How to Switch from Qlink to Safelink?

Want to know How to Switch from Qlink to Safelink? as both wireless carriers QLink and SafeLink offer Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program government assistance benefits to low-income customers. ACP and Lifeline providers can be switched relatively easily (not more than once a month).

Switch from Qlink to Safelink
How to Switch from Qlink to Safelink?

What is QLink Wireless?

SNAP, Medicaid, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Lifeline program provides low-income individuals and families with free phone service through Q Link Wireless. Both 5G and 4G LTE networks are available nationwide to the company’s customers.

What is Safelink Wireless?

TracFone Wireless’ SafeLink program provides Lifeline services to eligible households. You must meet some eligibility requirements set forth by each state to participate in the SafeLink service. 

If they meet these requirements, individuals must participate in a state or federal support program or meet U.S. government poverty standards. It is also possible to switch from Qlink to SafeLink simply as described below.

Comparison Between Q Link Wireless and SafeLink Wireless

To compare the two Lifeline and ACP providers QLink Wireless and Safelink Wireless, and their services, look at the table below.

Qlink Wireless Safelink Wireless
States Where They Provide Among the states where QLink operates are Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Among the states where SafeLink is available are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
Devices offered by Lifeline and ACP ACP-eligible customers can get a $100 discount on Q Link tablets. It costs $10.01. A free smartphone is available to qualifying SafeLink customers.
ACP and Lifeline services Access to 10 million free Wi-Fi locations. Includes free unlimited data, free unlimited talk, free unlimited text, and free unlimited picture messaging Unlimited free data (25GB of high-speed data), Unlimited free talk, unlimited free text up to 5GB of free hotspot data, free calls to Canada and Mexico
Network They Use The Q Link network is available nationwide through T-Mobile. SafeLink provides TracFone’s nationwide network, which AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile support.
Services for support Responsive and reliable. Call 1 (855) 754-6543 or complete the online contact form at to reach the company.

A reliable and responsive partner. If you would like to contact the company, you can reach them by phone at 1-800-SafeLink (723-3546) or by mail.

How to Switch from Qlink to Safelink?

Qlink phones can be brought into SafeLink, where they will be provided with a SIM card that can be inserted into your phone to enable you to receive your monthly minutes. It is important to note that you must possess a compatible or unlocked GSM cell phone to participate in Qlink’s SafeLink services. If you upgrade your old device to a high-quality model, you can switch your Qlink service to another phone.

You must comply with these steps if switching to SafeLink with a Qlink device. Switching devices with an active account with another carrier or having been reported lost or stolen is impossible. In addition, your current cell phone number must remain active with your current service provider to be ported to your SafeLink smartphone.

It’s easy to transfer your benefits. Call 1-800-SafeLink (723-3546) and ask a representative to assist you. Ensure you provide all the required information, answer all questions, and follow any instructions given by the agent if you wish to keep your phone number.

The following information may be required for the transfer of your Lifeline and ACP benefits from QLink to SafeLink:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • The identity data provided in your application.
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or Tribal ID number
  • Confirm that you know that consumers may not have more than one Lifeline benefit per household and that your benefit with the previous company will end once the transfer is complete.

Steps for Switching from Q Link to SafeLink

These steps will guide you through the process of transferring assistance benefits from Q Link to SafeLink:

  1. Check to see if you still qualify for Lifeline or ACP benefits.
  2. Please make sure you reside in one of the SafeLink-operated states. The list of states offering SafeLink discounts in the next section shows you.
  3. SafeLink’s customer support team can assist you. Provide all the information the agent needs, including whether you wish to keep your phone number if you wish to transfer your benefits.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the representative if you are asked to reapply for SafeLink’s services.
  5. You will need a SafeLink SIM card. Once the agent has received your call, they will likely send it to your address.
  6. You can get a SafeLink phone. If you own a compatible, unlocked phone, you can bring it to SafeLink or apply for a new one.
  7. Make sure your SafeLink phone is connected to your new SIM card by carefully inserting it. Activate your service on the phone by turning it on. The benefits are yours to enjoy!

Is It Needed To Purchase A New SIM Card for Qlink Cell Phone

You don’t have to purchase a new SIM card when switching from Qlink Wireless to SafeLink. In this case, your phone must be compatible with SafeLink Wireless. If you switch to SafeLink from Qlink, you will receive free minutes, services, and a free phone when you do so.

The SIM card you receive will, however, be mailed to you. The SIM kit is delivered to you immediately, installed in your cell phone, and activated, and you can also port your Qlink number over. You can port your number in by calling SafeLink at 1-800-378-1684.

SafeLink SIM Card Installation Process

  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Take the back off your phone.
  • The cell phone’s top or bottom has a space for this.
  • You can see the SIM card slot by removing the battery.
  • The SIM card slot is usually found on the side of a cell phone.
  • Place the new card, yellow or gold side facing down, over the old card.

The following steps explain installing a SIM card in a cell phone without a removable back cover.

  • Make sure your cell phone is turned off. The SIM card slot can be found on the edge of your phone.
  • A special ejection tool is included with your phone, which you will need to use. A sharp paper clip can also be used.
  • You must push the ejection tool into the hole on the SIM card tray to remove it. Remove the tray by pulling it out.
  • The SIM card should be placed on the tray with the gold contacts downward.
  • It is important to note that if a tray features two slots, the larger slot is for the memory card, while the smaller slot is for the SIM card.
  • The tray should fit into the slot once it is inserted.

Details Of SafeLink BYOP

Most cell phones can connect to the SafeLink network if the phone has a SIM card. You also need a GSM smartphone that is compatible or unlocked to participate in SafeLink’s Keep Your Smartphone program. To use your current Qlink phone, SafeLink will mail you a free SIM kit if you have a compatible cell phone and qualify for service.

The SafeLink service does not support BlackBerry cell phones or older Sidekick phones. The following criteria must be met for your Qlink phone to be considered SafeLink compatible.

  • There is a SIM card in your phone. Three types of SIM cards are available through SafeLink: traditional, micro, and nano.
  • The cell phone you have is unlocked. Most likely, your cell phone is locked if it displays “Restricted,” “Contact Service Provider,” or does not allow you to make calls or access your phonebook. If you want to unlock your cell phone, you can contact your previous carrier.
  • You can use several types of phones, including T-Mobile GSM, AT&T GSM, Verizon CDMA, Sprint CDMA, U.S. Cellular CDMA, and GoSmart Mobile.


If I Switch From Q Link to SafeLink, Can I Keep My Old Number?

Yes, of course. A SafeLink representative will transfer the funds once you mention this intention to them.

Are There Any Special Conditions for Switching From Q Link to SafeLink?

Yes, of course. Lifeline and ACP eligibility requirements include:

  • Being a resident of one of SafeLink’s operating states.
  • Being the only applicant in the household.
  • Receiving benefits from only one provider at a time.
  • Only switch to another Lifeline/ACP company within one month of your last switch.

If I Switch From Q Link to SafeLink, Will I Lose Lifeline Eligibility?

No, QLink or SafeLink is only available to Lifeline-eligible participants. There is a limit on the number of Lifeline benefits you can receive simultaneously.


SafeLink Wireless and Qlink Wireless work similarly. A Lifeline service is available to eligible customers from both companies. Porting your phone number or bringing your phone to SafeLink are two ways to transfer your switch from Qlink to SafeLink. If you would like to port your current Qlink cell phone number to SafeLink, you must continue using your current service provider. SafeLink allows you to bring your phone, provided it is compatible and unlocked.


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