How to Get a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone?

How to Get a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone? – Many people and families have difficulty getting a cell phone because of income-based restrictions, yet these necessities are essential to modern life. Free Government Phone Program from Verizon Wireless provides communication services to people on food stamps and with other needs.

Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone
How to Get a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone?

The ability to access a phone is crucial in modern society. Families with limited budgets might find a phone and service prohibitively expensive. The Federal Communications Commission provides free or heavily subsidized telephone service to low-income families through the Lifeline program.

What is Verizon Wireless?

There are nearly 150 million Verizon Wireless subscribers in the United States, which makes it one of the largest wireless networks in the country. The nonprofit provides low-income families free mobile phones in collaboration with the United States government.

That achieves the government’s goal of allowing Americans to communicate easily with their family and friends. Through the Lifeline Program, which has been running since 1985, Verizon Wireless provides free government phones to eligible families.

The state and federal eligibility requirements determine whether qualified families get free or discounted mobile phone services in addition to the free phone. Those who subscribe to the Lifeline plan receive an additional $9.25 discount on their monthly phone bills.

Low-income families benefit from the free government phones from Verizon Wireless because they can communicate with their loved ones more affordably. By making it easier to call a doctor in an emergency, the program also increases access to emergency care for seniors. Individuals and their families can obtain a free or discounted phone once they qualify for this program. To choose between a wireless and a landline phone, one must decide. A family can’t have both under the program.

Does Verizon Provide Free Government Phones

Discounts are available on the Internet and phone services provided by all Lifeline providers. There are; however, some companies offering discounts on phones as well. Some participating providers are more generous than others regarding Lifeline offers.

Verizon does not provide free government phones. Although it does not provide discounts on home internet or phone service, it does offer discounts on monthly phone service. There are also other special deals on phones offered by the carrier. The Lifeline program does not require customers to participate to receive discounted or free phones. The benefits of these programs are not without some conditions, however.

What exactly is the Verizon Wireless Lifeline Program?

A Verizon Wireless Lifeline program provides free mobile phones to low-income families and other services.

It is administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Program objectives include ensuring that mobile phones and internet services are available to all citizens of the United States.

Free Verizon Wireless Government phones are only available to people who meet certain income requirements or are enrolled in government assistance programs.

These programs include Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance, and Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefits.

The price of a phone and a monthly service plan are discounted for Verizon Wireless customers who meet the requirements.

There may be differences in the program and the benefits from one state to another. For this reason, you should contact Verizon Wireless and the Federal Communications Commission to confirm your state’s benefits and availability.

How Does the Lifeline Program Work on Verizon Wireless?

Lifeline is a government program that offers free phones and subsidized phone service to low-income families. Verizon Wireless is one of the network carriers that the government works with to help disadvantaged families stay connected.

However, it is important to note that eligibility for the program does not exist automatically; rather, one must meet strict criteria to be eligible. It is required that households have an average household income of at least 135% of the FPG as of the date of application. A Verizon phone is also free to qualified families if they participate in at least one government aid program.

 How to Qualify for Verizon Wireless Lifeline and ACP Programs?

Verizon’s Lifeline and/or ACP programs are only available to people at least 18 years old or emancipated minors and residents of states where Verizon offers government assistance.

You must also meet the eligibility requirements of ACP and Lifeline set by the FCC. All providers must comply with them, but each state may have its own.

Lifeline is available to households that meet the following criteria:

  • There is a household income of less than 135% of the federal poverty level.
  • A member of your household is enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program (federal or tribal):

An ACP-eligible household must meet the following requirements:

  • A household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • If you or a household member participates in Lifeline or any programs listed above that qualify for Lifeline (federal or tribal), you are eligible for Lifeline.
  • ACP-specific eligibility requirements:
    • The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program is available to you or any household member.
    • The Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program and Free and Reduced-Price School Breakfast Program are available to you or a household member, including schools in the USDA’s Community Eligibility Provisions.
    • You have been awarded a Pell Grant for the current academic year.

What Document Need To Qualify Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

Applying for the free lifeline service is the next step if available in your area. Preparation of all required documents is required before applying. The following are the requirements for applying:

  • You may be eligible if you meet low-income requirements, so prepare-
  • A copy of last year’s income statement or federal and tribal tax returns.

You may choose the other option if you wish –

  • Documents related to pension benefits
  • The award document for the program you are enrolled in.
  • Documents related to social security benefits
  • Documents relating to veterans’ benefits
  • Statement of jobless restitution benefits
  • An interesting letter from a tribe to the agency of Indian Affairs General
  • Don’t send the original copy. If you are applying online, send a soft copy; print a copy if you are applying offline.

How to apply for Verizon Wireless Lifeline and ACP Programs?

The following steps will guide you through the Verizon Lifeline and ACP applications:

  • The National Verifier is the first step to getting government benefits if you still need to subscribe to Lifeline/ACP. ACP applications can be found at and Lifeline applications at The application can also be printed, filled out manually, and sent to Lifeline/ACP Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742.
  • Contact Verizon’s customer support service once the USAC has approved your Lifeline/ACP eligibility, and you can begin receiving your discount.
    • You can contact Verizon at 1-800-Verizon if you want a Lifeline plan.
    • Call 1-800-Verizon for ACP Fios Internet plans.
    • Contact ACP at 1-922-0204 if you’re interested in 4G, LTE, or mobile plans.
    • You can call 1-922-0204 for ACP HIS or Fios Prepaid plans.

Hidden Requirements for the Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

The only thing better than a free phone is that you will likely encounter hidden requirements when applying for one. You must provide two types of identification documentation and proof of enrollment in a government-sponsored program. If you make them intentionally, you can be imprisoned for making false representations, fined, or disqualified from the program.

Lifeline service providers authorized by Verizon Wireless should also provide Lifeline services at your residential address. Variations like Tribal Link-Up do not cover equipment or customer facilities like phones under the Lifeline program.

Where can you get a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone?

Verizon Wireless can provide a free phone under the Lifeline program if you visit a Verizon Wireless store or a retailer near you.

Using the Verizon Wireless store finder tool, you can locate a Verizon Wireless store near you that is convenient for you.

Authorized retailers near you may also offer Lifeline; these retailers also provide Lifeline services.

How much can I save With a Verizon Government Phone?

If you are eligible for Lifeline, you can save at least $9.25 per month on your cellular costs. Lifeline-supported services are described in the section below titled “View Brochure and Coverage.” Residents of federally recognized tribes may be eligible for additional discounts.

Top 5 Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy A12
  2. Apple iPhone S.E.
  3. Samsung Galaxy A02s
  4. Apple iPhone X.R.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20

What are The Benefits of Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones?

Verizon also offers Lifeline users exceptional internet service and a free government phone. Although the plans are free, there are some costs associated with them. On all plans, you receive a reasonable discount.

The basic phone comes with 250 minutes of talk time and 250 texts. Then, Verizon offers two lifeline plans: one that’s $25 per month and one that’s $19.99 per month. Your purchase will result in a discount on both.


Does Verizon Give free phones?

Lifeline is a government program that provides free phones from Verizon. Low-income families can stay in touch with loved ones with the Verizon Wireless free government phone. Verizon’s unlimited plans also include a free phone for customers who sign up.

Is there a charge for the first month with Verizon?

It’s free to use Verizon’s Test Drive program for up to 30 days, during which you’re entitled to unlimited talking and texting.

Does the U.S. government give free phones?

Lifeline is a free phone service provided by the U.S. government. Residents of the country, however, do not get free phones directly from the government. The program uses established networks such as Verizon Wireless to give phones to low-income families.


Through the Lifeline Assistance Program, Verizon wireless offers free government phones to U.S. residents. Lifeline is a government-funded program that provides phone connections to low-income families. The Lifeline Program requires applicants to prove they are low-income and qualify for a free phone. The phone is free for qualified applicants, and their phone bill is reduced by $9.25. Tribal residents may be eligible for a $25 discount.

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