Who is Tucker Carlson Wife? – Everything you need to know

Who is Tucker Carlson Wife? – Everything you need to know – If you watch primetime television, you may have heard of political commentator Tucker Carlson. As the host of MSNBC’s Tucker and CNN’s Crossfire, he has appeared on various television shows. In 2017, Tucker Carlson took over as host of Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight after Bill O’Reilly had disgraced the network

Tucker Carlson Wife
Who is Tucker Carlson Wife? – Everything you need to know

Who is Tucker Carlson?

Tucker Carlson
Who is Tucker Carlson?

Tucker Carlson is an American television host and conservative political commentator currently presenting Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. From 2000 to 2005, he worked as a CNN commentator and hosted a show on MSNBC from 2005 to 2008. He and his conservative views have criticized Conservative politics and political correctness.

Tucker Carlson joined Fox News in 2009 and began hosting his nightly talk show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, in 2016. Aside from television, he founded The Daily Caller website. Additionally, Tucker Carlson is a published author and columnist.

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All About Tucker Carlson(Family, Career, Networth)

Tucker Carlson Family

Tucker Carlson’s father’s name is Richard Warner Carlson. Originally, Richard was an orphan adopted by a family. His previous job was as a reporter for Gonzo. A few years later, he was appointed president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of the Voice of America.

Richard Carlson’s life was filled with many achievements. In addition, he serves as the ambassador of the United States to Seychelles. Tucker Carlsen’s mother, Lisa McNear, was an artist.

A report on how Tucker’s life “turned sour” states that his parents divorced after nine years of marriage, and his mother, Lisa left the family when he was six. Carlson’s father, Richard, married Patricia Caroline Swanson a second time. Gilbert Carl Swanson’s daughter? As a result, Richard moved to La Jolla, California, where he raised Carlson and his younger brother.

It is a challenge for any couple to raise a child, but Carlson and Andrews have faced several obstacles together. Kimberly Carter Carlson claimed he had raped Andrews in the early 2000s, but Andrews stood by her husband. As a result of his apology and admission of mental illness, she believed him. 

Tucker Carlson Career

Tucker Carlson started his journalism career in print at publications such as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Policy Review. He contributed to periodicals such as Reader’s Digest and New York Magazine as a columnist. He has also been featured in papers and magazines like Esquire, The Weekly Standard, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine, and The Daily Beast. Crossfire, a CNN panel discussion program, coincided with the beginning of his career in TV.

During this time, he generally held a right-wing position on this show. His most notable interview was with comedian Jon Stewart, which many believe led directly to Crossfire’s cancellation. He has been hired by both MSNBC and Fox News, CNN’s primary competitors.

Tucker Carlson’s Net Worth

Tucker Carlson is the most popular program host on Fox News and receives the highest salary of all the hosts. The net worth of Tucker Carlson has been reported to be $30 million. Tucker Carlson is a T.V. host who works for the Fox News channel.

The highest-paid television anchor in the world is Tucker Carlson, who Fox News pays a handsome salary. Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News generates huge revenue for the news channel.

Tucker Carlson’s wife Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews is the name of Tucker Carlson’s wife name.

Who is Susan Andrews?

Susan Andrews was born on September 4, 1969, in Rhode Island, USA. She met her husband when she was 15 years old, and he was 15 years old too. Their birth years are the same. The 53-year-old Tucker Carlson was born in 1969. The age of Susan Andrews is also 53. She was born in the United States and is an American citizen. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Everything About Tucker Carlson’s Wife Susan Andrews (Bio, Family, Education, Career, Networth)

Susan Andrews Bio

Susan Andrews Carlson was also born in 1969, the same year as her husband, Tucker Carlson. The place of Susan Andrews’ birth is not known, but her father, Reverend George E. Andrews II, was the headmaster of St. George’s School in Rhode Island from 1984 to 1988.

When Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews were 15, Tucker Carlson had difficulty considering dating her due to her strict and hardworking father. Even though Susan’s father fired the teacher, he neglected to inform authorities of the incident. He did not report it because he wasn’t aware of how serious the incident was and wished he had handled it better.

Susan Andrews’ Family

Susan Andrews is the daughter of the Reverend George E. Andrews II, who served as headmaster at St.George School, a luxury boarding school in Rhode Island, between 1984 and 1988. Due to his strict and disciplined nature, Tucker struggled to date his daughter.

Susan Andrews Education

She and her siblings were sent to the best schools by her parents, who wanted the best for them. St. Georges School was the first school she attended for her high school. As she grew older, she went on to attend university.

Susan Andrews Career

Susan has established a private life even though she is married to a famous man. She is thus relatively unknown regarding what she does for a living. Although her father once served as principal of St. Andrews School, she is now a member of the school’s board. She has also worked for organizations such as St. Patrick, FCPS, and At Your Service Hospitality Management.

Susan Andrews’s Net Worth

The net worth of Susan Andrews is unknown, but Tucker Carlson reportedly counts $30 million in his bank account, and they live in Washington, D.C.

When did Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews get married?

Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered, married Susan Andrews in 1991. On August 10, 1991, Tucker and Susan exchanged vows after Susan’s father approved the union.

At a People magazine interview in 2000, Tucker discussed the couple’s wedding and said, “All very 19th-century, but a good thing to do.”

How many children do they have, and how old are they?

Tucker Carlson Kids
Tucker Carlson Kids

The couple has four children: Hopie, Buckley, Dorothy, and Lillie. According to People magazine, Lillie is the eldest, followed by Buckley, Hopie, and Dorothy. Hope is 22 years old, but we don’t know the ages of the other children.


What is the show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ all about?

The first season of Fox’s talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight aired in 2016. The show has been hosted by Tucker Carlson since 2016. “Tucker Carlson Tonight is the sworn enemy of smugness, groupthink, pomposity, and lying,” the show’s website states.

In the past, Tucker has also co-hosted Fox & Friends Weekend, where he asks questions you would ask and demands answers. Additionally, he hosted the nightly television show Tucker on MSNBC for five years and Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered for PBS. 

How popular is Fox News Tucker Carlson?

Additionally, Carlson’s show attracted 490,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic, the most valuable group for advertisers. As a result of Carlson’s appearance on Fox News, Fox News won 104 consecutive weekly ratings over CNN and MSNBC, averaged 2.5 million viewers in prime time, and 359,000 viewers among the key demo.


There is no limit to Tucker Carlson’s love for his wife, Susan Andrews. It has gone viral online because of their relationship and love story. It’s common for them to be internet sensations. The couple has been married for 30 years and has four beautiful children. Allegations and cases were made against Carlson, but he denied them all.

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