Who is Rob Schmitt Wife – Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Who is Rob Schmitt Wife – Is Rob Schmitt Married? – Rob Schmitt is an American TV host and co-anchor on the Fox & Friends First program from 2007 to 2011. It is important to know whether Rob Schmitt is married because he is a popular personality.

Rob Schmitt Wife
Who is Rob Schmitt Wife – Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Who is Rob Schmitt?

Rob Schmitt is an American TV personality born on August 13, 1983. Former Fox & Friend’s First co-host, he left the network in August 2020. On Newsmax, he hosts a nightly program called Rob Schmitt Tonight. The Schmitt family hails from Carmel, Indiana, where he grew up with his parents. Originally from Iran, his mother immigrated to the United States. In 2005, he graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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Early Life and Education

The son of Farzaneh and Robert Schmitt, Schmitt was born on August 13, 1983, in Carmel, India. His mother is an Iranian immigrant. He has Indian citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity. He studied journalism at Indiana University. In 2005, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism.

Rob Schmitt Career

He is a professional journalist. He began his career as a weekend anchor at WPLG (ABC) in Miami, Florida, in 2008. He was an anchor and reporter for CBS2/KCAL9 (CBS) in Los Angeles in 2011. Rob was also a newscaster until 2013. Similarly, Rob hosted the Noon News on New York’s WNBC-TV (NBC 4) in 2013.

He joined the network as a prime-time host on the Newsmax nightly show in September 2020. Rob Schmitt hosts and reports the nightly news show on Newsmax TV.

It is Rob Schmitt who represents Fox News Channel. In 2016, Rob started working at Fox News as a news journalist for Special Report with Bret Baier. The Fox News Channel has featured Rob on numerous shows since then. A correspondent on America’s News Headquarters (2017) and a co-host on Fox & Friends (2016) have been some of his appearances on Fox News Channel. An early morning performance will last two hours. This show is co-hosted by Jillian Mele, Heather Childers, Carley Shimkus, and Janice Dean.

The reporter was also responsible for reporting on Harvey, Gustav, and Hanna, three deadly storms that occurred while he was at Fox News. Furthermore, Schmitt reported the deportation of 95-year-old Nazi death camp guard Jakiw Palij from Queens, New York.

Rob Schmitt Height And Weight

Rob Schmitt is 7 feet tall (84 inches). The weight of his body is unknown.

Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Rob Schmitt is unmarried, despite several rumors regarding his marriage. On his Instagram account, he posts pictures with various female celebrities, friends, and fans without providing any captions. For this reason, several rumors have been circulated regarding Rob Schimitt’s marriage.

Who is Rob Schmitt’s Wife?

Rob Schmitt is not married and does not have a wife. Neither he nor anyone else has ever posted a photo of themselves with someone implying they are married. The fact that he posts so much on Instagram still doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to keep his love life private.

He does not shy away from sharing goofy pictures of himself and his friends. His professional life is his top priority, so he moved to a new city when he left Fox News. He did not date someone because moving to a new city was hard, and he had to settle down.

Why did Rob Schmitt leave Fox?

In August 2020, Rob Schmitt left Fox. He joined Newsmax shortly after that and started a new role there. His experiences as a journalist have previously been discussed, as well as the difficulties and limitations he faced.

He asserted that he had uprooted his entire life several times as a television journalist. Most of the time, I must move from one city to another every 2-3 years. Just as you’re getting used to Los Angeles, you’re told you’ll go to New York but have no contacts there.”

According to Rob, several lifestyle changes are also causing people to leave the news industry. Additionally, he admitted that he needed time to contemplate his career, and leaving Fox News was part of that process. He said a reporter smiles on TV only a few times a week. Everyone needs to be more accurate in the complexity of the challenge.

Is Rob Schmitt dating someone?

A romantic relationship never seems to be a priority for Rob since his professional life and family come first. Currently, he is single and living the best life he can.

In a tweet released on March 8, 2018, Rob Schmitt announced he was single and had never been married. Rob sent the tweet as a result of a rumor spreading like wildfire. With the tweet, he clarified everything.

We’ve previously mentioned that Rob doesn’t hold back when sharing his personal life on Instagram and Twitter. His posts do not indicate that he is dating anyone or in a relationship.

Rumors about Jillian Mele & Rob Schmitt

Rob Schmitt allegedly dated Jillian Mele in 2020, according to rumors. The Fox & Friends show was co-hosted by Jillian and Rob Schmitt. Viewers liked their chemistry and were seen as a couple by them.

Mele and Schmitt hosted the Fox & Friends First-Morning show. Rumors started circulating during Rob’s departure from the show and joining Newsmax. In October 2021, Jillian left Fox, which intensified the rumors.

According to the viewers, Jillian left because of Rob, and they are dating now. Jillian tweeted shortly afterward that all the rumors were untrue. Before things got out of control, she took to Twitter and cleared things up.

Rob Schmitt Age

Rob Schmitt’s birth date is August 13, 1983, meaning he will turn 40 in 2023. Currently, he is 39 years old. Leo is a native of Carmel, Indiana, and an American citizen.

Is Rob Schmitt Gay?

The rumor of Rob Schmitt’s homosexuality spread in 2014. It all started with a picture of Rob shared on Instagram by a gay massage therapist, Enrique Ramirez. Several hashtags were used in Enrique’s post to suggest Rob was his boyfriend. The speculations remained rumors, however, as neither Enrique nor Rob clarified their posts.


Why Did Rob Schmitt leave Fox News?

Schmitt left Fox News because he wanted a new start and a break from his professional role.

Who is Rob Schmitt’s Wife?

Rob Schmitt is not married because he is focused on his career.

Who is Jillian on Fox News married to?

A recent Instagram post by Gillian Turner confirms that Alex Kramer is the journalist’s husband. In it, she described Mr. Kramer as the “best husband in the entire world.” However, it needs to be clarified when or how they met.

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