Who is Winsome Sears Husband?

Who is Winsome Sears Husband? – The election of Virginia’s lieutenant governor, won by Winsome Sears, was held on November 3 in the morning.

Winsome Sears Husband
Who is Winsome Sears Husband?

The first woman of color to win a statewide election in her race made her the first woman to win a statewide election of any kind. According to Sears’ winning speech, “I am telling you that what you are looking at is the American dream.” The crowd welcomed her with chants of “Winsome! Winsome! Winsome!”.

Who Is Terence Sears? Winsome Sears Husband’s Bio

Terence Sears
Terence Sears

Terence Sears, Winsome Seear’s husband, is an entrepreneur. His company, Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing, and Electric, provide plumbing and electrical services. Terence is also an American citizen.

He is married to Winsome, one of the most searched politicians in the country. She was officially elected Virginia’s lieutenant governor after winning the 2021 election. Her achievement makes her the first woman of her tribal race to achieve such a feat. He graduated from Tidewater Community College with a BA in economics and English.

Who is Winsome Sears?

Winsome Sears
Winsome Sears

A politician from Virginia, Winsome Sears served in the House of Delegates from 2002 to 2004. She was born in March 1964 and is 57 years old. She earned an AA from Tidewater Community College, a BA from Old Dominion University, and a MA from Regent University, as well as serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Sears was a homeless shelter manager before entering politics. During her tenure in the House of Delegates, she served as vice president of the Virginia Board of Education. The president appointed her to the Veterans Administration and the US Census Office. A black Jamaican woman was elected to Virginia’s statewide office for the first time in November 2021.

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Winsome Sears, Terence Sears Married Life

They had been together since they were young adults. They were married in the 1990s and had two children, Katie E. (adopted) and Janel C. (biological child).

The couple had three children but lost their eldest daughter, DeJon Sears, in a car accident in 2012.

Terence Sears Age: How Old Is He?

The age of Terence Sears is currently unknown. As of right now, we don’t know anything about his birth details or Zodiac sign.

Meanwhile, Winsome Sears, his wife, was born on March 11, 1964, making her 57 years old. The Bronx, New York City, is where she spent most of her childhood, despite being her birthplace in Kingston, Jamaica.

Terence’s details are still being investigated. He has lived a private social life.

Does Terence Sears Have Children?

There are three beautiful children that Terence Sears and his wife share. The names of his three children are DeJon L. Williams, Katia Williams, and Janel C. Williams. Their children reside in Winchester, Virginia, where the couple currently resides. It’s yet to be determined what their children will look like. 

What is Terence Sears’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that Terence Sears, the husband of Winsome Sears, has a net worth of around $2 million, according to online sources.

The media needs to be made aware of all his sources of income. He is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million. The couple shares their expenses.

What Happened to Winsome Sears and Terence Sears’ Daughter?

Winsome and Terence Sears’ eldest daughter, Dejon L’Air Williams, died in a tragic car accident. At the time of the Fairfax crash, Williams was 27 years old and was pronounced dead at the scene, and in the collision with her daughter, two of Sears’ grandchildren, Victoria Williams and Faith Williams, died.

A report in The Virginia Pilot identified “high speed” as the cause of the accident. When Dejon Williams overtook another vehicle on the left side of Lee Highway, she crashed her Honda Civic.

Several reports indicate Dejon Williams had bipolar disorder but did not take medication.


What religion does Terence Sears believe in?

According to Terence Sears, Christianity is his only religion, and he deeply believes in it.

How many children do Winsome Sears have?

A tragic accident in 2012 led to Winsome and Terence’s loss of their eldest daughter. Two of Winsome’s stepchildren are also hers.

What is the age of Winsome Sears’ husband, Terence Sears?

Terence Sears’ age and other personal information about Winsome Sears are unknown.


There is a lot of information about Winsome Sears’s husband and daughter, her net worth, and what happened to her daughter in this article.v

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