How to Unlock Boost Mobile Phone?

How to Unlock Boost Mobile Phone? – A Boost Mobile phone can be unlocked so you can switch carriers and take it with you on vacation. You may wonder how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone and what you need to consider before you request an unlock code if you have a Boost Mobile phone. 

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone
How to Unlock Boost Mobile Phone?

You will learn how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone in this guide, and we will discuss some things you should consider before requesting an unlock code. As well as providing some troubleshooting tips for common problems, we will cover alternative methods for unblocking Boost Mobile phones. 

This guide will help you unlock your Boost Mobile phone, whether you are a current customer or a new user considering the service.

What is Boost Mobile Phone?

A wireless service provider owned by Dish Network, Boost Mobile offers mobile data and voice services. T-Mobile uses the combined Sprint + T-Mobile network and AT&T network to deliver wireless services. A total of 7.98 million subscribers were subscribed to Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile, Republic Wireless, and Gen Mobile by Q4 2022.

How to Unlock Boost Mobile phone?

You may be wondering how to unlock your Boost Mobile phone to be used with another carrier. If you travel frequently or are unhappy with the coverage or service of your current carrier, unlocking your phone will let you switch carriers and take your phone with you. Boost Mobile phones can be unlocked following the instructions in this guide. Before requesting an unlock code, we recommend you consider a few things.

Eligibility Requirements to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone

There is a possibility that Boost Mobile will only be able to unlock your device if your account is organized and compatible with the service.

The following requirements must be met for your phone to be eligible for unlocking by Boost Mobile:

  • SIM unlocking is possible on your device.
  • There was no indication that your device was lost or stolen, so you are eligible to unlock it.
  • There has been at least one year of registration for the device.
  • Your account is current and valid, and no bills are owed to you.

How Do I Know if My Mobile is Locked?

The following steps will help you determine whether your phone has an active carrier:

  • Your phone currently contains a Boost SIM. Could you remove it?
  • Try replacing the SIM with a different carrier to see if it works.

A carrier lock prevents you from using your SIM card if your SIM card is refused.

Different Ways to Unlock your Boost Mobile Phone

Unlocking Your Boost Phone for Current Boost Customers

Boost Mobile customers who fit the above criteria can unlock their phones by contacting their customer service department.

Boost Mobile phones can be unlocked by following these steps –

  • Visit any Boost Mobile retail location or call 1-888-266-7848.
  • The company will ask you to verify the identity and status of your account. You will have to provide some information about yourself and your account.
  • The unlock code will be sent to you by Boost Mobile after verifying your eligibility, or you can obtain the unlock code from the store staff or representative.
  • If you want to use your phone again, you’ll need to enter a Boost Mobile unlock code, so write it down.
  • Unlocking your phone can be done once you have the code.

Unlocking your Boost Mobile phone with an unlock code

Depending on your phone’s make, model, and OS, you may need to follow a different unlocking procedure.

It would be quite similar, however, with the following steps –

  • Take the SIM card tray out of the phone and turn it off.
  • Turn on the phone, insert a SIM card, and wait a few moments.
  • Please enter the code when prompted.
  • Confirm the unlock code by pressing the OK and Unlock buttons again.
  • Your phone will be unlocked once you enter the unlock code and press the confirmation button.

You can contact Boost Mobile’s support team if you experience any problems with the code or other problems.

Boost Phone Unlocking for Non-Boost Customers

If you’ve never used Boost Mobile, you can unlock a phone, but it will take some time.

Boost Mobile’s last known account number will suffice for this. If you do not have that information, try unlocking the Boost Mobile phone by contacting the person who sold you the phone.

It may be necessary to wait a few days before you try to unlock it again.

Unlock Boost Phone Using IMEI

You can request an unlock from DirectUnlocks if you know the IMEI number for your Boost Mobile phone.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the DirectUnlocks homepage.
  • Dial *#6# on your phone to find your IMEI.
  • You will need to enter your IMEI number and other device information.
  • Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

Alternative methods for unlocking a Boost Mobile phone

It may be possible to unlock your Boost Mobile phone using other methods besides those described above. A software tool or modifying the firmware of certain phone models may be required to unlock the phone. There are, however, risks involved with these methods, which may lead to your phone’s warranty being voided. It is also possible that they will only work on some models of phones.

Mobile Phone Unlocking by a Third-Party

Boost Mobile users who cannot unlock their phones using the above methods have a few other options.

Your phone can be unlocked using software tools or by changing the firmware, depending on its model. The problem with these methods is that they can damage your phone and invalidate its warranty. Some mobile devices may not work with them.

Many third-party unlocking tools are available for Boost Mobile, including UnlockNinja, UnlockItFree, DirectUnlocks, and many others. Choose one that is right for you.

Pros of unlocking Boost Mobile phones with a third-party app

  • If you need to contact them, you can do so anytime.
  • They can help you unlock your phone.
  • It takes less than 24 hours to set up a fully functional network.

Cons of unlocking Boost Mobile phones using third-party apps

  • Some of these tools may require payment to use.
  • There are few results from the procedure, but it is quick.

How to check whether a Boost Mobile phone is unlocked?

The company’s support service will check your account and inform you whether it is unlocked. Call its support line if you are still determining whether your device is unlocked.

SIM cards from other service providers can also be used. The name of your new carrier should appear on the screen as soon as you insert the SIM card.

Common problems and how to troubleshoot them

It is important to remember that unlocking a Boost Mobile phone may be difficult and that factors beyond your control may delay the process.

It’s important to be patient and follow Boost Mobile’s instructions closely. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will take a little while to unlock your Boost Mobile phone.

The following steps will help you unlock your phone if you are having trouble –

  • You must enter the correct unlock code.
  • The SIM card can be reinserted and restarted to resolve settings and connectivity issues.
  • Customer service at Boost Mobile will be able to help you if the SIM card doesn’t insert after rebooting and reinserting.


How long will it take to unlock my phone?

If you call Boost Mobile to unlock your phone, it may take up to two days to be unlocked, so keep your SIM card inside until you get an email confirmation.

Can I unlock my Boost Mobile phone?

You can use Boost Mobile’s network-locked phones only with Boost Mobile, so you’ll have to unlock them to use them with another carrier.

Do I have to wait 12 months to unlock my Boost Mobile phone?

In the case of active military personnel deployed overseas, the 12-month rule does not apply. If so, you must provide a copy of your deployment papers.


This guide explains how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone and discusses some important things you need to consider before you request an unlock code. The article also provides some troubleshooting tips for common problems with Boost Mobile phones.

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