Command + F, you can make your desired window full-screen
  • Mission Control can be accessed by using the F3 button, using the keyboard, or using the gestures discussed above.
  • Using the full-screen app, select the second app you wish to use.

 Split View can be customized using a custom shortcut on macOS Catalina or later:

  • To access System Preferences, click on it.
  • Select Shortcuts from the Keyboard menu.
  • Shortcuts for apps can be found here.
  • To add a new item to the list, press the + button.
  • You are prompted to add shortcut details in a pop-up window. 
  • Enter Tile Window to Left of Screen (or Right) in the first field.
  • Select the key combination you’d like to use, then press Enter.

Accessing Mission Control in split screen view

Split screen mode now lets you easily switch between the two windows. When in Split View, you can open other apps using Mission Control, the F3 key on a keyboard or the three rectangular buttons on the Touch Bar, or by:

  • The up arrow is pressed after pressing Control
  • The trackpad can be swung up using three or four fingers
  • You can double-tap your Magic Mouse by using two fingers

Your other open windows will appear as well. Toggling between split-screen views and those windows is as simple as clicking on them.

How to Exit Split Screen on MacBook Pro

With a few clicks, you can turn off the split-screen feature on your MacBook Pro. 

Select a size by hovering over the buttons

Hover the pointer over the sizing buttons at the top left of each window by moving your cursor to the top of the screen. A red button, an orange button, and a green button are available.

The window can be closed or resized.

Close the current window by clicking the red button. You can also resize your window by clicking the green button. You don’t need to worry about the other window disappearing, and it’s still there. 

If you hit the yellow button, the window will be minimized to your dock. 

When you are in full-screen mode, your other window is hidden, but you can easily access it with three fingers on your trackpad or by pressing the Mission Control button (F3) on your keyboard. 

Window adjustment

The double-sided arrow can also be seen by hovering over the window edge and clicking the green button. Resize the window manually by clicking and holding, then dragging. 


Q1. Why can’t I split my screen between Macs?

Ans: My Mac does not support Split Screen. What should I do? You should check your System Preferences settings if Split Screen is not working. To access Mission Control, go to the Apple menu → System Preferences → Mission Control. You can set separate spaces for each display by checking the box next to it.

Q2. Can I split my Mac screen into 2?

Ans: The full-screen mode can be entered simultaneously by pressing Control + Command + F. When you hit F3, Mission Control will appear, and you can drag another app on top of the one you currently have in full screen. Split View will appear when you return to the newly tiled apps.

Q3. Can I split my monitor into two screens?

Ans: The Display settings option can be found by right-clicking an empty area on the Windows desktop and selecting it. Select Multiple displays from the drop-down menu. Select Extend these displays from the drop-down menu below the Multiple displays option.


The split-view function can enhance your productivity when transferring information between documents or surfing the internet. You need to click a few times, and you’re done. It is possible to create your keyboard shortcut if you frequently use the function.

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