Under oath, Trump insulted a woman who claims she was raped

Under oath, Trump insulted a woman who claims she was raped: Former US President Donald Trump made news again by insulting a woman columnist while being questioned about a lawsuit.

Under oath, Trump insulted a woman who claims she was raped
Under oath, Trump insulted a woman who claims she was raped

A court on Friday unsealed excerpts of former President Donald Trump’s videotaped interview in which he angrily hurled insults and threatened to sue a columnist who claimed that he raped her in the 1990s.
It seems that she accused me of doing something to her that didn’t happen. There was nothing to be seen. According to the transcript, he said he knew nothing about the nut job.

It is evident from the excerpts that Trump had a contentious battle with Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, when she questioned him about the rape, describing the rape as she “was promoting an awful book.” Trump called her the perpetrator of a “complete scam” when she described it as a “complete scam.”.”

My favorite part about this is suing her after this is over. Then I will sue you as well,” he said to Kaplan.
The deposition excerpts were published on the same day that an unrelated judge, Lewis A. Kaplan, also denied Trump’s attorneys’ request to dismiss two lawsuits brought by Carroll alleging defamation and rape. It is anticipated that a trial will be held in April.

Trump has repeatedly stated that the encounter with Carroll in Manhattan in the mid-1990s never occurred. Trump repeatedly attacked Carroll’s depiction of Trump as a rapist in his testimony.

As soon as Carroll’s 2019 book was published, Trump responded to claims that saying “she’s not my type” was not politically correct. During a chance encounter in the store, the writer and Trump agreed to help each other pick out lingerie for a friend when Trump suddenly attacked her in a dressing room.

The deposition referenced Carroll being “sick and mentally ill.” Trump mischaracterized a CNN interview in which Carroll had said she had enjoyed being abused. She seemed to enjoy it. Okay, then? It was a hit until the commercial break,” Trump said. The whole thing sounded sexy to me. Being raped is very sexy, according to her. That’s what she said, wasn’t it?”

She then attempted to persuade Trump that he had raped her client.

“So, sir, am I to understand that, according to your testimony, Miss Carroll enjoyed having you sexually assault her?”

In response, Trump stated, “Well, based on her interview with Anderson Cooper, I believe that’s what happened. This is something that we can define. I think she said rape was sexy – which it’s not, by the way.”
Her writings and Cooper’s interview suggest Carroll avoids the word rape because some people find it sexy, but she prefers the term “fight.”

Kaplan asked Trump more questions in the deposition, including whether he had touched any woman without her consent on her breasts or buttocks. How to Apply for Free Government iPhone 8 Plus

“Nah, I will say no, but maybe you have some people who lie like your client.” He answered.
Late Friday, Trump attorney Alina Habba issued a statement: “While it was entirely unnecessary for the unsealing of a transcript both parties previously agreed would remain confidential, our client has nothing to hide and looks forward to resolving this meritless case.”

Deposition excerpts were released without Roberta Kaplan’s comment.
As the Manhattan judge says, Trump’s challenges are unfounded and won’t stop the lawsuits in the future the trial. The lawsuits allege rape and defamation and seek unspecified damages.

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