How You Can Try To Monetize Your Podcast

How You Can Try To Monetize Your Podcast: Those looking to make money with a podcast need to know up front that it takes work. The likelihood of this happening is unlikely (at least at the moment). Only some podcasters make money from their podcast. There are very few.

How You Can Try To Monetize Your Podcast
How You Can Try To Monetize Your Podcast

How You Can Try To Monetize Your Podcast

You might be wondering if it is possible to make money from a podcast if you want to start one. Even if you are offsetting your podcasting expenses or supplementing your other income streams, there are several ways that you can turn your podcast into a money-making machine. Find out how you can make extra money with your podcast by checking out these different ways.

You Can Get Sponsors

Get sponsors for your podcast if you want to make money. Companies that sponsor events will be promoting particular products or services they offer. A podcast episode usually has only one sponsor. If you want to mention your sponsor more than once, you may do so once in the podcast.

There are usually only one or two sponsors per episode.

In a sponsored episode, you might say “Welcome to (Name of Podcast), this episode is sponsored by (Company).” This will raise brand awareness, and you might discuss their services later. After mentioning the sponsor, you can include a call to action telling your listeners to visit the company’s website.

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Affiliate Marketing

A form of affiliate marketing involves promoting products created by someone else. After you provide your listeners with a unique link (usually in your show notes), the person or company you promoted their product to will pay you a certain percentage of their sales.

The show notes and blog post where you discuss a topic on your podcast can include a link to a product relevant to your podcast (we addressed this in a previous article).

A commission is earned if someone purchases the product after clicking on your link and signing up for the seller’s affiliate program. Marketing products to a different market is an excellent idea.

Sharing affiliate links by podcasters make them a lot of money.

Mentioning specific products or services

Some companies don’t just want you to mention their name as sponsors, but they also want you to mention their brand. It would be best to mention a specific product or service they offer. Your podcasts can also earn money through sponsorships.

It’s most effective when discussing a topic that’s entirely relevant to the product in that particular podcast episode.

For instance, a natural health product should not be mentioned when discussing politics. The audience will need help understanding it, and the sponsor is unlikely to be satisfied.


There is nothing unusual about podcasters earning their income through donations. The podcast can only be supported by direct donations or by combining multiple income streams.

In the podcast description and on your website where you host the podcast, include a link that indicates you accept donations without actually pushing the fact. You can make more podcasts without charging people for listening to them, and the donation feature allows you to do that.

Exclusive podcasts for paid subscribers

You can try it out and see how it works for you. Only some podcasters will do it, but you can try it and see how it goes. There are some podcast episodes that people must pay to listen to, but there are also some free podcast episodes.

You’ll offer subscribers detailed information that won’t be available to the general public. You may cover a detailed tutorial or information in your podcast that you don’t want everyone to be able to access.

A special guest could be invited. Your listeners may receive exclusive training from someone. You have negotiated an affiliate arrangement with a guest who typically charges for their training. Their fee will be based on the services they sell through your podcast rather than the standard affiliate fee.


Q1. Do podcasts get monetized?

If you sell your podcast directly, then you are monetizing it directly. Providing exclusive access to paying members and repurposing your original content can earn you profits. Alternatively, podcasts can be monetized indirectly. Your podcast can be used to sell other products.

Q2. How many followers do you need for a podcast?

Over 29 times more likely a podcast will be monetized if it has over 5,000 listeners per episode.

Q3. How quickly can you monetize a podcast?

In order to monetize a podcast, how many downloads are needed? You can probably get deals with less than 5000 downloads per episode if you cater to a highly-targeted niche audience. Sponsors often want at least 5000 downloads per episode before they start working with you.


You can monetize your podcast in a variety of ways. There needs to be more than one method. Trying one for a few weeks or months is the best policy. Take a different approach next. Your listeners will reveal which program works best after several months. The best monetization results are often generated by combining at least one of these methods.


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