How to Upgrade Boost Mobile phones

It is easy and convenient to Upgrade Boost Mobile Phones. It may seem counterintuitive to upgrade your phone if you already have one you love. Everything happens for a reason. You may end up replacing your current device at some point due to malfunction, breakage, theft, or loss.

Upgrade Boost Mobile phones
How to Upgrade Boost Mobile phones

If anything like that happens to you, a Boost Mobile upgrade phone will be necessary. It is fortunate for existing Boost customers that they have the option to upgrade their phones at any time. Additionally, Boost customers can receive up to $100 towards a new device if they have activated a mobile device for 120 consecutive days. Boost Mobile upgrade phones may be subject to fees also, Phones Are Compatible with Boost Mobile.

What is Boost Mobile?

There are a lot of great wireless service providers in the US, but Boost Mobile Free Phone stands out as the best. The company was founded in Australia in 2000, despite being based in the US. It wasn’t until 2001, however, that Boost Mobile was introduced to the US, where it offers wireless services to this day.

Boost Mobile offers the service as part of its MVNO partnership with T-Mobile. The T-Mobile network offers Boost Mobile’s clients reliable and strong coverage since it represents a wide, strong, and reliable network. The company’s top features include cheap and flexible hotspot data, affordable phone plans, add-on features, and international service.

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Phone Upgrades?

Some carriers offer free phone upgrades after using their services for a year or another set amount of time. It is unfortunate that Boost Mobile is not among those carriers. It may occasionally offer promotions that include free or discounted phone upgrades, but it generally doesn’t offer free upgrades.

A Boost Mobile upgrade phone can be purchased at any time at full price by Boost Mobile customers. Customers can also use discounts when upgrading their phones with Boost Mobile. 

There are several discounts available, including:

  • You can receive up to $100 towards an upgrade device if you have an activated device on your account for 120 consecutive days (occasional limited-time offers).
  • Boost Mobile’s BoostUp program allows existing customers to receive an upgrade phone with an upfront down payment and taxes, backed by 18 monthly payments.
  • You can get a discount for trading in an old working device.
  • Discounts on upgrade phones (occasionally limited-time offers)

When can I upgrade my Boost mobile phone?

Your mobile phone might need to be upgraded for several reasons. If you have a brand-new smartphone, the chances of looking for an upgrade are very low unless you have a malfunctioning device.

On the other hand, if you have used your smartphone for a few years, it may begin malfunctioning since smartphone manufacturers stop providing regular updates after a while. Along with feature updates, you won’t receive security patches anymore.

Boost Mobile phones should be upgraded in these situations. It is, however, possible to upgrade your Boost Mobile phone whenever you wish if you currently own one. With this offer, you will be able to save up to $100 while upgrading your Boost Mobile phone.

How to upgrade Boost Mobile phones

The world is changing, and the demands of the people are changing with it, leading to an end number of innovations in the modern world. The DISH company was created by Peter Adderton, Craig Cooper, Kirt McMaster, and Nextel Communications to address such telecom industry demands. Boost Mobile launched its first phone in 2001.

T-Mobile networks were initially used by these Boost Mobile phones. After T-Mobile’s Sprint legacy shut down, AT&T became its new carrier.

There are many advantages to using Boost Mobile. You can upgrade for free and take advantage of its lucrative offers. However, a few things should be kept in mind when you plan to upgrade.

Eligibility Criteria to Upgrade Boost Mobile Phone?

You must meet certain criteria to qualify for the BoostUp financing program if you want to upgrade your Boost Mobile phone. The requirements are meant to ensure you can repay your EMIs on time since this financing program allows you to upgrade to any smartphone you choose.

Boost Mobile does not check your credit score, unlike other financing programs. BoostUp instead checks your Boost account activity to determine if you are eligible for financing.

These are the eligibility criteria we have shared below:

  • You must first be a Boost Mobile customer.
  • There should be a monthly plan activated of at least $35. It is essential that you meet this requirement in order to be eligible.
  • You must have paid on time for the last 12 consecutive months.
  • There was no need for you to enroll in the Premier Grace Period.

How to upgrade Boost Mobile phones?

The Boost Mobile phone can be upgraded in a variety of ways. The following are the different ways to upgrade Boost Mobile phones easily.

Get Boost Mobile Upgrade Phones By visiting their store

You can upgrade your Boost Mobile plan by visiting a nearby store. Boost Mobile’s official website allows you to search for a store location near you.

Boost Stores can be found in most towns and cities. Grab your Boost ID and head there. Your Boost Mobile phone needs to be upgraded so that you can talk to the store manager. You will be guided further by them.

Get Boost Mobile Upgrade Phones By contacting Customer Care

When it comes to upgrading your Boost Mobile phone, this is your best option. You only have to contact Boost Mobile customer service and provide your personal information to verify your account.

This method provides the convenience of asking your customer service attendant all your questions related to upgrades, plans, EMIs, and other things without hesitation. You can also get information about your eligibility, fee, and more from a customer support representative.

Get Boost Mobile Upgrade Phones Online

The last method I will discuss is one of my favorites. Nothing is complicated about it, and it is quite easy to do. These simple steps will guide you through the process –

  • Visit Boost Mobile’s official website.
  • Access your Boost account by logging in.
  • Choose a smartphone that you want to buy.
  • Choose the shipping option.
  • Choose the BoostUp option from the payment page to get installment-related information.
  • You need to pay the downpayment.

Boost Mobile has successfully upgraded your phone. When everything is in order, you will receive an email from Boost Mobile verifying your upgrade.

Boost Mobile Phone Upgrade Deals

There is a deal for a phone upgrade every day at Boost Mobile, but the deals change frequently. These are some of the upgrades and offers offered by Boost Mobile.

  • A down payment of $1 is required, and low installment payments are required for 18 months with no credit check. It is important to note that this offer is only available to BoostUp customers.
  • There is a deal on the Samsung Galaxy A51 right now that requires no credit check, and this comes with a down payment of $50 plus 18 months of low installment payments.

Their official website offers better deals, so check it out now to learn more.

Are There Any Other Special Benefits When Upgrading Boost Mobile Phones?

The benefits of upgrading your phone to a Boost Mobile phone are numerous.

The first benefit of upgrading from an old 3G device to a 4G/5G one is that you’ll be able to:

  • A stronger signal
  • More coverage
  • Faster speeds

The following advantages are also associated with upgrading phones:

  • Technology with more power
  • More advanced features
  • A more feature-rich apps
  • Enhanced functionality
  • A quicker response time

Top 10 Best Boost Mobile Phone Upgrade Deals

Boost Mobile offers a variety of phone upgrade deals. Boost Mobile offers these deals to make upgrading easier and cheaper by offering discounts on newer phones. The number of deals available makes it difficult to decide which is best.

The following are 10 of the best boost mobile phone upgrade deals to help you make an informed decision. 

  1. Deal on Samsung Galaxy Z flip3 5G
  2. Deal on Samsung Galaxy S22
  3. Deal on Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra
  4. Deal on Samsung Galaxy S22+
  5. Deal on iPhone SE 2nd Generation
  6. Deal on Apple iPhone 11
  7. Deal on Apple iPhone 12
  8. Deal on Motorola G stylus
  9. Deal on Moto G power 
  10. Deal on Colero 5G


Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Upgrades?

No. Boost Mobile offers no free upgrades. When upgrading your phone with this company, you must pay the newer phone’s price. Thus, it is true that boost mobile phone upgrades are not free. Their phone upgrades, however, are reasonably discounted. Furthermore, you can get your newer phone in affordable installments using their buy now pay later BoostUP plan.

How can I get a free upgrade from Boost Mobile?

Boost Up is available to monthly plan members who have made 12 consecutive on-time payments. Smartphones and basic phones can be purchased with Boost Up for as little as $1 plus tax down payment followed by 18 monthly installments.

What Does a Free Phone Upgrade Mean?

It is a free phone upgrade where you will receive a newer phone with more advanced features, entirely free of charge. Some carriers offer free phone upgrades, but Boost Mobile is generally not one of them.


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